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drones era is over

*puts earphones in* sorry i can’t hear you *turns volume up to max* HERE COME THE DR0O0OONES


Here it is! Black Holes and Revelations got a CD drawing! Took me practically half the night to plan this thing out! Only thing I traced was the horse by the way, that would have been too hard to free hand (these CDs are transparent when light shines through). I based on a mixture of the songs on the album. The City of Delusion can be seen as it sends out signals to the Zetas (Exo-Politics, my favorite song on the album). In the front is the horse from Knights of Cydonia of course. After that I just kinda tried to make it look cool with come circuitry at the bottom with some stars. 

Also, have a progress shot! Only two more albums left: Absolution and The 2nd Law. No clue what to do with T2L yet, but I’ve got some ideas for Absolution!

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