Your Bones || Grace & Jayden

Ow.  It’s the first thought that runs through her head, and even that is too much for her hungover brain.  Her head is pounding, her mouth is dry…and her body is absolutely exhausted.  Why was she in so much pain?  And oddly…she could feel someone’s warm body next to hers.  What the fuck had she gotten into last night?

As her eyes open, she wished she hadn’t even asked the question.  She squeals out, pushing away from the man next to her and pulling the covers with her.  "What the fuck?“  She screams, her mind completely blank about what happened the night before.  But this much she knows…she was naked in a bed with none other than JJ, the man she promised to never sleep with.  "What did you do to me?”  She screams even louder, if possible, picking up a pillow and throwing it his way.  She remains a full ten feet away, afraid to be anywhere near him right now.