1990 - 2017 

I still can’t believe this is real. I’m still hoping it’s a dream, but it’s not. he’s really gone. until now I thought that “disbanded” “left the group” was the worst kind of news to read about my favorite groups and idols but it’s not. it hurts me just seeing his pictures now, the fact that his Wikipedia page has a date for the day he died. it hurts so much. Jonghyun was so special to me. we were so alike. from our birthdays to our struggle with depression. I still can’t decide which one of us was the stronger one, me who decided to stay or him for deciding to leave. I hope he’s in a better place, I’m going to pray that he is. 

everyone, please let this be the reason you stop hating on idols, no matter how much you dislike their songs, their choices, even if they are problematic DO NOT SEND THEM HATE. make sure you send all the love and support to the idols we know are suffering from depression and mental illness especially Taeyeon she wrote “I’ll make sure you’re not alone”, also the SHINee members, please let Onew know that it’s not his fault and he shouldn’t blame himself. send supporting messages to T.O.P, Bom, Leeteuk, IU and every other idol you know is suffering from mental illness or depression. please send supporting messages to CL, a fan once told her to die and she asked the fan if that would make them happy?. No, it won’t. please let her know. Please let Taehyun know that it’s okay that he left WINNER his mental health should come first. Send love and support to your idols and do not send hate, please.