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Winter is coming

Thanksgiving Weekend seemed a good excuse to find a gorgeous picture of a snow-covered peak described as being near Aspen, CO, shrouded in clouds. Time to break out the heavier jackets.


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(And if you’re wondering if I picked the title for a certain reason…yes)

Rolling Stone - We’ve got the scoop on the the album cover for Kingslayer’s first album following the injury ending singer Jaime Lannister’s tenure as the group’s rhythm guitarist! 

He might no longer have an ax to grind, but his vocals have lost none of their power, and there’s an intriguing new depth to the lyrics in Hear Me Roar. No more empty lines about generic groupie-spawned girlfriends or odes to long-dead screen sirens– this album’s songs reflect genuine sentiment inspired by and aimed at a real, flesh-and-blood woman. It adds a solidity and heft to what has been, in the past, music that was rollicking but insubstantial despite the best efforts of lyricist Lannister, axmaster Sandor Clegane, imperturbable bassist Gendry Waters, and the unlikely-but-inspired choice of perennial pothead Theon Greyjoy on drums. 

Fortunately, they haven’t lost any of their fire since their last album of two years ago, Blackwater, dominated the charts so decisively. Clegane’s guitar licks in Hear Me Roar are still fierce and muscular– much like the man himself– while Greyjoy’s merciless thrashing at the drums sucks you in like a death roll, and Waters’ bass is a throbbing, pulsing heartbeat underneath it all. The addition of Pod Payne on rhythm guitar, to replace Lannister in that role, brings a thoughtful nuance that no one ever really thought could improve this genre of music, and yet somehow it does.

Hear Me Roar is arguably the perfect junction of hard rock and emotion that feels heartfelt while not descending into wimpy, cloying sweetness. They’re not just singing empty words and playing into a void anymore, folks, and if you thought Jaime Lannister was irresistible when he was faking it, now that he’s gotten serious, you don’t have a chance.

Coming Soon: Kiss The Sky

Pairings: Brienne/Jaime, minor Sansa/Sandor, hints of Arya/Gendry.

Rating: Sex and lots of it.

It's funny people hate jonerys and think it don't make no sense.

When whichever way you look at it…if rheagar DID! Other throw is father she would of most likely ended up marrying Jon anyway….cause they are closer in age AND cause rheagar is king…so she would marry the Kings son….lmao.ALSO if the events of rhaegar and his kids dying still came true but Jon knew about his parentage he would STILL marry Dany. You can’t turn away from this ship it’s just inevitable. That’s why when people say jonerys don’t make sense I don’t take them seriously….

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Sansa Stark: Stop blaming victims of abuse

So I came across this video on Youtube that explains how criticism of Cinderella  as a terrible role model for girls in fact rests on arguments that victim-blame people who have suffered under abusive situations and I couldn’t help but notice that so many of the victim-blaming arguments can be applied to the hate Sansa Stark gets.

Watch this if you can, its a really interesting video and really shows how all the Sansa Stark hate is actually blaming a victim of abuse for her situation instead of the people who are actually abusing her, and devalues and even demonizes stereotypically feminine traits.  

Net neutrality

If we loose this we loose Tumblr, fan art will load slower and at lower qualities. Gifs will become a hindrance not something beautiful to scroll through. Original content will die. Livestreams will slow to a crawl. This will be the end of our one great corner of true equality. Call your state representatives, call Congress, call everyone. Yell. Read a prepared script….. do something to be heard while you can.