hayley atwell as catherine fedden | the line of beauty, pt. i

for the Correspondence social goal—”an inevitable impossibility”—related to “forever hurtling toward the earth, if only tangentially. Often used in jest or hyperbole. 

(The shorter-lived species of the High Wilderness (relatively speaking, on the scale of stars) sometimes use it in a more figurative sense to mean “a thing which is going to occur someday whether I like it or not, but at least it’ll be my descendants’ problem.”)

(feat. a space bat)

Short Rant

So, I have a short rant. Recently there was a fire in some apartment buildings in London. To honour the victims and raise money, a bunch of youtubers got together with some company (I think) and started a live stream on youtube to raise awareness about it. All Dan and Phil did was retweet something to spread awareness about it, and the entire chat was filled with, “WHERE ARE DNP?!?!” “I CAME FOR PHAN” and “I’M ONLY HERE CAUSE PHIL TWEETED” which is very disrespectful. Not everything is about dnp. If you would have actually spent time paying attention to what they’re doing, you would have known that they weren’t even in London. They were in America. It’s not only this tragedy where I’ve noticed people only caring about dnp. When the bombing happened in Manchester, people were spamming dnp to see if they were okay and they don’t even live in Manchester. Once they confirmed that they were, it was like it suddenly didn’t matter anymore. Like all of the people who died didn’t matter cause dnp were okay. It makes the rest of the phandom look bad when all of these demon phannies do stuff like this. It’s obviously okay for them to be concerned, but don’t make everything about dnp when it doesn’t have to be. Other people exist. I love dnp with all my heart, but I know that not everything is about them. Have some respect for other people.