The morning is lovely,
but something is in disarray
I stare at the ceiling,
trying to point out my feeling
I turn my head sideways
All I see is an empty bedsheet
I sigh
I deny
I close my eyes,
thinking of anything nice
Water fills it
Drowning me bit by bit
Everything is heavy
I am still not ready
My side has been empty
I am empty
I wake up with no one beside me
I guess I should just let it be
You aren’t mine
No matter how I want to cross the line
You are with someone else
I can hear the bells
Good morning, I want to say
I hope you will have a good day
I weep
while you have someone else to greet
Come here
for to lose you is something I couldn’t bear.
—  c.i.j. // empty bed, empty me
  • Interviewer: Justin Bieber, who is obviously one incredibly talented guy, who could very easily spiral out of control and he's obviously under a camera 24 hours a day 7 days a week, do you think that there's something he should be doing that he's not to stay out of that spiral?
  • Ed Sheeran: I think the problem is people expect too much from him, and people want too much, and people are very grabby, and people follow him around, and he doesn't really have any privacy and never really has had any privacy. So I feel like it's not so much what he needs to do; it's what we need to do. We need to stop taking such an interest in him and let him make his music, because his music is great, I genuinely like his music. People just need to let him make his music, which is what he's there for, and stop worrying about everything else. Because 40 years ago when TMZ didn't exist and Twitter didn't exist and all that sort of stuff didn't exist, like James Taylor could be getting up to God knows what. You wouldn't know, but you're listening to his music. So you know, let [Justin] live and let him do his music. Public and media are pushing him too far. I think it's about how far people push you. If I was pushed that far, I'd be even worse