Bets & Regrets (Part 2)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader (ft. Jungkook)

Genre: Angst

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 END

Summary: Jimin makes a bet in which he cant go back on

Your P.O.V

The movie night with Jimin was fun, We sat on the couch and joked all night long, By time I checked my phone I saw it was nearly already 2 AM and had 6 missed texts from Jungkook. I frowned, feeling guilty that I hadn’t replied but turned my phone back off and turned back towards Jimin.

“I think its about time for me to get going..” He stretched and smiled. He looked so eternal under the T.V.s brightness. “Want to do this tomorrow? Since we don’t have school” I nodded.

“That would be nice..”

“Perfect” He strode till he was right in front of me and pulled me into his embrace. Just the smallest of his touches made me feel giddy inside. I smiled and hugged him back before he stepped away and went for the door.

“I will see you tomorrow night then~” He winked and walked out.

I stood there for a moment in silence, smiling like an idiot. Until one thing occurred to me

Was what Jungkook told me the truth?

I shook my head, turning off everything and headed for my room, laying in bed.

‘I doubt it.’ With that, Sleep overtook my senses and i drifted into a deep slumber.

Finally Part 2 is out~! How did you guys enjoy it?

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Do any of you know of any rp guides about how to play a thief, like from big targets like banks, museums and such? Or would that be a thing?

 First, here are some links I think could be helpful:

I can’t find a specific guide on how to write a thief, so here’s so extra information.

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You Have My Attention, Disney

Isn’t it nice to be excited for a reboot? Or, at the very least, cautiously optimistic? 

Granted, I more than understand the hesitation. I don’t think reboots have ever had a great reputation, and they can take away resources from potential, original properties making their debut (especially in today’s sequel-driven, nostalgia-loving, cinematic-universe-mass-producing market). Which is why the phrase “reboot potential” sounds like execu-speak that leaves you feeling … kind of dirty.

But, if you know me, you know I love another show that was just a reboot made to sell toys because, ultimately, the new team of creatives put in so much thought, love, and creativity into that it became its own thing.

Clearly I’m talking about Voltron: Legendary Defenders.

Oh, alright, and Pony (if you’re ever not sure, just assume I’m talking about Pony again; you’ll be right 90% of the time). And aside from the fans I’m told the franchise had originally, no one was expecting it to be a good show– that’s a case where the reboot surpassed its predecessors and in a huge way.

And, hell, I wouldn’t be doing my job right if I didn’t reference how well the Star Wars franchise is doing again, even after the infamously abysmal prequels! 

Pretty much the entirety of 80s and 90s culture either has or will get some kind of love. Hey! Arnold’s creator Craig Bartlett is finally getting to make The Jungle Movie, Samurai Jack’s getting a 4th season on Adult Swim, Power Rangers are back on the big screen next year, and just about every other property you can think of has something. And if not, they’re probably just saving them for the NickToons movie (which is also a thing that’s happening).

Meanwhile, Millennials just aren’t nostalgically profitable yet, I guess. Seems like all of our properties either get reboots that aren’t marketed towards us at all:

get continuations that get screwed over by the network

(If you’re wondering, that’s official artwork by co-creator Bryan Konietzko; I just felt the need to use it because wow dat’s gay)

or don’t get reboots period, even when the creators express direct interest in making a return.

Or, you know, made a deal with someone and found a way to never leave to begin with.

*Pokemon’s started in the mid-90s, but if you grew up in 2000s, you’d count it, too, it was huge for us.

My point being that while reboots and revivals have troubling downsides, take it from a Millennial whose starved for them: getting a good reboot can still be a thing to be celebrated.

Especially when you’ve got one that looks this intriguing.

Back to DuckTales

So, the voice cast looks like they’re kicking ass. It’s only one element of a show, of course, but whether or not the star-power wows you, the idea that it just might be in good hands may. 

See, Disney XD is sort of a weird channel. If I’m remembering correctly, it’s not included in some number of cable packages, but Disney Channel (prime) is—meaning, this should be where shows go to die.

It’s also technically Disney’s animation channel. Which says a lot about where Disney is now. (If you want some real insight into Disney’s television history, Saberspark made a video about it“Why does the one of the greatest animations studios of all time struggle to provide animated content for television? It doesn’t make any sense!”)

You 90s kids will remember the Disney Afternoons on the main channel—the program block DuckTales originally thrived in. A lot’s changed since then (the video goes into how and why), and the Disney channels DuckTales is returning to greatly needs its help.

Wander Over Yonder, for all the love it got, suffered the consequences of airing on an off-shoot of the Disney Channel instead of the real deal. Not every show that ends up there is doomed, but for instance, Gravity Falls made the switch to XD early in its lifespan, and OH MY GOD WAS IT JERKED AROUND IN TERMS OF ITS AIRING SCHEDULE. 

We’ve recently seen worse, and it’s not exactly uncommon, but for a show that became that popular that quickly, it’s shocking to remember just how wonky the airing schedule was.

The remaining survivors on Disney XD are Star v.s. the Forces of Evil, Milo Murphy’s Law, Star Wars Rebels, and Penn-Zero Part Time Hero (… well, okay, and Pickle and Peanut and something called Future Worm). What’s working for them now is a mix between action and comedy—which is what we’ve been lacking in Western cartoons for a while now.

Voltron, which just today released its second season on Netflix, is probably the best example of a classic action cartoon. It’s sort of got an overaching narrative, but each episode focuses the action in an episodic, beat-up-the-baddies and/or solve-this-team-and/or-character-issue vain. 

It’s been traditionally true, on the whole, that Western animation holds its roots in comedy—from Walt Disney himself to Disney XD today. But the rise in action cartoons around the late 70s–late 90s (don’t quote me on that) could sometimes elevate the animation towards more adult themes without it being… well, what we call “adult” animation. 

We know for a fact that any show—whether it’s deceptively cutesy or even downright cheesy—can approach darker and/or mature subject matter nowadays, but that’s partially why the fact that we don’t have a lot of Voltrons (which is super 80s in a loving we-know-where-our-roots-are kind of way) is a little disheartening.

Plus, action cartoons can choreograph cool fight sequences or chase scenes and I like when the cartoon box makes the booms.

DuckTales, for as silly an idea as it sounds like it would be on paper, apparently rocked. I’ve gotta full-disclosure this bad-boy and admit I was too young to catch the original properly, but from what I can tell, there’s a reason for that nostalgia. And what I’m getting at with all this is that DuckTales 2017 joining the ranks of the other action comedies on Disney XD is absolutely a step in the right direction. 

Who knows what kinds of adventures and subjects it will actually cover, but continually proving that action shows are marketable (especially on a channel that’s only in 68.8% of American households with T.V.s v.s. the 82.7% the main channel enjoys), only welcomes more good action shows in the future.

So, yeah, not only does DuckTales itself have potential to be something fun and awesome, but it has the potential to build off the successes of shows like Star v.s. and show executives people will respond to this kinda stuff. When you think about what reboots would do some genuine good to bring back, you might not think DuckTales, but who knows?

Here’s hoping all that potential amounts to something.

  • Headcannon that the Samwell Varsity sport teams have to volunteer in the community as part of team bonding and where the team volunteer changes each year. So in Bitty’s second year, they’re placed in a Nursing Home.

    • Their volunteering consist of spending a couple of hours a week as a team hanging out with the residents. Sometimes they break off into pairs of hockey players-residents, sometimes they play bingo, sometimes they help the NA’s with physical therapy or something, it changes every time. 
    • Okay, so no one is surprised when the first time they go Bitty brings like a bazillion pies and cookies and continues to bring baked goods every visit. Also unsurprising, the residents love him. 
      • He’s really good at talking to them (even when he has to repeat himself) because Moomaw lives in a home and you bet your ass that Bitty visits her at least twice a week when he’s home and charms all the residents there. 
      • He’s also really good at listening and remembering things that the residents say in passing and always makes sure to ask follow up questions the following week. 
        • He’ll ask about appointments or family visits and always makes sure to comment when someone gets a new hair cut or a fresh shave. 
    • Way more under the cut

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Clarissa the Slazzle

According to Salandit and Slazzle lifestyle (which usually involves breaking into places and stealing T.V.s) There can only be ONE female per horde and the top dog will run off the younger female. And so-When Clarissa hit 13, her mother ran her off from the horde and on her own. She evolved when she was 19 and joined the team with the plans of making them her unoffical male harem. (which has sorta fallen thru since it’s a giant pink cuddly Bewear who’s a boxer, an emotionally closed off Marwok, fucking EDDIE, an idiot punk Lycanroc and the gender neutral enigma that is Mimsy.)

She likes to dye her hair funky colors and is always expermenting with it.

Moments (Part 2)

Characters: Jensen X Reader

Anon Request: Hello, I was wondering if i could request a Jensen x Fan Reader fic were they meet at a con. There they keep running into each other. Thank You.

Okay, so I’m doing something a bit different here. I’ve let this run away with me a little, so it’s now a short series.

I consider this an AU, as Jensen is single in this fic. This is completely a work of fiction, and I wouldn’t want his reality to be any different, this is purely for entertainment.

Originally posted by neoran

“As soon as I look up, his eyes click onto my face. The breath whooshes out of my body and everything freezes for a second, as though I’m looking at him through my camera lens, zoomed in all the way, the world pausing for that tiny span of time between the opening and closing of the shutter.”  
 ―    Lauren Oliver, Delirium   

After the karaoke show, the two of you retreated to your hotel room. You gushed over the events of the evening to each other, washed your face, and climbed beneath the sheets. When you closed your eyes, though, all you could see were Jensen’s staring back at you. Your stomach was still in knots at the thought of running—running—into the man. The look of his freckles up close, how he smelled, the feeling of his hand on your arm, but the color of his eyes was what stood out most. It was indescribable. A smile spread across your face as you drifted off to sleep.

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Experiment AU Edd clone idea!

@darkeddsworld I just came up with this, and I was wondering if this this a good clone to add!

Okay so there’s a Edd clone that’s heavily separated from the other clones/test subjects. He isn’t violent at all, it just that he can’t stop KILLING people. Why?

First of all when Edwardo was taken into the ‘Organization’ due to him being a equivalent to a reactor from Chernobyl, they wanted to test adding radiation to him. The only thing is, he is already THAT potent. If a scientist tries to approach him even with a heavy hazmat suit on, they will get severely ill. So they still tried to test extreme radiation, but not on Edwardo. Instead they get some DNA from Edd. Edd is the LEAST augmented test subject in the entire facility, so it made sense to clone him. Using some of his hair when he was sleeping, Bing and Larry were at work making a clone with extreme radiation poisoning. Finally, they made one. The thing is, the Edd clone came out as a pile of goop. The scientists who were waiting for the clone to be made deemed it to be a failure, and they sent Bing and Larry to the drawing board. While they left, some of the clean up crew put on some uniforms and proceeded to pick up the green glowing goop.

It moved.

A horrible moaning sound came from it, as a hand and arm materialized from the pile. Progressively, a form of a person began to take shape. The clean up crew was terrified, but before the could get away, they all fell dead.

The clone was complete.

Bing and Larry managed to put SO MUCH radiation in the Edd clone, that in a essence, he IS radiation. His physical make up is soft and always dripping. He has some hair like Edd’s but it’s very dark green. He is also nude, since being in close contact with anything will actually make it melt or catch on fire. Also, being in close contact with the clone is guaranteed instant death, even with the most potent hazmat gear.

The clone seems to always be sad, not for his existence, it’s because he’s so lonely. After his creation, it took a VERY long time to put him in containment, since the guards and scientists kept on dying from radiation poisoning. After getting shoved into a concrete and steel bar fortified room with no windows, they left the clone to die by starvation. He was too dangerous to work with, and was still considered a failure.

However, since this Edd clone is pretty much the embodiment of radiation, he can’t really die……

After MONTHS of being alone, one day they shoved Edwardo into the room with the Edd clone. Apparently Edwardo was being such a jerk and being too dangerous, so the scientists thought death-by-extreme-radiation was okay. A very pissed off Edwardo walked around the room, oblivious to the clone hiding in the corner. The Edd clone hasn’t been in contact with any being at all, other than the people he killed. Edwardo spots the clone and starts asking who is he.

The clone just mumbles and shudders.

Edwardo comes closer, and the clone pushes his hands forward, signaling him to stay back. Then Edwardo did something nobody has ever done.

He touched the clone.

And he didn’t die, like what the scientists predicted. Edwardo has been radioactive for so long, that even exposure to EXTREME radiation, like the Edd clone, does nothing to him. The clone was taken aback, and started to talk. It was all garbled, thanks to the fact that he doesn’t really have body parts or internal organs. Edwardo is confused, but he guesses this 'guy’ is a idiot. He berates the clone for a little bit, and proceeds to punch the wall.

The duo stayed together for a week or so, not getting food or anything at much. However, the clone started to get 'clingy’ to Edwardo. Since the Edd clone kills everyone he knows by just standing away from them, he always sat by Edwardo, trying to talk. Eventually Edwardo grew accustomed to the clone, and he even tried to talk to the clone. Their conversations never were long, since the clone struggles to speak.

When it was 'time’ to clean up the remains of Edwardo, they were surprised to see he was still alive. Hungry, but alive. He wasn’t too happy the see the scientists, but when he came out, some of them with the typical hazmat suits fell dead.

He is as radioactive as the clone now.

Edwardo and the Edd clone is now forced to stay together, for the overall safety of the guards and scientists. To avoid possible death by rage, the scientist complied to Edwardo’s wants, such as T.V.s, beers, etc. He now feels like a father figure to the clone…..

People born in the ’80s are an odd lot. I watched the war against radical Islamism unfold with cynicism. When a team of Navy SEALs killed Osama Bin Laden, college students around the country formed flash mobs out of pure joy.

It makes sense. They were children when the towers fell and had spent half their lives living in a country at constant war. I’d already witnessed the collapse of the other great threat to America — the Soviet Union. I was cynical.

The first Fallout came out in 1997 when I was 14 years old. It and its sequels have been a constant of my gaming life since. In the irradiated wastes of an old world tinged by a weird American culture that never happened but almost did, I found something strange … and understandable.

The world of Fallout was the world my parents feared when they sat before glowing T.V.s — and watching aging actors warn the country against the evils of a foreign people I’d never met.

More than that, this wasteland was only possible because its history never moved on. The turbulent ’60s and ’70s never materialized. People clung to the old way of doing things … and it killed them. Nostalgia is a poison and Fallout shows us how deadly it can be.

One of the reasons I got sorely disillusioned with capitalism is the fact that many capitalists I do know will argue about things like maquiladoras or outsourced factories, saying that they’re great for impoverished people because now they have jobs.

So people n the third world are supposed to be happy putting together your flat screen T.V.s, working menial, repetitive, and sometimes dangerous jobs because it’s better than starving?

Last time I checked, true freedom wasn’t working a laborious job for 30 bucks a week thanks to the generosity of some American capitalist. It was the power and means to seek a full and happy life at any means necessary, and the economic flexibility to find a niche for yourself.

Plus the argument reeks of Western superiority.

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A blonde young woman stepped in, dressed in western men's clothing, covered in dirt along with a cowboy hat. She could easily be mistaken for a young man. ((@Just-blew-in-from-the-windy-city))

A tall man was in the lobby standing next to the front counter, trying to get one of the T.V.s on the wall to work after being broken previously by one of the wolf pups. He quickly handed the remote to Frankenstein before he got too worked up over it. While he tried to figure it out, the taller one turned around again to look out at the guests.