t.n.t. jackson


“Some say the most devastating part of losing a child is coming to the hospital with a baby, b u t   l e a v i n g  w i t h o u t   o n e.”

I N T O   B A T T L E  
a Percy Jackson inspired soundtrack mix

01 Prelude | 02 Legends of Destiny | 03 Your Secret Is Safe | 04 Chiron | 05 Hoover Dam | 06 Don’t Forget to Breathe | 07 Statues | 08 Battle | 09 Alone | 10 Tense Action | 11 Journey Through the Portal | 12 Skyfall | 13 Perseus


in the name of Procrastination I decided I’d dive into my documents folder and ORGANISE IT for the first time, ever, in my life, and I feel like you should all know that I just found 391 words of STILES/JACKSON PWP that I wrote 3 ½ YEARS AGO and have ABSOLUTELY NO MEMORY OF.

I have several questions for 2012 Me, the most paramount of which being: WHY, DEMON???