With you // Conor Maynard

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Conor was the happy go lucky kind of person that people were always drawn to. In a club, he was always surrounded by a crowd of girls, each one battling for his attention.

You craved to be the girl that was awarded with this but there was always a girl you thought was prettier or looked far more charismatic than you so you shied away.

You accepted that maybe your relationship with Conor was destined to be platonic, regardless of how much you wanted more. Conor would never want a girl like you anyway, you were plain while all the other girls were beautiful.

Usually you’d decline a night out when the boys offered but tonight they’d insisted you joined to celebrate Josh hitting 1 million subscribers.

So here you were once again, crammed in a booth too small for the amount of people there and hot beyond belief. However, there was one thing that was different tonight, although Conor had a group of desperate girls crowding him, as usual, he was paying no attention to them. The only girl he was looking at was you.

You were finally getting your wish and the attention Conor was giving you made you feel special but this opportunity that you’d been waiting for didn’t feel as good as anticipated. The death stares you were receiving from the other girls were starting to feel threatening and they were ruining the moment for you. So, when Conor left to go get some drinks you felt extremely vulnerable.

“Who are you trying to kid? He’d never go for a bitch like you,” the one girl snarled as soon as Conor was out of sight. You ignored her and picked up your phone pretending you weren’t bothered by their words while silently praying that Conor wouldn’t be much longer.

“Oi, we’re talking to you! Fuck off so the ones who actually have a chance can talk to him.”

“Are you deaf and stupid? Leave, he doesn’t want you.”

“Can’t you tell he’s only talking to you out of pity?”

They continued to throw their rude comments at you and your insecurities steadily came flooding back and you realised they were right, you really didn’t have a chance with him. At least if you left he could stop pitying you and have a good time.

Feeling tears spring to your eyes you shot up from your seat just as Conor returned to the table. He gave you a questioning look as you brushed past him but you ignored it and carried on making your way from the club.

You stood on the street trying to decide which was the easiest way to get home when you heard your name being called, turning your head towards the familiar voice you saw Conor rushing towards you.

“go back inside Conor,” you sighed, retracting from him as he reached his hand out to you.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” he asked clearly confused by your behaviour.

“I don’t need your pity Con, just go back in there and have fun with those other girls.”

“Pity? What the hell are you talking about?”

“I’m holding you back and you know it! There’s plenty of girls in there who deserve you and could make you happy so go find one of them because I want you to be happy Con, even if I’m not the one who can make you happy.”

“Y/N,” Conor muttered reaching out for your hand once again.

“Don’t Conor, don’t make this harder for me when you know I’m right.”

You started to walk away but Conor softly grabbed your wrist, pulling you back and placing his hands on your shoulders to keep you there.

“You don’t understand.”

“Understand what? That you’d rather go for one of the prettier girls not someone like me because trust me I know that.”

“No Y/N, I don’t want anyone else … I want you”

Your heart skipped a beat as he said this but you ignored the feeling, he deserved better and you weren’t going to hold him back from that, “Stop being stupid. Just go be happy. I want you t2o be happy Conor more than anything else.”

“Give me a chance to be happy then,” he cried out exasperated, “Y/N, when I picture myself happy.. It’s with you.”

Your heart started racing and you failed to contain the smile that took over your face.

“Really?” when he nodded in confirmation you launched at him, firmly wrapping your arms around his body.

“Why are you only just saying all this,” you asked after a few minutes of silence walking down the street together.

Conor stopped and turned to face you, “I was scared of losing you or being rejected but now I’m angry that I waited this long and made you so insecure about how amazing you are, you’re perfect Y/N don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

You stared into his beautiful blue eyes and slowly started leaning in, when your lips touched a feeling of euphoria filled your whole body and you realised the wait had been worth it if you could experience this feeling now.


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Listen kid. This doesn’t scare me. I was around on this hellsite when everyone insisted on messaging me pretending to be a Housestuck troll or whatever the fuck you call them. If you think for a damn minute it hink thi s is any thin g othsr thn somdx throwbac k to Abodestrdanded you asre fucki nbg iwrong

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He2looooo guys :) so I realized that my personal blog @a2cidentalonomatopoeia was ge2ting way t2o clu2tered with the shit that I reblog :P so I’’m starting a new side blog dedicated to my fic “"I Can Feel You Across The Line”“!! I’’ll be sharing my EXTREMELY MEDIOCRE ART ((PLEASE DON’T BE T2O HARSH, I’’M NOT AN ARTIST)) for that fic here,, and you can also ask//co2ment//critique//rant anything about it!! You can also directly ask any of the characters in that ficverse ((please note that any of them wi2l only know as much as the most cu2rent chapter in the fic, so don’t ask about what might//is going to happen!! But you can ask for backstory tidbits provided they wi2l answer, providing they don’t spoil anything!!))

If you’’re new to this fic,, here’’s what you n2ed to know before you l2ok for it on AO3:


Currently 109,000+ words and not even halfway finished

Author is a huge asshole, expect cliffhangers