Hello Love

Hello Love
I haven’t seen u in a while
You take many shapes and forms
But you always seem to conform to the imperfections to every woman that I’ve been with
I began with then I ended
So F.U. love
I know you’re real
But very quiet those lips are sealed

So how I make it work
More than just a 9-5
I want that other 6-8
Add one more i want that 6-9
But that’s only if my hearts intentions can be heard
Because love can be blind
Body handicapped to emotions
So what do I do.

Guess I start with
Hello Love

Hello Love Remix
T. Rone ft Juicy J & Ace Hood
Hello Love Remix

Peep this DOPE NEW music: T.Rone ft Juicy J & Ace Hood- Hello Love Remix

T.Rone dropped off a banger on his way out of the studio. PRESS PLAY on this Hello Love Remix featuring Juicy J and Ace Hood!

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