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If you are having problems, just check the tutorials on my HTML blog or ask me there :)

General Stuff
  • over 50 customizable colours (e.g. the header/sidebar, the sidebar links, the description and post text, the tag buttons, the info buttons, the question and audio background, the scrollbar, the updates tab colours etc.)
  • font types and font sizes (for posts, description, pagination, etc.) are also easily customizable
  • option to choose grayscale posts
  • option to choose to choose a tiny cursor
  • option to choose either infinite scroll or the pagination
  • option to have between 2 and 8 links, just turn those you don´t need off in the menu
Included Updates Tab
  • this theme has one of my updates tabs in its code (#7)
  • it is located in the top right corner of the theme, it has 5 crosses with a text box appearing upon hover (you can always add more)
  • the colours for the tab boxes and the titles are easily customizable in the main menu
  • you have the option to either keep it or turn it off, depending one your choices
  • the updates has a “standalone” version as well, which can be found here
  • one column posts
  • post width: 500px
  • option to choose between grayscale posts, which regain their colour upon hovering or constantly colourful posts
  • contains 2 pictures
  • big picture size: your screen width x 130px, smaller picture size: 500px x 130px
  • upon hovering the big header images splits and slides to different sides to reveal links, description and pagination
  • contains links, description and pagination
Links, Description and Pagination
  • 8 links in total with customizable tooltip titles and colours
  • you can choose to keep all 8 links or only use a few of them, here all of them are shown
  • your description shouldn´t be too long for it to look clean and pretty
  • jump pagination (up to 10)
  • links, description and pagination are all staticc
Post Info and Tags
  • the little squares at the bottom of the posts serve as info section, with via/source/date/notes and reblog buttons that slide out upon hovering with titles as well
  • upon hovering over the posts the tags will appear as little boxes underneath the posts, who also change colour upon hovering
  • the colours for both are also highly customizable
  • notes are shown with roman numbers and without icons
Other Stuff
  • I´ve made the theme that way that you can always put various updates tabs in it, there is enough space on both sides of the posts/sidebar.
Rules and Advice
  • Please don´t delete the credit, steal the code, claim as your own or redistribute. Thank you darling!
  • If you want to use it as a base I would like to know about it first, you can even claim it as your own as long as you made a lot of changes and consulted me first.
  • All my rules and terms can be found here

If you need any help or don´t understand something request a tutorial on my HTML blog. Well then, have fun with my theme!

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anonymous asked:

For theme 93: Hostage pictures won't upload period, it always says error, is there something wrong with the code? I know it's not tumblr because I've tried with other themes at the same time?

If that´s the case then your pictures must have been too big? Did you try refreshing the page? Because if there was a problem with the code tumblr wouldn´t show any error message, it would just not display the picture, but since you are getting this little pop up window it has nothing to do with the code. Maybe try again after closing the tab shortly?

amber-flicker asked:

I checked the tag for it and it doesn't look like it's been asked. On theme 93, 'Hostage,' I wanted to use it on one of my blogs. I was using a separate blog to get all the colours right and I figured then I could transfer all the HTML to the real blog, but it didn't have the colours I chose. Is there a way to get those transferred over along with the code, or do I have to do it all by hand again?

you cant transfer it unless you write it in the code. you can put your colours into the mea section at the beginning and copy it there but that is so inconvenient, why dont you just customize your colours on the blog you want to use the theme on??