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Shooting Star

A fellow editor (Titans-titans-everywhere/Bloodbendingdancer) inspired me to make this! (*w*)

I started giving this potential character more backstory, and now I’m sad. :,( I imagine her to be a goddess, whom was assigned the duty to watch over the stars. But thousands of years of only watching from a distance, without anybody else around, can do great damage to ones heart. She starts reaching out to the stars, desperate for company, but they are too far away. She also tries talking to them, even screaming at them, but she never gets one single reply. Shooting stars pass her by as if she was nothing, leaving her behind in crippling loneliness. 


In my head she has the body of a human woman, but all the glowing is working as censuring. :P This one looks amazing in HD format, so when I have done a bunch of these random manips, I will upload a video with them so you can see them all in their full glory! :D

More of Ariel as a galaxy goddess 1

More of Ariel as a galaxy goddess 3

No Way Out

Every big city has its share of organized crime. This city is no different, having a long-term association with the Hale family crime organization. The problem for this particular city, however, is that the crime has been getting steadily worse each year. In part due to Peter Hale’s leadership, which is ruthless and cunning, and in part because of his highly effective nephew Derek Hale who has taken on the mantle of his family upon his parents’ deaths.

Nobody has been able to infiltrate the Hale family using conventional covers. A guy couldn’t just hang around one of their bars until he looked familiar enough to one of their goons to start asking about some action. They were too good for that. Way too good for that.

And someone has to take them down.

But there is only one route left. A difficult route. A new face that none of the Hale family’s informants would know. And a young enough face to fit the profile of the sort of boy Derek Hale might… recruit.