t2 final


I was tagged for the 4 selfies of 2016 by @iichika ~

Thank you for the tag cutie ! It’s been a crazy year with school and work, but its even crazier how much my hair has changed LOL

I tag @yanderechild, @hitlerskittycat, @bullet-shot-hero, @seethelights, @nickiforov, @queerprophets, @moon-sphinx, @aroranger & anyone else wanting to do this!

ok going to go see t2 FINALLY stay tuned for my review. considering the disappointing lack of trains in the original and its resultant (frankly despicable) lack of credibility as a good train documentary i do not have high hopes - i will, however, be going in with an open mind, and perhaps a looser definition as to what defines having spotted a train (e.g. background train sounds, words that rhyme w/ train, etc.).


posting these cuz i was tagged by the beauty incarnate tsukkih-s for the selfie game and… yup.  😋✌

i tag qaara mirajanes yazaws sasakihase tricksy doritonim baekuto