Private Chats: Adrina
  • Tina:Oh, Adrian! Hi. I’m…I’m holding up. A little shaken is all. I don’t think I’ve absorbed any of this yet, and I’m thankful for that. Can I get your opinion on all of this? I can’t seem to form one of my own.
  • Adrian:Shaken? ... From what Tina? Are you okay? I'm not entirely sure what happened? I just know that Camille ... is upset... How are you holding up?

Invitation slipped underneath Adrian’s door. 

You are cordially invited
to a night of 
decadence, debauchery and indulgence
for Ms. Tina Cohen-Chang's 
surprise birthday party 

Wednesday, June 19th. 
Eight o’clock 
until the early hours of the next day. 

 No. 8
357 West, 16th Street
New York,  NY 10011
Gifts are optional.

For any inquires contact:
Your Hostess

Required Dress Code: Semi-Formal 
Invite as many guests as you’d like. 
Please do not mention the party to Tina and if you are unsure as to whom she is …well come to the party to meet the birthday girl. 

Stepping out of the bathroom, Adrian heard Terry calling to him, the swear words taking over most of the sentence. He adjusted the towel around his waist before holding out his hand to take the envelopes from Terry’s hand as she stormed away to her bedroom. She really was a terrible person to be around in the morning. He slowly opened the envelope as he walked back to the bedroom, his eyes taking notice that Camille had one as well. Placing her letter on the side table next to the bed, he smiled briefly noting that it was a invitation to Tina’s birthday party. A party would be fun, well he just enjoyed the free liquor but he knew that Camille had an enjoyable time at them so he would go happily. Adrian put the letter on his table before walking over to his closet needing to change before talking to Terry about the party.