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Big Bang Reaction: Sarcastically calling them Daddy when they’re being bossy

anon asked: Big bang and block b reaction to you sarcastically call them daddy when they are being a little bossy.

Jiyong: “You need to start calling me that more often princess.”

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Seunghyun: *can’t stop laughing* “I…I honestly don’t know how I feel about this”

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Taeyang: “ooh, yes Baby Girl?” *turned on*

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Daesung: *gif* inner thoughts: “AM I TURNED ON BY THAT?? I THINK I’M TURNED ON BY THAT. WTF?”

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Seungri: *exited* “YES YOU FINALLY SAID IT!! YES!!”

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Omg this is pure gold!

GD first: Yaaaaaaaaah!   Waaaaaaaah!
T.O.P: Yaaaaaaaaaah!
GD: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
T.O.P: Hooooooooung!!
GD: *sexy* Yaaaaaah…

Hahahahaha i love this guys. 


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