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Battle intro: I have to fight you!? B-but you’re so cute…. mh, b-but you’re also a straw hat, so I can’t let you get away!

Victory: Wah! I-I beat a straw hat for real!? Mh, C-Captain Hina will be so proud!

Defeat: Ugh…. I won’t let you get away next time!

Assist: P-Please don’t tell Captain Hina I’m helping a pirate!

Taunt: I won’t be beaten by the straw hat’s pet!

Reacting to Taunt: Wah! Y-you’re surprisingly mean for someone so cute…

Flee: N-No one told me you could get big like that!

Reacting to Flee: Eh! I-I can’t let you get away!

Tie: Mh… I-I’ll let you get away this once, but next time I’m definitely bringing you in!

Perfect Victory: I beat a straw hat! I-I still can’t help but feel bad though….

Finish Move: Brace yourself! This is the full power of the Marines!


Another Miraculous!AU episode request from @starredupstarco !! Hope you like it! ((Scene from ‘The Gamer’))

I’ll probably start the next one soon, and hopefully it won’t take me 500 years for me to get it done :p


(please do NOT edit/repost/remove caption)

Edit: I keep seeing ppl wanting more of this AU so I thought I should tell the ones who don’t know THERE IS MORE  :D

She will fuck up your whole life
With her little Gucci coochie

Mermaids: A Guide


  • O R I G I N S 
    Greek Gods

  • S P E C I E S
    General Capabilities
    - Nereides
    - Sirens 
    - Zagreus
    - Melusina
    - Briareos 
    - Galatos

  • L A N G U A G E
    Basic Phrases

  • C U L T U R E 
    Honor & Law
    Mating vs Bonding
    Mating & Children
    Family Life

  • L I N K   T O  T H E  S T O R Y : C O R A L  &  B O N E
    This guide is based on the mermaids of Coral and Bone, who originate from the Assyrian goddess Atargatis and also, the Greek gods. This explores the theory of if the gods and their descendants fled to the sea in modern times.

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anonymous asked:

Is it possible for people to be 'blends' of two different types? Some people claim to be but that doesn't really make sense to me. I know some people have better developed auxiliary, tertiary and so on functions so maybe that makes some people get confused and identify as more than one?

Hello anon! I agree with you, I don’t think it makes much sense. Someone might be undecided between two types, but that scenario makes me think that they haven’t been typed in a conclusive way, I don’t think you can be more than one type at the same time unless you have more than one mind. 

There are some confusions that I can understand (x must coincide in each case):

E vs. I

  • Exxx and Ixxx because you’d use the same functions in a very similar order. Since introverts’ first cognitive function is introverted, they might come across as extroverts if they have a powerful auxiliary function because it is the one that is shown (you can’t see what’s happening inside their minds, introverted functions don’t usually give clear signs). 

F vs. T

  •  xxFx and xxTx. We have two scenarios here.
    a) ExFP - ExTP // IxFJ - IxTJ:  in this case, both will share the dominant and inferior functions. Solution: determine whether the person uses inductive or deductive reasoning or any other way to solve the Ti or Te paradigm.
    b) IxFP - IxTP // ExFJ - IxTJ:  this one is quite different, the shared functions are the auxiliary and the tertiary. Solution: find out which one is the individual’s dominant function. 

N vs S

  • xNxx and xSxx. Again, two scenarios.
    a) ENxJ - ESxJ // ISxP - INxP: they will have the same dominant and inferior functions. Solution: determine the auxiliary function.
    b) INxJ - ISxJ // ESxP - ENxP: they share the auxiliary and tertiary functions. Solution: determine the dominant function. 


J vs. P

  • All this taking into consideration that the xxxP and xxxJ confusion DOES. NOT MAKE. ANY. SENSE. xxxP and xxxJ are completely different types that use the functions in an absurdly divergent order. If someone thinks they are either e.g. INTJ or INTP, I’d suggest to stop taking binomial tests and switch to cognitive functions. 

[ I’m praying to the pagan deities that I got this right. I think I did, please excuse me if it’s not the case and message us]

asksadisslave  asked:

☭ (for Sadi-chan)

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Battle Theme: fighting a sadist cant be smart

Battle intro: M-miss Sadi-chan!? I never thought I’d have to fight anyone else from Impel Down… mh, I-I’m still gonna do my best!

Victory: You’re not as scary as you seem after all!

Defeat: Ah, p-please no more, the fight’s over!

Assist: I’ll do my best to help! J-just please don’t use your whip again!

Taunt: I thought you were the one that made others cry in pain, hehe!

Reacting to Taunt: Y-you don’t mean something that scary, r-right?

Flee: S-sorry Miss Sadi-chan, but I’m not like that Maso guy!

Reacting to Flee: Don’t think you can end this so easily!

Tie: Phew. That didn’t hurt as nearly as bad as I thought it would….

Perfect Victory: Hmhm! Maybe a place like Impel Down isn’t that scary after all!…

Finish Move: I-I’m not gonna let you scare me anymore! Take this!

One Piece ワンピース [Yonkō Saga / Whole Cake Island Arc] : Charlotte “BigMom” LinLin vs Captain “Waterfall Beard” Yoruru

“Waterfall Beard” Yoruru : “So you’ve finally gone and done it LinLin.. You aren’t qualified to give thanks to the Sun! Even if you are a child, there is a limit to how much one can forgive!”
Mother Carmel : “Please stop!! Yoruru-sama!”
“Waterfall Beard” Yoruru : “I’m sorry Carmel, but she is an evil spirit…IN THE FORM OF A CHILD!!!”

T H E   L E G E N D   O F   E L B A P H. Oh man, I’ve been waiting 17 years for this one. Captains Brogy the “Red Ogre” & Dorry the “Blue Ogre” were some of the coolest cats of their time! And meeting the remnants of the Giant Warrior Pirate crew throughout the story and having them each mention the legendary captains and their eternal duel was thrilling. I’m really hoping Oda explores the last remaining Giant Kingdoms because I am all about that Norse mythology. I’m also hoping Oda really flushes out the Sweet Commanders and their fights as well because they’re kind of just sitting around right now (compared to Marco’s grand entrance vs Kizaru). Here’s to the revitalization of my childhood!! E L B A P H!!

♪ : Naruto Shippuden - Girei




redbubblebath  asked:

I think another reason a lot of the people in the western fandom don't like the twin thing is because it's considered a super overdone cliche in english-speaking shows (and maybe mexican soap operas). I myself am from south america so I don't share this opinion lol, I only know about it cause it's kind of a general pop culture inside joke! If you google 'Evil Twin Trope' you can find more info on this :p anyway im super excited about real!Ciel lol also thanks for being such a helpful fan! <3


Oh I see, so the evil twin seems to be indeed a very common tv trope in the Western media! O_o Now I can truly understand why so many people described 2CT as “overused” and “cliché” and were disappointed by Yana (tbh I had never understood this argument until now) ^^;

In Japan, though, “the evil twin trope” is not *THAT* common, or more precisely, there are many books, movies, tv shows etc that feature twins, but not so many that the audience is fed up with it like in Western countries. At least I’ve never seen any complaints like “Please not twins, again” “This is so cliché” or “I expected Yana to be more creative” (i.e. comments I *often* see in the Western fandom) in the Japanese fandom D:

So I guess the general dislike of 2CT in the Western fandom probably stems from both linguistical problems and cultural differences. Too bad, as neither the inaccuracy of some foreign translations nor the “overused-ness” of twin tropes in Western media is actually Yana’s fault (*_*)


Well I’m answering this from my phone because my laptop is a prick and won’t obey my orders.
But anyway, yes Anon I am an “actual” voice actor. This is my job.

I’m electing to assume this is a proper question and not some kind of dig because I’m uncharacteristically optimistic today. 🤔 But I guess hearing me first on an Indie game or Red vs Blue or even Transformers: Combiner Wars since they’re internet based might beg the question. But voiceover takes on many platforms all over the joint, that doesn’t denote professionalism.

It isn’t always easy, it isn’t always glorious, and that’s okay. I love doing what I do.

P.S. Ignore my expression, that’s a tiredface.


U L T R A V I O L E N C E  [ 58min. / listen. ]

For the rage that climbs through the bones asking for a fight, for the fist that breaks every part of its opponent, for the pain that consumes itself in adrenalina, for the taste of blood between the teeth, for the strong body and horrid mind as you have a little bit of the old 
u l t r a v i o l e n c e;

[ 001 ] no church in the wild. | by J A Y  Z.  &  K A N Y E  W E S T.
[ 002 ] counting bodies like sheep in the rhythm of the war drums. |
by  A  P E R F E C T  C I R C L E.
[ 003 ] into the lair. | by Z E D D.
[ 004 ] seven nation army. RMX. | by T H E  W H I T E  S T R I P E S.
[ 005 ] glory and gore. INST. | by  L O R D E.
[ 006 ] i want it all. FT. armageddon | by Q U E E N.
[ 007 ] fistful of silence. | by T H E  G L I T C H  M O B.
[ 008 ] demons. RMX. | by S L E I G H  B E L L S.
[ 009 ] ghosts'n'one. MSHP. | by  D E A D M O U 5  VS.  S K Y  F E R R E I R A.
[ 010 ] crying lightning. RMX. | by A R C T I C  M O N K E Y S.
[ 011 ] american horror story. RMX. | by D A R K L O R D Z.
[ 012 ] sail. RMX. | by A W O L N A T I O N.
[ 013 ] everybody wants to rule the world. RMX. | by L O R D E.
[ 014 ] female robbery. RMX. | by  T H E  N E I G H B O U R H O O D.

anonymous asked:

Is there a difference between yours and namjoons personality type? Cause tbh I would've thought the same as you

right? same, I’m intp and namjoon is infp. jin is an intp too our only change is the T (thinking) vs F (feeling)

Introversion (I), Intuition (N), Thinking (T), Perception (P)

so we’re pretty similar but I’m just surprised we don’t have the same not that it really matters tbh I’m just shocked that it’s jin with the same personality type.

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