t.j lane


That sadness you feel when you know you will never meet TJ Lane, when you know you will never be able to hold him in your arms and make him smile. That sadness you feel when you have seen every image and video of Eric and Dylan and those are the only things you ever have left of them, those little memories from years ago from bad quality cameras. The ones I love I can never have. Alone. -X < My nickname pronounced (ex)

i know i’m usually a very open-minded person but, if you are apart of the T.J Lane fandom. ( fandom as in, loving/ worshipping him you know.) i will block you without a thought.why are you LOVING  guy who killed without remorse? because he’s “cute”? Jeffery Dahmer was “cute”, but that wont stop him from killing you & using your skin for gloves. he is a MURDERER. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD GIRLS. HE DOESN’T CARE.