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1) 📚 approximately how many books have you read 

2) 📝 book that everyone has to read 

3) 📕 favourite first book in a series 

4) 📗 favourite second book in a series 

5) 📘 favourite third book in a series 

6) 📖 book you’ve read more than once and how many times 

7) 🛋 book that keep you up all night 

8) 🎁 book that was surprisingly good 

9) 😡 book you expected more of 

10) 💰 most expensive book you’ve bought 

11) 💩 the worst book you’ve read 

12) 🏆 the best book you’ve read 

13) 🎥 favourite book to movie/tv show adaptation 

14) 🎬 book you want to be a movie/tv show 

15)  🏝 summer book recommendation 

16) ⛄️ winter book recommendation 

17) 🌎 favourite fictional world 

18) 🐲 favourite book creature 

19) 👯 favourite female friendship 

20) 👯‍♂️ favourite male friendship 

21) 💋 favourite kiss 

22) 👸 favourite princess/queen 

23) 🤴 favourite prince/king 

24) 😈 favourite villain 

25) ❤️ favourite ship 

26) ⛵️ favourite crack ship 

27) 😱 best plot twist 

28) 🔮 power you’d like to have 

29) 🥊 character you’d punch in the face 

30) 😤 character you loved but now hate 

31) 😻 character you hated but now love 

32) 😭 death that made you cry the most 

33) 😂 the funniest scene 

34) 🤢 the grossest scene 

35) 💔 scene that broke your heart

36) 🏹 favourite fantasy book

37) 🚀 favourite sci fi book

38) 🌹 favourite romance book

39) 👻 favourite horror book

40) 🏰 favourite historical fiction book

41) 🔫 favourite dystopian book


[1/9] Quotes:

“I’m not sure what they see, but something in my gaze makes them hesitate. Their swords stay drawn, hanging in the air, unmoving,
 “How can you seize me,” I say calmly, “If you cannot see me?

- Adelina Amourteru, Marie Lu, The Rose Society

@hitodama89 had nice book meme, which I stole as a follower :D

By the fact that I read only comics and science books, I have included those in.

1) Diabetes: A very sweet book.
Kyou no Kira-kun and Pochamani and Nekomata

Kyou no Kira-kun tells about Nino and her classmate and neighbor boy Kira, who is terminally ill. She promises to Kira to spend the next year – each day - with him so Kira doesn’t have to die alone.

Pochamani is a sweet romance of chubby girl Mugi, who loves herself as who she is, and her boyfriend Tagami, who loves chubby Mugi the best. Pochamani is still running!

Nekomata tells about cats like cute spirits, Nekomatas, who look after buildings with roofs; houses, temples, storage houses etc. Jinpe-named samurai is only one who can actually see these Nekomatas and they like him a lot because of his ability.

2) Chickenpox: A book that you read once and will not read again.
Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki  
was very promising but let me down in the end. I feel that nothing really happened here and I couldn’t get into the characters’ heads at all.  

3) Influenza: A contagious book that spreads like a virus.
Not really a book, but BLAME!’s world took me in so much that I had to read and get my hands on the spinoffs and other stories related to BLAME!, like Noise.

4) The Cycle: A book that you read every month, every year, or very often.
Wolf Guy – Ookami no Monshou,
about werewolf guy Akira. his antagonist yakuza’s son Haguro, and Akira’s love interest; his teacher Ms. Aoshika. It has the rare “older woman, younger man trophy” which I like. Besides, Haguro is THE BEST villain ever. EVER. In any media. Fight me.

I also find calmness from Anita Moorjani’s book Dying To Be Me and from Teachings of Abraham.  

5) Insomnia: A book that kept you up all night.
I can’t remember the book’s name anymore, but it was a Finnish novel of Finland after nuclear fallout. The accident happened suddenly and changed everyone’s life. People were forced to go underground, and the book followed one of these groups and its survival. I read it when I was 14 and it honestly gave me anxiety. I got too deeply involved with the survival fight and I was extremely upset when my fave character died while trying to help others – and he died all in vain AND ALONE, unable to help anyone.
I can’t remember how the book ended.
People in psychological distress gave me anxiety during teenager years so very easily.

6) Amnesia: A book that’s been forgotten and failed to leave an impression on your life.
Can’t answer this, otherwise it’d mean that I can still remember it lol.
Honestly, I can’t remember any book like this.

7) Asthma: A book that took your breath away.
“There are things than cannot ever occur with any precision. They are too big and too magnificent to be contained in mere facts. They are merely trying to occur, they are checking whether the ground of reality can carry them. And they quickly withdraw, fearing to loose their integrity in the frailty of realization.”- Bruno Schulz

Bruno Schulz’s The Cinnamon shops and other short stories is like nothing I have ever read or seen with my own eyes! His way of writing is like you’d be watching a surrealistic dream, which  doesn’t make any sense and makes sense at the same time. I absolutely love it! It’s the only novel I own besides Howl’s Moving Castle.

Keskiajan Pyövelit (The Executioner in Middle-Age) was love at first reading. I just recently hunted it to my strange & obscure history book collection. It’s very rare book now!

8) Malnutrition: A book that lacked food for thought.
Cat Paradise
has got amazing art, but I felt the story tried to come alive in the second last volume or so. So much happened yet nothing happened. I couldn’t remember the characters, their motives or their names. Everything was kinda hanging in the air, ready to revealed and deepened, but such things never occurred. It was a shame!

Also, Finnish The World History of Cats was amazing with it’s subject and details, yet the author clearly didn’t know how to actually write a book. The information was messy and repetitive in text form, and the text made odd jumps here and there, just to return back to the subject it was originally telling about. It would have gained a lot from a proper proofreading by a professional author or a journalist.

9) Motion sickness: A book that took you on a journey through time and space.
Oyasumi Pumpun.
I couldn’t stop thinking the book, the characters or the story after I had finished it. It was my first touch with Asano Inio’s work and Inio’s other comics haven’t disappointed me either.

Also, literally, astrophysics’ book The Five Ages of The Universe. Quantum level science is super fascinating, whether it’s quantum physics, mechanics, chemistry or biology!

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favourite books published in 2015 [7/?]

Willful Machines by Tim Floreen
“This stranger who could do handstands and quote Shakespeare from memory, this goof with the huge grin and inappropriately loud but nevertheless charming laugh: how like an angel, how like a god.
Me, a dud of a First Son with a robot obsession, poor social skills, and enough baggage to sink a freighter: how like a loser, how like a freak.”