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Things every Kpop fan has heard before

“Why are there so many of them”
“They look like girls”
“Why do they wear make-up if their boys?”
“Why listen to kpop when you can’t understand it?”
“Why are you listening to Chinese music?”
“What does the K stand for?”
“Why do they look so young?”
“Gangnam style?”
“Why are they wearing school uniforms?”
“I didn’t know Asains rapped!”
“I thought all music was in English”
“Why like someone that can’t even talk the same language as you”
“The nicknames are so weird”


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Big Bang reaction to their gf always smiles when she's about to cry like she wants to hide it

Big Bang reaction to their gf always smiles when she’s about to cry like she wants to hide it 🙈

For ANON.!!

Hope you like it


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It has been a rough day.

You couldn’t sleep properly, it was or too hot or too cold and you kept moving in bed trying to find the perfect position (it never happened).

On your way to work, an old man in front of you was driving so slow you started to curse him in your mind.. and you arrived late.

At work, your boss just kept yelling at you because you couldn’t find the super important paper that had to be done today.

On lunch break, you stained your clothes with coffee.

At 7 pm on your way home and almost fell asleep at a traffic light, thank God you woke up before a huge queue was behind you.

But finally, you opened the door of your apartment ready to just have a shower and go to bed when you saw him

Your boyfriend finally was back from his tour

G Dragon

He was on the couch, flowers lying next to him.. he was looking at his phone and didn’t notice you were in.

You stayed there observing him for a couple of minutes, he was randomly watching some videos, laughing softly and caressing his soft hair.

It was enough for you to calm down, everything found back its balance the moment you saw him.

G Dragon was maybe the opposite of balance, but Jiyong was a different man. He thought before speaking and doing anything, he was supportive and positive.. Jiyong was an artist, producer, composer while G Dragon was a stubborn superstar.

And you loved both of them

Walking to him, he heard your steps and looked at you, smiling widely.

-Babe.. I missed you

-Me too

You hugged him tightly, hoping that all the stress of the day would vanish in the thin and cold air

-What’s going on?


-Are you sure babe?

He moved away from the hug to look at you in the eyes, you smiled trying to hide the tears that were forming in your eyes. You didn’t want to ruin the mood but all the stress made you so emotional, it was hard for you not to cry.

He looked at you confused..this was not your usual happy smile..

Lowering your head, you started sobbing. 

Jiyong knew that there was something wrong, it was not just him being back.. it happened before, but he could see you were crying because of something else.

He hugged you again, patting your head softly and kissing the top of it

-It’s fine Y/N.. it’s fine crying..let it all go

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You took off your jacket and immediately went to him

-Hei ba..

You didn’t even let him finish, kissing him  and sitting on his lap

You rested your forehead on his, looking him in the eyes while caressing his cheeks

-I need some wine

-You don’t drink babe..

-That shows you how bad my day was

-Wanna talk about it?



He cupped your face with his big strong hands and you were almost going to cry, so you faked a smile not to worry him

Senghyun was always really protective towards you.. he always made sure you were ok in any way; starting from always buying you random food to make sure you ate, to asking his connection if they knew your boss and how he was.

-I know that smile


-What happend?


You reached for his hands, trying removing them to go away while your tears was still not covering your cheeks, but Seunghyun didn’t move.

-Stay..don’t hide


-It’s ok if you don’t wanna talk about it..but don’t hide from me

You pouted your lips and looked at him, he smiled and laughed and kissed your temples

-How can you be so cute even when you cry?

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As soon as you saw him you just wanted to cry..you missed him so much!

And he noticed that

-Nooooooo don’t cry!!!!!

Daesung run to hug you and looked at you, moving your messy hair behind your ears.

-I am not crying!!

-I know that face,  you always pout your lips and do puppy eyes when you wanna cry

You tried to smile, hoping you could fool him with that..but let’s just say you weren’t the best actress.

-Noo please!! Look at me!!! What happend???

He cupped your face with his hands, he was seariously worried..

You didn’t cry a lot, you were always positive and happy but that day was really the worst day ever. He pouted his lips too, watching you and trying to make you laugh doing weird faces and mimicking a baby crying

-Noo if you cry i cry

-Daesung stop!! I am not in the mood

-I can see that

He suddenly returned serious.

He was always so happy and nice in his public life, you were surprised by this side of Daesung. 

You never thought he could be such a deep man, not that you thought he was stupid before you got to know him…just the image he showed to his audience was something different from his true self .

-Ohh i am in truble


-Now you look pretty even when you cry..

-Isn’t this a drama line? Like.. Fight for my way or something like that??

He grabbed you neck at put your face on his chest

-Sh..I was trying to be romantic

-You’re suffocating me Dae

He definetly was able to lift your mood up in 0.1 sec

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You smiled at him, he was in the kitche, probably cooking something..he was just so husband-material..

You hugged his back, placing your arms around his waist

-Babe..hei..let me hug you properly

You couldn’t answer, you didn’t want him to see you crying, but he grabbed your hands and faced you.

You smiled a bit and he understood imediatly something was wrong, he didn’t say anything tho..he just hugged you and kissed your temples

-Rough day eh?

The moments those words left his mouth you started sobbing and crying

-It’s fine.. I am here ok?  And I took some time to just stay with you, so you’re stuck with me

Tayenag was such a gentleman, he always knoew what to say and when.. He understand you like you knew each other for your entire life.

-I love you tae

-I love you too Y/N..wanna eat something?

-Yes..but i want to cuddle a bit more

-That’s for sure..

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He lift  his head the moment you walked throught the door, smiling at you and coming to help you with your stuff from work.

-Let me help you

-I’t fine Riri

-But i wanna help..

You and Seungri didn’t look like a couple in most people eyes, you both were really indipendents.. you never appeared together in public, and the rare occasions when you met the other members you avoided skinship.

Riri was really jelous of your private life, your intimate moments were just for you.. he didn’t like to share them except with the other members from time to time.

-I ordered some food for dinner

-You didn’t have too

You said , sitting on the couch next to him

-But i wanted to.. you look pale..

-Just a bit tired..how was the tour?

-Nice as usual..I missed you tho…

-Me too


You knew he knew..you lowered your head smiling, he was a busy man..you didn’t want to trouble him with your problems

-Whose ass do I have to kick?

Tears covered your cheeks, you weren’t able to face him.. he never saw you like that..

He moved your hair from your face and kissed you, lifting from your spot he place you on his laps not saying a word. 

-Calm down and you’ll explain to me later ok?

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Big Bang reactions when their idol gf who normally has cute concepts, but this comeback is sexy/badass concept

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Sorry if I made it too typical(mini skirts and that….)

You came home with white hair. You didn’t tell him about your new comeback yet so you scared the shit out of him. He was confused why you suddenly changed your hair color so he asked you why you did it. You told him you were filming a comeback music video and the concept was a little different- sexy/badass. His heart stopped when you said sexy because he imagined how sexy could it be.
“Okay, but how sexy are we talking about? No revealing clothes right?”
He wanted to know what kind of clothes will you wear and what will the song be about and he wanted you to sing and dance the song for him. If it would be too sexy for him he would complain every day about it and he wouldn’t stop talking about it. 

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You had short brown hair and you never wore black/dark lipstick so he got really scared when you came home and you still had makeup from the dance practice and you had black hair. He asked you immediately why you suddenly changed like that, but he thought you just liked this style more from the others, he didn’t think you have a sexy comeback in a month. You told him all about how great your dress is and how good this makeup is.
“I thought you like cute clothes… Wait… Is the dress short? If you’re gonna perform with it be careful, okay?”
He liked that your group finally changed a concept because he knew all of the song’s lyrics. He was worried how will you dance in such short dress, but he loved the song. He told you it will be a big hit and if you film the music video as good as it is the song it will be on top of the charts for a while.

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Taeyang loved your cute concepts and he was really surprised when he saw your new Instagram picture with dark make up, (too) short dress and black (too) high heels. He liked it and immediately called you, why would you upload a picture like that for everyone to see. You told him about your comeback and he freaked out.
He was also worried how will you dance in high heels like that and watch out on the dress+ sing at the same time. When he came home he couldn’t stop thinking about what will you have to be careful of. When you had your comeback live stage he was more nervous than you.

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He liked when you dressed sexy or badass, but he was used to you always being cute and doing aegyo hard af. Now he saw you in badass style- dark makeup, white hair, black dresses and chokers on your neck. He thought you looked good and he supported you. If you had a badass comeback you just have to look like that, he thought.
“Just don’t reveal too much, okay?”
He was only worried if you will be cold in such dresses because a lot of your performances were outside. He came with your group when you had your comeback stage, to support all of you. He loved the songs and imitated you dancing and singing later at home, to cheer you up.

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Seungri was in love with all of your cute concepts and he loved seeing your aegyo, which you were the best at, even tho he was pretty good too. When you told him you’re having a sexy concept for the next comeback he just smiled and loved the idea. He loved if you wore short skirts or dresses for him, but he realized everyone else would see you in a miniskirt too.
“I loooooooooooveeee the idea, but NO. YOU CAN NOT BE DRESSED LIKE THAT FOR YOUR FANS. I SAY NO.”
He pouted and didn’t let go of you until you promised him that you’ll be careful when you sit down, dance, walk, or do anything in a short dress. He would want you to dance for him the new song tho. AND… He will probably dance it for you too and make it even sexier.

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Big Bang reaction to their idol gf have a sexy dance break at the MAMAs

Could I have a Big Bang reaction to their idol gf have a sexy dance break at the MAMAs (or something like that) but she didn’t tell them 🙈

for ANON

hope you like it


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You decided not to tell your boyfriend you had a sexy performance with your group at the MAMAs just to see his reaction.

You were wearing a lace black crop top and some leather black shorts, you were going to make a cover of Troublemaker’s “Now” with some male dancers.

The make up artist draw some tattoos on your body too, and your make up was a strong black smokey eye, completely different from the usual image your group had.

G Dragon

He would watch your performance in silence, smirking when it was your turn to sing. admiring you from afar

The coreo, dancers, lights..it was all perfect, made you shine like a superstar and he was so pround to say he was your man.

After the show ended and you retunred to your sit, he would have looked at you and clapped his hands saying “Good Job”, lifting his hands to show you how the crowd kept screaming your name.

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He would be giggling the all performance, hitting Daesung and whispering in his ear “God, have you seen her??”

The backup dancer wouldn’t bother him at all, he knew it was a performance and actually they were really good, but he couldn’t take his eyes off you

Even The members started laughing as they noticed how immeressed in the performance he was

When you returned to your sit he would just keep looking at you and send you some messages: “WOOOOO MY GIRL IS SO GOOD”

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He would blush and put a hand on his mouth, looking at you with loving eyes, it would be so evident he loved you more than everything, that the MCs couldn’t help but mention it the moment after the performance.

He would just hid his face and asked for help to the other members who were just making fun of him and the situation

When you returned to your sit he would just brightily smile at you

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He would be Shoked at first, but them he would be so hype to actually stend up and started dancing.

You smiled and giggled during the performance, seeing him cheering you up.

After the show ended, he kept screaming and clapping while the members did the same (just not as loud as him), your leader would say “Thanks Daesung sunbaenim and Big Bang sunbaenim for the support!”

He would laugh and you would wink at him, making the crowd scream

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Like GD he would be really proud of you, looking at you not saying much and enjoying the performance.

Once it was done, he would stand up to clap at you, looking you straight in the eyes even from afar and you just smiled him back.

As you were going back to yor sit, passing beside his table, he would look at you and grab your wrist not standing up and just kissed the back of your hand

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