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Style Over Label: Fun & Fresh with Mags


I haven’t been posting style posts lately because I am an epic fail at self portraits and I still always get that awkward feeling of asking someone to take my outfit shot. Yesterday’s shoot was an excuse. So this is another exclusive peek!

Thank you Mags for my clothes! :))

Thank you Ryan Sy for my fierce make up & Zoe Botwin for styling me with this funky floral head piece :)

I don’t know why, but I agree with Mikko when he said this outfit on me exudes a very “Divine Lee” aura. I think it’s the lioness hair with the smokey eyes!

Whatcha say?

♥Happy Hugs & Pixiedusts,


We're gonna leave a legacy... together, because that's how great things are done.


Halfway through 2012 and this blog has been going strong despite the long lags in posts… Happy SIX MONTHS and counting THEBASICSTEPH! *pats back*

However, the big news isn’t my mid-year anniversary celebration rather it is this dream  which is in its cocoon stage.. it’s developing, slowly but surely, into a piece of beauty. 

If you know me well, you’d probably decipher that my love for Cagayan de Oro is something always bigger than myself. One of my strong reasons for always striving for excellence is this passion I have towards our booming, blooming and blossoming city. I will be forever proud to be a Kagayan-non.

In line with this passion are ideas and planned projects targeted to further develop the skills and talents of the Kagayan-non youth. Activities and events were and are created to inject the importance and advantages of having an advocacy. But this time, we’re gonna make it bigger than the biggest we’ve ever done. We’re gonna put it into writing. We’re gonna capture the moments.  We’re gonna relive the stories that inspire us.

We’re gonna leave a legacy… together, because that’s how great things are done.

So, if you want to do something great today… send in that email and make us smile :))

♥Happy Hugs & Pixiedusts,


(...an update on the previous blog post)

(…an update on the previous blog post)

My dad left earlier this evening to Cebu via Trans Asia. My husband drove him to the sea port, and true enough, that big bellied man with the fat behind was just hungry when he asked me for the port fee of 25 pesos a month ago. Bobot prepared the payment, but, he wasn’t asked/charged for any fee. Obvious greedy liar we have in the Cagayan de Oro Sea Port!!! PPA!!! Helllloooooooooo!? C'mon, yeah!?!?!?!

To My EverDearest Cagayan de Oro.

What is happening, my ever dearest Cagayan de Oro?

*worst motorists

*roughest drivers

*grumpiest porters

*greediest liars

Never have I imagined the real meaning of a prospering city could be this ugly. In my lifetime, I’ve always learned to stay on the positive side to invite more positive vibes. I’ve always kept in mind that I should appreciate even the littlest thing, or the littlest gestures. I rant, yes, but I do not make things worse by complaining die hard. Feud nor grudge, NADA. I’m not a hypocrite, I could say I love to instill happiness & contentment, even though I struggle on rare “wants”. But, I just want to release my thoughts. I love my city, but I really don’t know what’s happening.




Horrible traffic everywhere! I would understand if it’s because our city’s finally getting a make over, constructing fly overs & revamping the roads. But it’s not just that that’s causing all these hideous jam. It’s the impatient motorists & drivers who wants to take on their own road, managing themselves to steal the wrong road. Dreadful. Why can’t they just wait for their turn? If they think they’re on a hurry, have they ever thought other people feel the same way too? We’re of the same ground, if you feel hunger, I do too. Sick! Plus the swerving motorists who pops out like loathsome ants, killing nerves of careful drivers. OhEmmmGoodness. Could you just stay on  your lane and stop popping out at every inch of free space you see? Or maybe because you don’t know where your lane is, I suppose. The right most lane is yours to enjoy! (I only learned this during my driving lesson, some 4 years & 6 months back, and that’s obvious to know that no one really knows and really cares where those 2 wheels should position themselves.) C'mon yeah! I have nurtured some ground of ill feeling to motorbikes, motorelas & trisikads. I used to appreciate them, but, I don’t like them anymore!!!


(Next point, else I’ll keep on ranting about them.)


An incident that happened in our local sea port some few years back still haunt me. For 6 years, I’ve always thought I know the twists & turns of the port, traveling every month, if not, weekly. But I was so wrong. I was insulted & humiliated gravely by a port personnel, which led to his suspension on a Christmas season. I wasn’t really sorry for his sanction, but I felt it wasn’t the best time for his suspension. But if not for that, maybe more of his likes would abuse other people, say, tourists? I never liked to travel by sea, after what happened. Good thing cheap flights came in handy already.


A month ago (i guess), I drove my brother to the sea port. I know my way in & out. Queued, got the ticket, parked. My dad made arrangements with a porter to take care of my brother’s things, it was all ok at first, but just as he got it all up on his shoulders, he dropped them all down, grumbled, and left. Why? Because he wants to be paid RIGHT AWAY, that INSTANT, right THERE, at THAT SPOT! With an amount that’s amazingly & obviously called as OVER CHARGING! How rude, awful & demanding could that be?! (the story goes on….). So anyway, after that, we had to rush (at 9 minutes) to the exit so we won’t be able to pay any parking fee. BUT! When we got there, the big belly man said “BAYAD MAAM.” My dad & I were like, hello?! It’s only 25pesos, but the thing is, we know there’s free parking if it’ll take you only 10-15minutes inside. If we had known, we won’t be rushing! So I asked when they started collecting, and he simply answered “DUGAY NA MAAM, DUGAY DUGAY NA” and I told him I was there exactly a week ago and I wasn’t charge a single centavo! Yes, not an alibi, I drove my other brother to the port just exactly a week before that night! And he just stared away. I wanted to punch his protruding tummy, or punch his bloody fat behind! But I was all blushing angrily at the second commotion that could happen that night. Driving home, my mind wanted to burst! I wanted to address this corrupt and uncivilized scheme to the PPA or to the mayor or maybe to the media. But, I detoured. I calmed myself, prayed, and said, “one more chance, Cagayan de Oro. One more.”




So these are just some recent hullabaloos. I love my city. But, it’s depressing to know that everyday, people experience the worst scenarios. Not to mention the escalating crime rates. Would you share me your thoughts my dear Kagay-Anon?