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Wow i cannot wait for American Gods ep4 when Sweeney/Shadow and Salim/Jinn will have a double date and literally snatch all our asses straight to heaven


I can’t believe Salim and Jinn invented romance and Mad Sweeney and Shadow invented the enemies to lovers trope B Y E.

The first gem to ever accept you for leaving your status is gone

The first gem to ever accept you as a completely unique being is gone

The first gem to ever accept you as who you were together is gone

Rose truly gone and this is when they finally face it

“Ista does it much quicker.”

“Son, I know Ista does everything better, but while she’s gone, I’m afraid you’re stuck with my barber skills, so I suggest you either stop complaining or start braiding your hair on your own.”

And by “gone” I don’t mean “dead”. I mean “off on a trip, picking flowers, killing bitchy soldiers and generally enjoying being alive and well.”

The Funeral // Archie Andrews

Y/n blossom is the youngest sister of the blossoms everyone attends to her brothers funeral and later as a panic attack. Archie helps her and then later when she goes to the hospital they admit their feelings for each other. Sorry if this is to much.

Thank you to @glitterytreewombat for this request! You’re so sweet! 💕


Today was the day.

A day in which I never wanted to happen.

Or even believe it could be happening.

I stood in my room, staring into my full length mirror and studying the simple long sleeved black dress that was on me, looking towards my face to see the sadness right through the make up. I couldn’t believe my brother was gone.


There was no way in bringing him back, even though I desperately want him to walk into my room and hug me like he used to, making sure I was okay like he had since we were little. The three of us, Cheryl, Jason and myself stuck together, now only Cheryl and I had each other, we had lost half of ourselves, and we both didn’t know how to fill that void.

I sighed, hearing a knock at the door to see my mother sticking her head in. ‘Come now, it’s time to welcome everyone.’ She was so curt about it all, it only made goosebumps appear on my arms, making the hairs stand up.

I nodded, exiting my room, my mother closing the door behind us. She wrapped an arm around my shoulder, leading me down the stairs.

'Where’s Cheryl?’ I asked, looking to see people already arriving into our home.

'She’s still upstairs getting ready. She’ll be down soon.’ My mother answered, leading me to my father. 'I trust you know she’s not speaking today at the funeral and that you are.’ I frowned at my mother and nodded, not arguing on the topic of it.

Cheryl had already let Homecoming happen with representing Jason using it to her advantage, which made sense why my parents wouldn’t want her to speak, but, he was her brother too.

I turned my head to see my friends arrive, a blush rising to my cheeks due to locking eyes with Archie. I excused myself from my parents and walked over to Betty, Veronica, Kevin, Jughead and Archie, who had all dressed appropriately, even Jughead. Although, I did question Archie’s letterman jacket, but he wore a tie underneath so I ignored it.

'Thank you for coming guys…it means a lot.’ I gave them a small smile, receiving a small hug from all of them, except Jughead. I held onto Archie the longest, knowing he could make me feel better with what was happening today.

'We couldn’t not support you. You’re our best friend, we’re here for you.’ Betty smiled, whilst I led them to the room where Jason’s casket laid.

I stopped in my tracks, seeing it for the first time. A large sorted set of red roses sat on top of the casket, making my eyes glisten that this was real.

I instantly felt Archie grip onto my hand, holding me up so I didn’t fall. I turned up to look at him, giving his hand a squeeze, making sure he was still there. He squeezed it back, leading me over to the front row. He sat me down, kneeling down in front of me and showing me the number 9 jersey.

Jason’s jersey.

'You’re family deserves this more than me.’ Archie explained, holding it out to me.

'You should go give it to my mother, she’d appreciate it.’ I smiled, watching him walk away.

I sighed, checking my watch and looked around, my sister nowhere in sight. I bit my lip in anxiousness, my eyes drifting to the coffin. I took a deep breath in and letting it go.

Archie sat down beside me again, looking a little confused and flustered. 'What’s wrong?’ I frowned.

'You’re mom…she - she touched my hair - I don’t know.’ He shook his head, staring at me. 'Are you okay?’

'With you…and the other guys here, I’m okay.’ I answered, hearing the music staring.

Cheryl still hasn’t arrived, making me grown more nervous to where she was. It wasn’t until I saw everyone else’s heads turn backwards, watching something behind them. I followed their gaze, my mouth falling open in shock, seeing her in the same dress she wore when she was last with Jason. I gasped, feeling Archie grab my hand again.

I couldn’t believe she actually wore the dress. A hand flew to my mouth as she made her way to the podium. Our parents looked at her in anger and frustration, ready to take her away from the podium.

Veronica stopped them, saying they’d only make things worse. I watched on, see her standing there. She gave me a look, telling me she had this under control.

I didn’t. I felt like I was staring to lose control.

I could feel my vacant hand shaking, hoping if I clenched it, something good will come out of it, maybe stopping it, but that wasn’t the case.

I shook my head, trying to pay attention to what my sister was saying, but nothing was happening, I couldn’t listen, everything else felt so loud.

'Y/N…’ I turned my glossy eyes to Archie, seeing worry in his features as he looked at me. 'What’s wrong? What’s happening?’

'Y/N, dear.’ Before I could answer Archie, my mother called me to the stand after Cheryl’s breakdown at his coffin. I slowly stood up, my eyes never leaving the coffin as I turned around, facing the whole of Riverdale.

I sighed, beginning to speak. 'Thank you to everyone that has found the time to pay respects to my brother and our family in this difficult time,’ I swallowed hard, feeling my heartbeat starting to pick up. 'Jason was not just your football star or the most popular kid in school, he was my brother,’ I paused looking at Cheryl who was still crying, 'our brother. He cared for us, his two little sisters. He protected us from any harm or any hatred we had to endure…he was my hero…’ I turned my head around, staring back at the coffin in which Jason laid to rest in.

I felt my breath starting to pick up, gripping the sides of the podium, causing my knuckles to go white. I began feeling lightheaded, everything in the room becoming louder by the second. 'I’m sorry - I can’t do this.’

I sprinted down from the podium and out of the funeral. I needed somewhere to go, I needed to breathe.

I was going to have a panic attack.

I managed to find one of the many corners outside from my large house to sit in, placing my head in my hands, letting panic takeover my body.

If I could tell you the amount of times someone has asked me what it felt like, I couldn’t. A panic attack for me, you feel a heaviness on your chest, caving in and can’t find any air to breathe in, because your already hyperventilating, you already feel like you’re going to die. In that moment, you sometimes wish that you could.

'Y/N!’ I heard someone call my name. I lifted my head up to recognise Archie through my blurry vision. I was still hyperventilating, seeing him kneel in front of me. He tried picking me up
off of the ground, but all I did was grip onto his biceps, hoping to gain feeling back in my body since I couldn’t feel my legs or get up. 'Oh god…’ Archie knew I experienced them and had been there a few times when I’ve had them, but it’s never been this bad. 'You’re okay. It’s just a panic attack, it’ll pass alright, hun? Trust me.’ He reassured, holding me to his chest.

'I-I can’t breathe!’ I felt like I was choking, I felt like I was going to pass out, feeling Archie holding me tightly and gripping onto my small, frozen hand.

'Archie, what’s happening?’ I heard a voice ask, which sounded like Veronica’s.

'She’s having a panic attack…I’ve never seen one this bad, V.’

'What do we do?’

'Call 911.’ Archie said, looking back down at me in complete worry and sadness.

'Archie…’ I choked out, 'I wanna - I wanna go to sleep…’

'You gotta keep your eyes open for me, alright?’ He whispered, pecking my forehead. He rested his forehead against my temple, staying close and letting me know I was still there. 'Keep squeezing my hand, what does it feel like? Can you tell me what it feels like?’

'I - I can’t do it…’ I cried out, feeling nothing in my fingers at all.

'Yes you can, breathe and squeeze my hand, alright? The ambulance is coming.’ He reassured me, still holding
my hand.

I was full on sobbing now, trying to control my breathing, but it wasn’t happening. I was having a panic attack.

And I felt like I was going to die.

'Archie, the paramedics are here.’ Veronica said, seeing to guys in uniform behind her, along with Sheriff Keller, my friends, my parents and Cheryl.

'Alright, sweetheart, Y/N, can you feel anything that I’m doing now?’ One of them asked, touching my foot. I sobbed, shaking my head. 'She’s going into complete shock, lets get her in the ambulance.’

Archie stood up, picking me up bridal style and carrying me towards the ambulance. I felt the worst of it ending, but now felt extremely tired. I wanted to go to sleep or pass out, I wasn’t sure which one.

Archie laid me out on the stretcher bed. I looked to see my friends and Cheryl watching me, no sign of my parents anywhere. I felt my eyes dropping, ready to let darkness consume me.

'Who’s riding with her? Are you son?’ Archie looked down at me, looking back at the officer.


'And you are?’

'I’m…I’m her boyfriend.’ He said with confidence. They let him in, closing the ambulance door behind him. Archie grabbed my hand, looking down at me. I gave him a tired smile, before feeling my eyes shut, darkness consuming my vision.


I woke up, seeing myself in a not very familiar place. I looked around to what looked to be like the emergency department of the hospital. I frowned, looking to my right to see the beautiful auburn hair of Archie.

'Hey, how you feeling?’ Archie whispered, his hand tucking a kiss strand of hair behind my ear.

'Tired…thank you for being here with me.’ I gave him a small smile, making him chuckle a little.

'No - I couldn’t bare to see you in that state, I didn’t know what else to do.’ He sighed, grabbing my small hand, sending warm up through my arm.

'You did everything right.’ I smiled, feeling a stray tear trickle down. 'Along with saying that you were my boyfriend.’

He blushed, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. 'I didn’t know how else I was going to get in the ambulance…you’re not mad, are you?’ He asked.

I motioned him closer with my finger, grabbing onto the collar of his shirt, bringing him to my lips. It felt complete. I felt complete.

I pulled away, looking into his brown orbs. He cheeks were a tinge of red, smiling at me. 'You’re okay with being my girlfriend, right?’

I nodded, smiling at him. 'Of course Archie, I’ve been waiting for a while to hear those words for a very long time.’

He grabbed my hand again, closing it around his and pecking it, holding it close to his lips. 'Can you handle my baggage?’ I asked, worried to hear the answer.

He smiled, nodding, putting my nerves at ease. 'Of course I can. I love all the good and bad, anything for you.’ I smiled, giving out a small laugh.

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i cant find a good pic of ymir apparently dying in the manga but i don’t care what happens i don’t believe shes dead or gone for good. im not just upset and in denial, until the manga ends i won’t actually believe shes dead lol. imagine writing a relationship as pure as historias and ymirs, imagine writing two amazing female characters then taking a massive shit all over them. theres going to be some plot twist or ass pull and they will be reunited, i genuinely believe it you fucks.

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if you're still taking miniprompts, au where obi-wan died on naboo and qui-gon turned, and dooku, still acting as a "researcher" of the dark side and in conversation with sidious tries to get qui-gon out. (anakin trusting dooku implicitly and being scared of his surroundings adds extra heartbreaking points)

Anon, I am physically incapable of writing any kind of AU where Obi-Wan is dead and gone. I can’t do it. I start, and some mysterious force clicks the backspace button every time I finish a sentence.

However, that being said, god I wish someone would write this. Everything the same, except Obi-Wan dies on Naboo? It’s genius, dude. Plus, you added one of my fave things evah: Sith Qui.

But I can’t write it. I can’t kill Obi-Wan. I’d probably just bring him back as a confused Force Ghost immediately and then it would turn funny.

(Sith Qui, crying his eyes out and trying to hug Obi-Wan as Ghost Obi-Wan sticks a hand through his incorporeal stomach screaming, “FUCKING SITH, I DIED? AM I A GHOST?! GHOSTS EXIST? WHAT THE FUCK?”)

Honestly now Mark has confirmed he is done with Supernatural and all of this drama concerning the writers and directors, etc… I’m not sure how I feel about having this blog anymore. Supernatural has become such a huge part of my life… but if this is the route they want to take then fine let them. But I do NOT want them to get anymore ratings from me. This whole thing is just extremely painful and with me investing myself so much into this show and Mark’s character I’m having a really rough time dealing… in my mind Crowley isn’t dead. In my mind I refuse to believe he is gone. He may not come back on the show, etc. But he is NOT dead to me.

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Okay, theory? If Misha IS coming back next season (which I'm not yet convinced he is. I'll wait til I hear it straight from him.) I think maybe "our Cas" won't be back. I think he really IS dead and gone. But I think we'll meet AU Cas. He won't know Dean or Sam (like AU Bobby didn't know them, because they were never born) but he'll still be Castiel.. just a different version of Castiel. (Part garrison-leader badass angel of the lord, part battle-weary endverse-y Cas.) I think it could be cool.

We may very well meet some AU versions of the characters, though given how quickly they tossed other awesome story lines, like Purgatory and demon!Dean, I don’t think the AU will be a thing. Also, they kind of have to bring back our Cas, if only because majority of the fandom would be too outraged otherwise. It’s the same reason they couldn’t put Cas in a different vessel- and why they didn’t put Meg in a new vessel- we want OUR version.

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I’ve Found You

Summary: You had lost your son years ago. You’ve managed to track him to the one spot that holds one of the most feared villains, yet you go anyway. You’d do anything for Rumple, no limits, no boundaries will keep you apart from him. When you finally reunite with him, you find someone else. Someone you haven’t seen in years. Someone you once called your fiance… 

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader, mother!Reader x son!Rumplestiltskin

Word Count: 2785

Warnings: None

(A/N): Yeah, I know. Haven’t posted in a while. But, I’ve got a GOOD explanation this time! So, first of all, I was grounded. Then, I had to take Driver’s Ed and I was very stressed. Yes, that’s right, I’m a 16 year old just NOW getting her permit. But eh, it’s whatever. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little thing that has been sitting in my drafts, collecting metaphorical dust. I don’t know if I’m gonna do a part 2 to this yet. Tell me what y’all think. Enjoy!

The ~’s means that it is a flashback. The bold/italic words within the ~’s are you speaking. The regular italics are some one else speaking. If the italics are outside of the ~’s, then that is indicating your thoughts. (Sorry if this is confusing)

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Hi guys there is something I'd like to tell you

Okay so my grandparents are in Turkey at the moment and we (me and my parents) weren’t planning on going there, but now we’re definitely gonna go. The reason is that they discovered that my grandmother has skin cancer which she has to get treated as soon as possible. Now I’m feeling like shit because I love my grandma but I don’t want this blog to get too affected by it. I will post 1-2 posts per day, but that will be from the queue so the blog won’t be dead over the time I’m gone. Thank you so much for reading all this.

Why Fitz didnt wake up when he saw Jemma

At least these are my thoughts. I am also writing on mobile so this is going to be a mess

So after Coulson waking up because of his dad senses I was sure that one eye contact and our smol scientist fitz was gonna be back. But we saw it with May.
She didn’t remember, she did what she thought was right.
Mack also did not remember he even stayed with Hope(which broke me).
No one remembered ANYTHING other than Coulson and he just remembered Daisy’s name.
I think that is because of T.A.H.I.T.I. He came back from the dead, not like May she was only gone for seconds. He was dead for a long time and he came back when they messed with his brain AND added alien DNA to the mix.

Also the timing of his regret. I have no idea when but It was probably earlier than everyone so it affected him the most. He was unrecognizable. He was killing people for fucks sake

Just my thoughts. Sorry for any grammatical mistakes english is not my first language.

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🔥 for dino change, ninja steel, aaaaand spd?

oh boy ok

dino charge:
- started off good, quickly devolved into nonsense
- too many white boys
- let kendall pilot her own zord
- heckyl was boring and unnecessary
- the worldbuilding was a fucking mess like where did keeper or the energems even come from??
- there’s more but i don’t care anymore it’s dead and gone

ninja steel:
- hayley’s focus ep was dumb because it wasn’t even about her and no offense but robot racism is not a real problem and not something i care about so????
- needs more hayley and less monty and victor

- Too Many White People
- the battlizer arc being about sky instead of jack was bullshit lol
- NO ROMANCE I WAS ROBBED jack/ally doesn’t count i Need ranger romance to live ok

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Don't get an attitude, I was merely trying to constructively criticize. I am on anon, because I don't want to deal with white knights. You say you are still learning and I completely understand, but you are from Native American decent. You have relatives who are of Native American decent, are they cry babies? Are they ditsy? I think you should take a step back and examine the traits you gave your oc. Just put some effort into it and I'm sure you'll create a better, well rounded character.

((no…my grandpa is 70% native American, and my great grandparents were also 70-80% native American, but most of them live far away or I don’t know them, or their long gone(aka dead) and I’m sorry for giving an additiude I saw the message when I just woke up and I’m very cranky when I wake up, and I understand the whole white night sitchuation ))

I added some new people to the RPer masterlist, but I haven’t gone through the old ones to check for dead links. That will be a project for another day.

And so without further gilding the lily and with no more ado, I give you the seeker of serenity, the protector of Neo Italian virginity, the enforcer of our Lord Tomino, the one, the only, Sir Aaaamuro Voooon Liichtenstein!

Ahem. Yes. I mean, here are the awesome people who were added the masterlist since my last list update:

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