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I was tagged for the 4 selfies of 2016 by @iichika ~

Thank you for the tag cutie ! It’s been a crazy year with school and work, but its even crazier how much my hair has changed LOL

I tag @yanderechild, @hitlerskittycat, @bullet-shot-hero, @seethelights, @nickiforov, @queerprophets, @moon-sphinx, @aroranger & anyone else wanting to do this!

Double Trouble, part 2

second part! I’m glad you are liking the idea so far :D hope you continue to like it, and keep in mind, that the upcoming part will be aimed to be a bit hotter, but not explicit! we will get to the explicit stuff later on.. muhahahha~~


Double Trouble, part 2

Turned out, that yesterday’s event, which had been innocent cuddling and play tickling and then all three of them collapsed on the bed, tired and curled to sleep, was what they all needed. It resulted in Tony not treating T2 as an intruder anymore, and T2 finally felt welcomed, and not like a third wheel. As for Steve - he was happy with being able to keep both Tony’s content, as this dimension Tony or not, he couldn’t stand those brown eyes sad.

As sweet and nice it was to sleep between two lightly snoring brunets, the situation had its drawbacks. Like, Steve couldn’t get up in the morning.

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