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Louis Tomlinson & Sexism

I’ve seen people saying the comment Louis made about Danielle, that implied that she takes too long to get ready, is sexist. And that his comment about sitting next to a spice girl and a supermodel is also sexist.

Sexist. As in prejudice or discrimination based on sex.

He didn’t say, nor did he imply that all women take too long to get ready. He merely said that his as-far-as-the-public-is-aware girlfriend happens to take too long to get ready.

I don’t take a long time to get ready, my best mate - also a girl - takes awfully long though. I know it, she knows it, we all know it, we all tease her about it. Does that make me a sexist or a misogyny? No, I am friends with her and I happen to know her as a person. The teasing has absolutely nothing to do with her gender. It’s more to do with Danielle as a person and the fact that they are seemingly in a PR relationship together - you make this comments about your significant other, not because of what they have between their legs but because you know their habits as a human being. In the rare cases that I do take long to get ready, I take pride in my appearance. I like feeling beautiful, and if it takes me a long time to do so then so be it. Are you saying a girl or any human being shouldn’t care about her appearance? Are you saying it’s a bad thing? 

Calling someone a supermodel and a Spice Girl is not sexist. The latter is known from Spice Girls, the former’s job is modelling. Both apply that they are successful - biggest girl group of all times and super as in a very famous model. He didn’t use any offensive language. Nill. Nada. Would you be ok if Mel B was a doctor? Is that your issue? Would it be alright if she was a famous lawyer and Louis had said ‘sitting between a lawyer and a doctor”? Yeah he didn’t use the word successful, but then again he merely described what the two women are famous for. Are you saying that being famous for your music group or for your looks is not okay? What about when people say ‘Louis from One Direction’? Is that sexist, as well? Are you implying that using the world ‘model’ is demeaning? Are you shaming jobs?

Whether you like it or not Louis is presented to the public as a straight guy with a girlfriend. That’s a fact. Yes, he did comment that it was a good feeling for a guy to be sitting between a Spice Girl and a supermodel. Because they are both beautiful ladies. Those are the things they are mainly famous for, their professions. Not because he’s sexist. And he’s not using ‘heteronormativity’. He’s not promoting heterosexuality as the normal nor as the prefer sexuality. Would you care if he was sitting between two hot guys? If instead of girls, those people were guys and he used the words supermodel and backstreet boy to describe them? No. Because that’s ok, isn’t it? Because people’s main problem is Louis’, so-called, het image. Because don’t like to think that Louis is straight. Not in this fandom. 

It’s okay to disagree with Louis’ words. Especially on a scripted talent show. It’s fine. But if you are gonna complain about it, mind your wording. I know in this fandom, having the popular opinion of ‘Louis is gay and definitely not straight’ is the norm. It gets you lots of notes. And that’s fair enough, the lgbtq+ community would be lucky to have such an inspirational young, famous man as is Louis to represent them. But this whole mess is not about Louis nor is it about the lgbtq+ community. It’s about people desperately wanting Louis to not be straight, to not have a girlfriend and to not have a child. 

Don’t throw words like sexist and heteronormativity around. You know who can be considered a sexist? The likes of Donald Trump, Austin Mitchell, Ernest Hemingway, Friedrich Nietzsche, T.I. Even Aristotle. People were being sexist towards women long before, there were clothes and makeup and it still goes on today. There are so many sexist incidents today, but Louis Tomlinson and any of his comments on a scripted talent show about his own girlfriend - a human being who’s got a personality far more complicated than the bits between her legs, and whose personality her as-far-as-we-are-aware boyfriend must know pretty well - and two women who are successful mainly because of their looks and/or music, can’t be considered sexist.

Not in a world who believes women can’t be in a position of leadership. Not in a world where women get paid less than men, because they sit down to wee. Not in a world were women get raped, because their short skirt was ‘asking for it’. Not in a world were women are strangled to death for ‘shaming their families by posting so-called provocative pictures on social media’. Not in a world were women are refused education in a good percentage of countries in the 21st century. Not in a world where female genital mutilation - a rather painful, risky procedure - is done on female toddler’s to ensure that they remain pure until marriage.

I know people are bitter because of Louis still having ties with Simon, because of Louis being forced in the closet as they are saying, because of Louis’ baby drama and bringing up Danielle, who most of us consider to be a beard, on national TV but his behaviour was not sexist. If anything, people should stop assuming that comments of this nature - no offensive language was used, there was no degradation towards the female gender nor Danielle herself, the other comment was simply stating the jobs of those two women, had no inappropriate language in it- were made based on the fact that the person mentioned was a female. If he said the same thing about Harry, you wouldn’t have been making it into a big deal. Because it’s not. Not in this world.