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Stupid Plan - Tig Drabble

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“These A.B. scumbags are holding a rally just outside of Charming,” Chibs was saying, “It ain’t gonna be a big thing, but we need ter make sure they know that we’re not tolerating their racist bullshit.”

“So what are we gonna do, boss?” Ratboy wanted to know, looking down the length of the table at the relatively new club President.

“I vote we lynch the bastards,” Happy boomed.

“I second that,” T.O. declared. Tig and Quinn looked at the Killer, nodding in approval. None of the current members of SAMCRO were racist, and with T.O. as the first black member, not to mention all the shit that had gone down with Juice and of course, Chibs’ ex-wife being black… let’s just say that there would be no more working with the white supremacists.

“If we all roll up in there it’ll cause a big stink. We’re trying ter keep the heat off us.”

“So what do you have in mind?” Tig asked.

“Why don’t we infiltrate them together, Dad?” Ratboy smirked. Tig punched him painfully on the arm, his expression darkening. He had still not quite gotten over the time Jax had made him pretend to be Ratboy’s father.

“Call me that again, asshole,” Tig dared.

“Rat’s not far off what I was thinking,” Chibs said, jumping in before the two could start bickering, “But I figure if we really wanna hammer it home… T.O. It’s time fer ye to prove yer mettle.”

“So… what are you saying man?” T.O. frowned, uncertain, “You gonna send the one black brother into a white power rally?”

“You and Tig… don’t wear kutte’s, go in hoods, hide your face. They won’t notice, they’ll be hiding their faces too… shank the asshole waving the burning cross, get out before anyone notices.”

“I repeat,” T.O. looked down the table at the President, “You’re sending ME and Tig into a white power rally?”

“Yep… Unless you have any objections ter shanking the racist pricks?” T.O. sighed.

“No objections here,” He said.

“Tig?” Chibs added.

“Filip, this is by far the stupidest plan you’ve ever had,” The blue eyed biker declared, “Of course I’m in.”

In universe reference for anyone questioning about what’s happening in my videos/headcanons.
Created by myself and spectregeneral66

Ticci Toby (The Berserk) -
I strongly believe his full name to be Tobias Erin Rogers. However, there is no relevance in that/won’t come up in the videos. Just wanted to mention it. I take almost everything Kastoway has said about Toby to heart. He’s already laid out the groundwork. Suffering from Tourette’s, a stutter, voices in his head and CIP. Currently he’s 22 (Kastoway said he was 19/20 in 2013), however I don’t believe age matters or that he knows how old he is. Since he is dead (See Kastoway’s original story), he may not show physical indications of aging. Basically, he is a zombie. This is a big part of how he holds himself now. Before his death he couldn’t feel pain, now he can’t feel pain, and can’t die, most likely he can also heal at exceptional rates. Theoretically, Toby is an unstoppable force, and he likes it. He has no recollection of his past (Minus a few blurs and such) and so he has nothing to weigh him down. He is a paranormal entity who doesn’t abide by our realms rules, therefore there would be no legal ramifications. He somehow gets caught, he can teleport out, or The Boss (slenderman), can most likely call him back. I like to think of Toby having very limited control over whatever powers he was granted as a result of the enslavement. I’d imagine he cannot use them against Slender in anyway. Also, if Toby(or any of the others) were to defy Slender, the consequences are unthinkable. The methods to keep them in line can range from loud, painful noises in their heads, to forcing them into stasis(coma-like sleep). They enter this stasis in between missions anyway. Stasis is full of nightmares and visions of Slender’s realm, they are kept in check through fear. Toby, however, is very loyal. Due to accepting that this was his future and there was no escape, he continued to do whatever it takes to complete his missions. This backfires a lot of the time because he over estimates the situation.

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Escaping the Past Part 2

At the end of church the next day, Tig looked around the table, knowing what he needed to say wasn’t going to be easy. He needed to let his brothers know what was going on, to prepare them.

“Venus would like to invite you all over to the house tonight to meet her niece (Y/N). She’s moving here from Quantico, Virginia.”

“What time should we be there?” Chibs asked.

“Seven, but there’s something you need to know about her.” Then men around the table sat up, paying attention. “She’s a retired ATF agent…”

“Christ Tiggy, what are you and Venus thinking? We can’t have her near the club!” Chibs was staring at him in disbelief.

“How do you know she isn’t here to dig up information on us?” Quinn asked.

Tig leaned back in his chair, telling them everything he knew about (Y/N).  Chibs had Montez to dig up her past, seeing if the information was true.

Happy stayed silent, he’d do what ever necessary to protect his club. If this ATF agent was here to cause problems, he’d take her out, no matter who she was related to.

The club had been legit the last two years, for the most part. 


I was helping Venus cook dinner, she had sprung it on me that several of Alexander’s friends were joining us. I narrowed my eyes at her, wondering if she was up to something.

“Please tell me, you’re not trying to set me up. I’m not interested in…”

“Sugar, I invite the boys over for dinner all the time. Most of them happen to be bachelors and would live off of fast food if it wasn’t for me.”

I closed my eyes, thinking that this was exactly what I thought, a set up. I opened my eyes, turning to look at her. “How soon before the unsuspecting bastards get here?”

Venus let out a laugh. “They’ll be here in a hour. Why don’t you go freshen up.”


Slipping off to the bedroom I was using, I leaned against the door. I wondered how welcoming these men would be, once they leaned my past. Alex wasn’t the most welcoming, he was trying for Venus.

I knew I’d have to earn my trust with him, I meant him no harm nor his club. I just wanted to start over, forget my past. Stepping away from the door, I went to get ready for dinner.

Stepping into the dinning room, it was over crowded by men and some woman. I saw Venus walking towards me smiling. “There she is, gentle and ladies this is my niece (Y/N).”

I smiled at the people in the room, Venus took me around the room to introduce me. “This is George and Brooke Skogstrom.” She guided me to a giant off a man, with long hair. “I’d like you to meet Rane Quinn.” I smiled up at him, shaking his hand. Moving me through the crowd. “Lyla Winston”

I was glad to see that there were other woman in the group. Lyla was standing near a bald tattooed man. “Happy Lowman, this is my niece.” My first thoughts were that Veus was playing with me. He looked anything but happy. He just nodded at me.

We moved on to Alex, he was talking to a group of men and women.. “And finally this is Allesandro and Hannah Montez, T.O. and Shay Cross, and Filip Telford.”

I smiled at them, my brain was on over load, Filip’s hand clasped mine. His warm dark chocolate eyes, washing over me. “Nice to meet you.” 

“Dinner is ready.” Venus announced, I went to follow her into the kitchen to help her. “Go sit down sugar, this dinner is in honor of you.”

I turn towards the table, noticing the place cards, she had gone all out tonight. I found myself between Rane and Filip, Happy sitting across from me. Smooth and subtle, Lyla was sitting next to Happy. Made me wonder if she was single and also being set up.


After we cleaned up from dinner, we were sitting around visiting, my phone started ringing. Apologizing, I went outside to answer it, needing some privacy.


“Did you think you could run away from me?”

“Why are you doing this? Why can’t you just leave me alone?”

“I’m coming for you, finish the job.”

I ended the call, planning on changing my number tomorrow. I felt a hand on my shoulder, without thinking I went into defensive mode. Shoving the offender against the wall, holding them there by their throat.

My vision clearing seeing Filip, I released him. “I’m sorry….”

He looked me over, not saying anything, he went inside. I sat down on a patio chair, dropping my head into my hands. I heard the door open, looking up, he was standing beside me with two glasses and a bottle of whiskey.

“Do I need to get Tig about that phone call?”

“Excuse me, who?”


I shook my head. “No, I’m a big girl, I can handle it myself.”