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I was tagged by: http://mis3rybiscuits.tumblr.com/

1: What do you love about yourself? (name 5 things)

anything.. just taste in music:)

2: Have you ever tried a diet plan?


3: 5 Turn offs & 5 turn ons ? 

turn ons - similar music taste as me, tattoos maybe, funny, lip biting, and being true to what they are and like, if that makes sense.

turn offs - too much arrogance, poor hygiene, aggressive, violent and disrespectful.

4: Favorite word?

never thought about it, i don’t know lol

5: What is your oldest memory?

i’m sure after i write this i will remember something earlier, but right now i can only think of when i was like 4 i think, i was sitting at the table and my mum told me we were going to live in another country.. And i threw up.

6:  How is your day so far ? :)

Awful, completely awful.

7: The last person you texted & what it said ? 

well. I last texted a girl from instagram, asking for help with something um:)

8: Is there someone in your life that always makes you smile?

Always faking smiles, so.

10: What are you good at? ( Drawing , sports , eating , etc:)

I’m not good at anything. But i enjoy drawing, writing songs and singing, it helps giving my mind a break

11: What is your dream job?

To be in a band with nice people, and touring, help people feel identified and see we are not alone

1. what’s your favorite band?I can’t choose omg

2. is there a person who you love more than anything in the world? who is it? I think it would be my mum, even if she sometimes makes me feel like shit or something, she always tries to understand me and make me laugh.

3. what color is your natural hair? brown/light brown/golden(yeah it’s like a mixture hehe)

4. describe your dream date? i don’t know man.. just having a good time together:)

5. have you ever crowd surfed before? if not do you want to? no i haven’t. i don’t know, it must be cool but i am too heavy for it

6. what’s your favorite food? i really don’t have one, i can’t choose.. right now it would be nutella or chocolate.

7. what’s your opinion on the world today? “everybody wants to go to heaven, but anybody wants to die” i think those lyrics can apply to lots and lots of situations

8. do you buy 50% off candy after valentine’s, christmas or easter? no:)

9. what’s your most prized possession? i think my cat and camera.. 

10. if your house was on fire and you had to grab two items what would it be? this one is hard.. my cat and computer(because i have all my photos there)

11. hiking or skydiving? hiking

i add: 

1- do you enjoy being alone or being with other people?

2- have music ever brought you to tears?

3- how do you sleep(what position, etc)?

4- what’s your life goal at the moment?

5- would you like to have a job?

6- do you remember dreams in the morning?

7- have you ever wrote a song?

8- would you change anything about your room?

9- do you ovethink? if you do, would you prefer to not think at all?

10- winter or summer? why?

11- thoughts on tattos and piercings? do you want any?