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How to remove “install theme” button

I installed a theme that had the infamous “install theme” button and I noticed that the script used for this isn’t always the same, so I decided to make this to help someone who has a script similar to mine. (✿◠‿◠)

【 Remember to give proper credits to the theme creator! 】

1. Open the HTML Editor.

2. Press Ctrl + F and in the “Search for” box type: </script>

3. Using the arrows, look for a script like this one:   

<script type=‘text/javascript’ src='http://static.tumblr.com/m52lhg5/u9amoiddc/infinite.js’></script>

4. Now, delete it. Do not save yet, just press UPDATE PREVIEW. If the button is still there, try with other script.

5. If the button disappeared, it’s time to click SAVE. :D

I hope this helped you. (✿´ ꒳ ` )/

How to install theme and automatically reset default

1. Open customize page click edit html

2. Delete the all entire code and type anything in the box

3. Click “update preview”

4. Click “save” (you can see the theme is just blank with the word you put)

5. Click “refresh button" 

6. Copy the new theme code and paste in the html box (delete/replace the anything word before)

7. click "update preview” and save. (you can see the theme is still mess but don’t worry, just save it first.)

8. click “refresh button” an see your blog. DONE


how to install a tumblr theme

1. On lovely-themes.com find the theme you want to use and click on the “code” link below the picture preview.

2. Once it takes you the theme code page right click, select all and copy.

3. Go to your tumblr URL (example: username.tumblr.com)

4. Click on the button that says “customize” at the top right corner.

5. Click the “edit HTML” button on the customize window, erase all the coding from there.

6. Paste the new code you copied from lovely-themes.com and then click “update preview” and then “save”. That’s it! Your new theme should be in your blog.

If you need more help, use out ask box to ask us and we will try helping you.

How to install Theme, for anon. (changed of theme so gif is accurate from 6. only sorry OTL)

  1. You are on my blog
  2. Go to the themes section
  3. Those are all my themes
  4. Scroll and choose the one you want
  5. Click the Image to access Permalink and see the caption
  6. You have the Infos on the theme like features and options and side comments
  7. Read it all (can avoid you to ask some questions)
  8. Check for “live preview & codes” > Click the link
  9. You are no on the live preview, it’s what your blog should look like once you’ll finish those steps
  10. The codes are usually in first post, “the codes” or “500 px / 400 px / 250 px” for the older themes…click the link
  11. You are now on the pastebin file
  12. Click on RAW
  13. You see the RAW Codes
  14. CTRL+A (Select All)
  15. Copy
  16. Get Back to your blog dash ( tumblr../blog/myblog/ ) > Customize appearance
  17. You are no on the Customize Page > Edit Html
  18. Those are your actual Codes, that we will replace
  19. Select All
  20. Paste
  21. New codes replaced
  22. Update Preview
  23. Preview is Updated > Appearance
  24. Save
  25. Refresh your page
  26. No we go to the classic customize to reset defaults, just add “-classic” after “customize” in your url.
  27. Now this is customize classic
  28. Appearance > Reset Defaults
  29. Ok
  30. Save
  31. Done

For the “all size in one code” (okedo - yarodomo) you have those steps after that.

  1. Scroll to see the PostSize options
  2. Be sure to check ONE of the sizes
  3. 2 sizes > cropped content
  4. Save
  5. Done

Can anybody help me find the coding for the image shadow that is showing on my website? I’ve designed the html myself including my own image shadow but my version isn’t showing up so I’m positive there must be another version hidden in some of the CSS files that were designed by somebody else, hence why mine is being overridden. If you can locate it for me there shall be a financial reward!

anonymous asked:

i want to use one of your themes but im really confused how to do it


The first step to changing your theme is by going to your blog. For example my blog is titled notte-themes.tumblr.com. In the upper-right corner there is a button that says edit theme. Click that.

After the page loads, you are gonna want to look to the left of the screen for the text that says Edit Html >. Click that.

The view should shift to something like this:

You most likely have code in there just like I do. What you are gonna wanna do is select all of it, and delete it. Don’t worry about what will happen to the preview to the right.

Next you are gonna want to go to the pastebin link that is provided for the theme you want. Now Click this icon on the page. It will select all of the text for you, then copy it to your clipboard.

Once it’s copied to your clipboard paste it into the empty container where your old html used to be.

Once that is done, Click Update Preview, the theme may look weird in the preview but if it looks fine when you go to your blogs link, there shouldn’t be any trouble.

After you update it, Click save.

Then you return to the previous options by clicking the back error.

Customize your appearance and theme options there, and save again for verification.

Once it says ‘saved’ liked above, you can click the exit button to take you back to your blog.

new "SimpleAww" theme UP! :D check it out


Background-color (white)
Background-content-color (white), 
Background-image (none), 
Text-color (grey), 
Title-color (dark grey),
Link-color (dark grey),
Note-color (dark grey),
Text note editable (▲), 
Sidebar image (none), 
Infinite scroll (no),
Show images, videos captions (yes),
5 editable links. 
()* default settings, you can change them.