Title: Focus
Ship: Eren x Annie

Annie had watched the green-eyed boy come into gym to learn how to fight for the past few weeks now and she never lost interest whenever he practiced.

She noticed how refined his body was, watching how smoothly it moved like a fine tuned machine, executing each move systematically with a gracefulness to it, with his emerald eyes burning with such intense focus that mirrored her own.

He was a terrifying monster that could not be stopped, with all that rage in him that he didn’t care to hide, moving with purpose and passion, obliterating everything in his path until his goal was reached.

She had seen so many fighters that had taken up martial arts as a way of channeling their anger, stress or whatever daily plague they dealt with, but she hadn’t seen the raw potential that he had, waiting to be shaped by the right pair of hands, so she took to sparring with him.

At first, she won every time, always holding him down, pressing him into the cool mat while he was panting and sweating.

“One more time Annie, please,” he demanded.

She admired his determination and almost acquiesced to his request until realizing that he was human too, and needed a break.

“Eren, you need to take a break.”
“Just this one time? Please,” his voice cracked on the last word, out of breath.

Annie scanned him once over again.

His eyes were lit with energy, and his body wasn’t showing any sign of tiring any time soon.

So she agreed to one last match.

They took their stances, and she gave a brief nod to commence their final spar. She went on the defensive, dodging his strikes, waiting for him tire out or let down his guard or step out, but for once in the duration of their sparring he kept up, blocking amd dodging her counter attacks, surprising her.

Eren, took advantage of her surprise and managed to pin her torso down and had an attack poised for the final blow.

“I win,” he smiled, breathing heavily.

Annie felt the thick tension in the air between them and wondered if he could feel it too.

Staring deeply into each other’s eyes, until she hadn’t realised had Eren crushed his lips against hers.

At first she was taken aback, not believing that the boy she had kept her feelings hidden from was doing this to her.

She kissed him back, eagerly and hungrily breathing him in, not wanting anything else but him only until he pulled back for air, gasping with her breath mingling with his.

Annie felt so warm before, with this heat inside her burning up her insides that kept her wanting more and more until she exploded.

“Annie…,” Eren breathed, his forehead pressed against hers, and his eyes closed.

“Shut up and just kiss me.”

Eren opened his eyes with a grin spreading across his face and proceeded to kiss her but this time he didn’t hold back, devouring her and filling her up until she couldn’t take anymore.

All her life, everything surrounding her was a blur, never making any real sense, nothing to keep her anchored.

Until she met him.

He had slowly became the sun and moon to her blank skies, something bright and constant in her life.

He was the focus that made everything clearer, made her appreciate all the beauty the world had to offer.

But for now, she wanted to express all these intense emotions that raged within her and threatened to tear her apart.

For him, she would gladly burn.