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Hello cutiepie ! Your art is so cute ! Would you mind to draw a chibi Ky Luc q///q (he's my obsession in OnS) ? Sorry if I'm straightforward, but I'm quite clumsy to ask qwq'. Thank you ~

Art Requests || Accepting~


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I hope you like it! I’m so sorry I can’t draw chibis..;w; but here’s a sweet little Ky~

i want to get animal crossing on my phone but my dad put restrictions on it so i can’t get apps w/o his permission meanwhile my 13 yo brother can get whatever he wants lmao

The main reason i love gintama so much all these years, is how real sorachi is at conveying his thoughts and feelings through his characters. The common theme of course, is coping and having the courage to carry on living after a great tragedy. And more often that not, in gintama, one tragedy followed after another. Sorachi had constantly reminded his readers that society has placed too much expectations on itself - what people expected of women, how they view and belittled women, their finite youth and how to maintain that dignity when beauty is lost (ryuuguujou arc), how idol otas are ridiculed, how they had to rank every little thing (popularity poll arc) it just goes on and on and on. It is no wonder each chapter is called a “Lesson”. 

Among the many shounen manga i have read since i was a child, gintama truly treated its female characters with the most respect. I can never forget the courtesan of a nation arc, or how sorachi nurtures my perpetual desire to grow old to be someone like Otose. I also remember the many times sorachi has said all the girls are stronger than the guys (summer vacation at the pool) and the dekoboko arc (”they are stronger than when we were men!”) I love how honest and self-deprecating sorachi always is. How each time he, without hesitation, admits that “all men are trash.” And this is how he draws me in - gintama encourages people. You can be trash, but you can still be a hero. You can be yourself, and live an ordinary life that you can be proud of. No matter who you are, you are worthy. You just have to live. 

I dont want to write a deep, introspective essay.. this is just a 2.48am blurp about how much i appreciate this unpretentious series and sorachi for saving my life. Sorachi isnt infallible, but he is a still full of wisdom. From gintama, he sounds like he is sometimes 5, sometimes 20, sometimes 60 years old, though. 

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uh could you do some hcs bout Michael or Connor confessing to someone they've been pining over for a while? thx fam and good luck on your portfolio!

hello !!! i hope you like these HCs!! and i m sorry they aren t very good aaaa i hope you enjoy!!! and thankyou!!!!


-          Please, let this boy be happy

-          Michael probably had a whole thing set up okay

-          Like either you two are downstairs, playing video games, drinking Pepsi Crystal and he was planning on having a sleepover with u

-          He!!! Was!!! Shaking!!!!!

-          ‘michael wth I m beating u in Mario kart u okay’

-          ‘the student has surpassed the master’

-          Okay but his face would be all red and he d just look really cute

-          He honestly just doesn t believe that he deserves you and thinks that n o matter what u say, you will always be able to find someone better and it just ???? fucks him up and scares him

-          But the two of you will start calming down a bit and maybe u guys are just talking about school and he just turns to u and is like

-          ‘do u wanna share a slushie with me sometime? And maybe go to the arcade?’

-          And at first ur really confused like ???? we go to the arcade and stuff all of the time w Jeremy ??

-          And he sees the confusion, and he quickly adds

-          ‘I mean without Jeremy, yknow? The two of us? And,,, I ll pay for everything and all’

-          And u finally get it and !!!! ur face lights up !!! and Michael sees ur smile and he starts smiling and!!!! He s just really happy that ur smiling !!! and wow!!! This might work!!

-          U tell him that u ll totally go with him, but only if he confirms that it is a date

-          And while blushing and giggling he just responds ‘it’s a date !!!’ and he s all gushy and just !!! wow u actually want to go on a date w him!!!

-          U just made Michael a vvvv happy boy and he s so in love w u ???? he ll do anything for u and will buy u all of the slushies and honestly he just has a heck ton of tokens at the arcade take good care of him <3


-          Lbr connor would repress all of his romantic emotions for u

-          U wanted to hold his hand? No big deal, not like he felt a warm, fuzzy feeling in his stomach or anything ahhhahah what

-          The poor boy would sometimes be a total dick??? Just so u don t suspect anything???

-          But one day the two of you are star gazing and the moon light just looks sososo pretty reflecting in ur eyes and ur hair and u just look so kissable and he just loses himself in ur eyes

-          Once u notice and look at him, he immediately looks away and his face just explodes into a bright shade of red that the moonlight can t show and he s so embarrassed??? Ur going to think he s a creep?? Why would u want to date him??? Wth???

-          He slowly just starts yelling at himself mentally and all of his doubts are coming back but u just kinda slide ur hand onto his and he ??? nearly screams

-          The two of u just kinda sit there like that for a bit and then connor just sputters out

-          ‘I think I like you’

-          ‘you think?’

-          ‘okay, fuck, no’

-          ‘you don t like me?’

-          ‘no – I do like you’

-          ‘are you sure?’

-          ‘why the fuck wouldn t I like you?’

-          And then he just goes on and  o n about everything he loves about you and he doesn t even realize but he just slowly starts adding comments about how he doesn t get why someone as cute as you would hang out with a fuckwad like him

-          And it just breaks your heart?? Bc here is this tall, tough looking dude just g u s h I n g about everything he loves about you and how much he despises himself and he just wants you to be happy and ???

-          Instead of saying anything, u just gently hold his hand and lean ur head on his shoulder and u guys just stay like that for a while, just in each other’s presence and just making sure that connor knows u are here and that u are there for him

-          Connor is doing his best right now, and that s all u can ask for


‘Once we are just dust, he’ll know that he loved us’


Hehehehe “Happy birthday~ ♥” (Seidou ver.)

at training
  • Black Canary: All right Team, it's time to start. Partne-
  • Computer: Incoming transmission
  • Black Canary: Computer, play transmission
  • Computer: Playing transmission
  • Computer: The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [ding] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, start.

ohhh here it is its 2 am but i finally finished a youhane animatic

hey so this is a bit serious but tomorrow morning at 9:30am the vote for whether same sex marriage should be legalised is going to be announced and im so terrified that it will be a no because our country is so deeply homophobic but my future lowkey depends on it so ….!