t: can (w)

wanna one au ☁︎; woojin

wanna one’s park woojin? and how he’d show you off.

[before we start i would like to apologize for not having a gif, it was acting up and glitching, and here’s another apology for taking a long time in making this, so please enjoy !]

- let’s get it started bOi

- he’s a shy baby, but that doesn’t stop him from showing u off shiT

- he’s highkey extra w ur introduction to ppl

- he’s always like “oh n here’s my sweet, beautiful, amazingly talented, wife material, gf (y/n)”

- and u just slap on the chest and say hello to everyone urself bc u can’t truST HIM W THOSE DAMN INTROS

- lowkey like when he’s extra abt u, but u don’t show it

- he’s protective of u, but not to the point where if u make eye contact w a guy for five sec he’s gonna go all rough on u

- n shit let me say that those type of stories r not ok, so pls stop making male leads like that!!!!!!

- anyways, woojin is protective of u, bc he doesn’t want anyone to take u

- so u guys r pretty much holding hands all the time

- u guys do skinship a lot in general

- when y'all r out in public, a restaurant for example

- he asks the waiter this all the timE jdixexokx

- “isn’t my gf pretty ?” and the waiter nods, smiling at y'all’s relationship wkxkekx

- and u just sit there, dumbfounded, like bOI STFU UR SO DISRESPECTFUL

- and when the waiter walks off ur like “boi did u just-” and he nods, smiling at u

- when he joined pd101s2, u always bring him food

- and when he introduced u to his team,,,

- this kid went all out, to tell all of them that he would throw rounds if they flirted w u

- when u left u were like “do that again, ima beat u” and he just stood there chuckling, like ima do this to my girl all the time

- anywayyyyysss as we come to an endittyend, park woojin absolutely ADORES U AND WANTS TO SHOW TO SHOW U OFF EVERYWHERE !!!!!!

  • me in the middle of a sword fight: oh fuck hold on there's this.. godawful smudge on the one of my lenses and it's really bothering me. can i like. take care of that. it's so bad. i don't even know how it happened
  • my opponent, immediately lowering their weapon: yeah sure of course. glasses, man
  • me, cleaning mine w/ my shirt: haha yeah.. can't live w/ 'em
  • my opponent and me in unison: can't live w/o 'em
What the signs do that annoys people

aries; talk too loud and too much

taurus; making a joke out of eVERYTHING ( everything isnt that funny bITch)

gemini; finds a reason to debate with someone on something all the time for no apparent reason

cancer; take their moodiness out on someone else

leo; think they’re right 24/7 (exactly why I can’t along w leos lmao)

virgo; them over analyzing shit

libra; flirting w everybody / being way too friendly

scorpio; being overly aggressive or possessive over something or someone

sagittarius; being too blunt

capricorn; their stubbornness ( don’t argue w a cap even if they’re wrong they’ll keep going until you back down)

aquarius; how confusing, distant and cold they are

pisces; being such an air head

The main reason i love gintama so much all these years, is how real sorachi is at conveying his thoughts and feelings through his characters. The common theme of course, is coping and having the courage to carry on living after a great tragedy. And more often that not, in gintama, one tragedy followed after another. Sorachi had constantly reminded his readers that society has placed too much expectations on itself - what people expected of women, how they view and belittled women, their finite youth and how to maintain that dignity when beauty is lost (ryuuguujou arc), how idol otas are ridiculed, how they had to rank every little thing (popularity poll arc) it just goes on and on and on. It is no wonder each chapter is called a “Lesson”. 

Among the many shounen manga i have read since i was a child, gintama truly treated its female characters with the most respect. I can never forget the courtesan of a nation arc, or how sorachi nurtures my perpetual desire to grow old to be someone like Otose. I also remember the many times sorachi has said all the girls are stronger than the guys (summer vacation at the pool) and the dekoboko arc (”they are stronger than when we were men!”) I love how honest and self-deprecating sorachi always is. How each time he, without hesitation, admits that “all men are trash.” And this is how he draws me in - gintama encourages people. You can be trash, but you can still be a hero. You can be yourself, and live an ordinary life that you can be proud of. No matter who you are, you are worthy. You just have to live. 

I dont want to write a deep, introspective essay.. this is just a 2.48am blurp about how much i appreciate this unpretentious series and sorachi for saving my life. Sorachi isnt infallible, but he is a still full of wisdom. From gintama, he sounds like he is sometimes 5, sometimes 20, sometimes 60 years old, though. 

man i love in stb when bones is talking about spock’s vulcan anatomy saving him because it just wouldn’t be star trek without vulcan anatomy making one immune to certain effects or survive injuries that would have killed a human. just vulcan anatomy is such a great excuse. didn’t pass out like the rest of the crew? vulcan anatomy. didn’t get shot in the heart? vulcan anatomy. 14 inch dick? vulcan anatomy

roommate shenanigans
  • greed: just LOOK at all these lamps i bought today
  • ling: ...why?
  • greed: because i politely asked? damn
  • ling: no- no, i.. meant.. why did you purchase.. so many lamps
  • greed, pushing his godawful shades down so he can look over the rims, sounding oddly solemn: why wouldn't i buy this many lamps?
  • ling: ...you know what? i can't even argue w/ that. and tomorrow i'm going to go out and buy a bunch of new curtains. to complement all the lamps
  • greed: we really don't even have that many windows
  • ling: you think that'll stop me?
  • greed: .........god i love you we were so on the same wavelength from the very beginning but you're learning even more from me w/ each passing day and i, quite frankly, am so proud