not everything is a fairy tail, people will be mean, people will be sweet, people will say yes and people will say no. you just have to get it and move on with your life. 
—  Ruben (t0iletpaper)
People I wish I was closer to:

Erin, Marissa, Andrew, Zachary, Dylan, Ruben, Nicole, Cody, Mariel, Gabe, Brian, Kim, Devon, Greg, Goretty, Austin, Gabie, Tanner, James, Britt, Mark, Ari, Lia, Bernie, Kristin, Cam, Sammy, and Julia. It’s a lot of people but still, I’d like to be closer with them.

Tumblr Crushes:

  • lighturges aw erin is really sweet and perfect and dfjlflajdf
  • satans-testicle Shannon is amazing and beautiful and everything good in the world wrapped into one person
  • darkurges GREG omfg. I cannot express the love I have for this guy. He’s so cute and funny. His blog is amazing, but he, as a person is just as amazing. 
  • briingthenoise- Michaela is really nice, she has a great blog and I’ve been following her forever. 
  • t0iletpaper Ruben is really sweet and funny and I love his blog. I only recently started following him after he favorited a photo of mine on flickr though. But I’m glad I did. 
  • -infuckti0n Emily is has a really nice blog and theme and updates a lot and I really like her personality. 
  • pokeball-drunk-from-hell aw Allan is really sweet and his blog is perfect.
  • cunts4lunch bernie…i just, she’s the most beautiful girl i ever laid my eyes on omfg
  • residyke resid is perfect and he knows it.