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video teaser from forthcoming ep t.u.f.f

This is Britta Wherewolf, she is the new agent a t.u.f.f and she is the toughest and strongest agent in the agency. She is good friends with Dudley,Kitty,the chief and Keswick (who she cause him pain and insult) she sometimes butt head with Kitty, when still like her, she transformed into a werewolf every full moon. Her personality is sassy, sarcastic,kind, tough, pushy, aggressive,smart, mean(sometimes),tomboyish,pranksterish. She has divorced parents, many siblings and a supervillian twin sister

She is voice by Olivia Olson


How We Make Nicktoons | Inside the Studio | Nickelodeon Animation Studio

Remember, Nickelodeon didn’t have a splat logo at the very beginning. Anyway, it’s cool seeing the people involved in the making of these various toons…