wait i remember seeing a nepeta last year, that wasn’t you was it??

and i haven’t seen too many people dressed up this year, just a couple of your average animal costumes (cat ears, wings, etc) and then one Mario :(

  1. t3zzy said: And yeah, that’s not counting my books that aren’t manga… ^_^;

Oh my gosh that’s a lot! I think I have maybe 50 manga books, and half as many regular books and graphic novels. I’m envious of you for having that many and at the same time feeling so bad that you had to move all of those XP

t3zzy replied to your photo “wait i remember seeing a nepeta last year, that wasn’t you was…”

I was Terezi. :) And I have a friend on campus who’s a fox this year. I know it’s not a crazy cosplay, but still. The more people say “fuck if I care how many other people are doing it” and go around in costume, the more people there are in costumes!

ohhhh okay. well then i guess i didnt see you, cause iirc i only saw one homestuck which was the nepeta

and yeah i know, i was close to saying fuck it, but my jupiter boots are a pain in the ass to wear anyway

maybe next year though, it’ll be my last semester, so by that point ill probably say fuck it and do it