t.i harris

00: Death Awakens Hate

S I X    M O N T H S   A H E A D  

     Tone’s eyes lurked around the crematory as the darkness of the heavy clouds hung over him like an animated cartoon from childhood shows. Soon the rain would follow, the July weather finally finding its match for the summer heat that’s been controlling the city for at least mid-March. Down south, Atlanta to be exact, it’s expected, but doesn’t mean it keeps the ones around him from complaining any less than before when it’s cold as ice. 

     Eva’s trembling lip drew his attention from the one around them, his expression hard and detached, the man standing across from him forcing the cold stance. Yet, he knew the emotions running through her right now. He suffered from this once before; losing someone so close to your heart that it makes you want to be dead. He hoped she would grow to accept it. Even if she doesn’t believe in him anymore. Do it for herself, because death was a part of life and the showing of weakness was a part of death.  

      The sweet whispers and moans of love she would cherish and shower him in would be lowered into this grave; replaced with her silent hatred. Nobody knows but them. Regardless of her feelings, Eva never turned her back on him. Insisting on standing by his stand no matter how much she questions him as a man. Tone always has the urge to ask the million-dollar question floating around them. Why? As much as he despises the single word question; he too wonders, especially in this case.  

      Never asked, Tone knows why Eva hasn’t left and it has nothing to do with choices. Or love. Hate doesn’t keep her closed off and broken, love doesn’t stop her from walking away from him and everything that she once believed in months ago. The man who sweep her off her feet still lived somewhere deep down in him, making her believe everything that came out of that beautiful mouth of his.

      The lowering of the casket should have set her off. He just knew it would. Tone was even prepared for it, but it never happened. The mother of this young lady, the woman who had protected, birth, and love her like no one else, was being taken away. Going six feet below and yet not once did she allow her guard down to cry or whimper in front of those around her. Instead, she bites her bottom lip and adjusted the Gucci sunglasses over her eyes. Her strength was one he feared in moments like this. It had been awhile since fear creep over his body, consuming the control he desperately needed every second of the day.

     She would be the death of him one day and Tone was ready to accept that now.