Lotus T125 Personal Formula 1 Car

Unf. Want. Bad.


Motorsport is one thing, Motorsport heritage is another. Ferrari, McLaren, Lotus, Alfa-Romeo, Porsche all have it, HRT, Virgin Racing, Sauber and other teams have no history worth noting.  So when Group Lotus announce that they are going to take the title sponsorship of the Renault F1 team, no one got excited as it was nothing more than a branding exercise.

Then those boffins from turkey-land in Norfolk banged out the client experience single seater for rich folk to go racing in. The T125 is an in-house developed racing machine. However it falls short on many levels.

  1. They have the opportunity to make it a single spec racing series - which they haven’t
  2. They could have got over the squabble with Team Lotus and produced a single brand F1 team instead of having a wobble
  3. They could have gone solo and never given the original license to team Lotus
  4. They could have launched in Indycar in their own right rather than letting out the brand

They could have done so much, but the T125 still looks an amazing plaything.