When you're scared of the dark~

the my heaven edition


*you were sat up, reading in your bedroom as you waited for Jiyong to get home when all the lights went out*

*You immediately lunged for your phone on the dresser and pressed speed dial to video call Jiyong*

[GD] Jagi, whats up? I’m almost home.

[Y/N] Ji, the lights went out and i’m too scared to go and fix the fuse…

[GD] Aww, Jagi, its okay- i’ll fix it when i get back! I’m two minutes from the apartment…do you want me to stay on the phone?

[Y/N] yes… please, Ji!

*there is a noise from in the apartment and you jump, squealing and ducking further under the covers.*

[GD] Jagi…you’re so cute when you’re scared…

[GD] its okay, i’m just round getting out the car now baby, im going to hang up okay?

[Y/N] okay…hurry, Ji….

*he hangs up and you sit staring into the darkness, being able to make out shapes and everytime you look from the corner of your eye they begin to move*

*you dive under the covers when you hear a noise from the front room and scream seconds later when the covers are ripped from you*

[GD] Jagi? I’m back!

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When you're the same height/taller than them~

the stupid liar edition


*you’re sat at a booth in a bar just drinking with some friends. One of your friends has been texting furiously all evening and they suddenly jump up from the booth*

[Friend] Oh… Jiyong is here…

*they run out of the bar and return shortly with a fashionable looking man*

*your eyes widen as he swaggers over… he catches your gaze and you look away blushing*

*Jiyong sits across the booth from you and smiles… you feel your face getting redder*

[GD] hi… i’m Jiyong~

*you spend the next hour chatting away happily with your friends and Jiyong who has moved to sitting next to you… you catch a glimpse at your watch*

[Y/N] oh… oh I should get going …I have work early tomorrow…

[GD] do you really have to go?

*You nod and smile sadly… Jiyong stands up to let you out of the booth… you watch as his eyes grow wide as you stand up next to him*

[GD] …oh 

[Y/N] hmm?

*Jiyong takes a step back… you realise that he wasn’t expecting you to be taller than him… you let out a little giggle*

[Y/N] are you okay Jiyong?

[GD] *nervous laughter* I didn’t realise you were… so tall…

*you shift on the spot awkwardly*

[GD] oh… no… I didn’t mean it in a bad way… you’re still breath-takingly beautiful… 

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When BIGBANG has feelings for you *Chapter 7*

chapter 1 [x]
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*the taxi pulls up outside of Seunghyun’s apartment building and you all clamber out drunkenly one by one*

*Seunghyun enters the password on the keypad and wanders through the door followed by Seungri*

[SR] are you guys coming?

[GD] come on Jagi~ 

*you all crowd in the elevator… Jiyong stands in front of you mid conversation with Seungri*

*the elevator jolts as it starts to go up… your drunken legs weren’t ready and you step backwards… you feel a firm, warm figure behind you and a pair of hands are suddenly holding you up*

[TOP] are you okay?

*you blush and pull yourself away quickly*

[Y/N] *awkward laugh* yeah… yeah…

*you’re saved by the ‘ping’ of the elevator doors opening and you make sure to leave quickly*

[SR] you seem a bit flustered Y/N… *laughing*

*Seunghyun opens the door and lets you all inside… you take in the clean apartment with random bits of art scattered everywhere and objects you can only presume are furniture…*

[TOP] i’ll go get some drinks… Seungri go put some music on

*Seunghyun and Seungri disappear into the vast apartment leaving you and a very drunk Jiyong alone*

*you smile shyly as he leads you by the hand through the apartment and into the main living area… you gasp as you take in the sleek white lounge and the large glass windows overlooking Seoul*

*you lean forward to peak through the glass in awe… Jiyong hugs you from behind with his arms wrapped around your waist, leaning his chin on your shoulder*

[GD] Jagi~ahhhh *he moans against your neck*

*you smile to yourself*

[GD] Jagi… *he murmurs drunkenly* have I told you…

[Y/N] hmm? told me what? *you play with his hands on your stomach*

[GD] told you that I love you? *he breathes the words slowly in your ear*

*you breath stops in your throat*

[GD] did you hear me? I said I love you Y/N… I-LOVE-YOU *he nuzzles your neck*

*you turn around in his arms and throw your arms around his shoulders*

[Y/N] Jiyong…I lov- *your eye catches something in the distance* love you too…

*stay tuned for the next chapter!*

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Act Like Nothings Wrong

A T.O.P/Choi Seunghyun fanfiction

Summary: When your friend drags you backstage at a bigbang concert, introducing you to Choi Seunghyun, a man that causes you to lose all sense and reason, what else is there to do, but act like nothing’s wrong…

Chapter Summary: You confess your feelings to TOP, a conversation with Haru ….and the end of the night

Chapter Type: Fluff, Angst and Smut.

Disclaimer: This chapter contains Smut…..finally! ;)

Chapter 1  Previous Chapter  Chapter 17 (Coming Soon)

Chapter 16

‘Will you dance with me?’

Without hesitation he nods, and you stand and walk out onto the decking, placing your arms around his neck, half-hugging him, your head laying on his chest. You dance in silence for a while, just listening to the performance and swaying a little, but you feel TOP’s arms tense around you and you look up at him.

'Beautiful, are you okay?’ he asks quietly, ducking his head a little so that he can look at you properly.

'Im fine.’ you say and place your head back on his chest, knowing you cant leave it at that, but being thankful that he waits patiently for you to decide what you’re going to say.

'I dont want to leave.’ you breathe and you feel him hug you closer, so that he can hear you.

'I dont want to leave Korea and its beauty, the culture, how kind people are, I dont want to have to leave the feeling of home and the comfort that is offered to me here, I dont want to have to leave my new friends, and I…I dont want to leave you.’ you can feel the tears in your eyes at this point, but you carry on going, because if you stop you aren’t going to say the things you need to.

'Not even a little bit, even despite the fact that I have known you for 48 hours and for all I know you could be an undercover serial killer. I dont want to leave you, and your arms, I dont want to leave your smile and your laugh, your eyes that tell me everything I need to know before you even tell me yourself. I dont want to leave you, because you’re home, you’re the first place i’ve ever felt whole and I cant imagine being without you… which is completely ridiculous, but the truest thing I think i’ve ever said… And I dont know what im going to do when I have to leave, because I dont think i’ll be able to leave you, now that I know what it feels like to be loved…’ you stop, dragging in a deep breath and squeezing your eyes tight to try and will the tears away. You feel TOP bow his head onto your shoulder and hug you even tighter to him, creating your own little world within one another.

'I could never let you go,’ he says brokenly and its apparent that he is silently crying too. You feel more tears run down your face and you hold him to you, wishing that you didn’t ever have to let him go, but knowing at some point, you might have to. His hand goes to your neck and he lifts your chin to look at him, you see the tears tracks on his cheeks and look into his dark eyes, that were filled with seriousness.

'You…you are mine.’ he begins stumbling on his words, and your breath stops in your throat, making his thumb begin to stroke your neck to remind you to keep breathing and you feel his hands trembling as he does so.

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