Ohmygosh yall I have to tell you this story or else I think I’ll implode but 

My AP Psych teacher in hs sounded just like Danny DeVito. He was a small man with a mild italian accent and the same kind of intensity that Danny DeVito puts into each of his syllables for no goddamn reason. Basically said psych teacher also loved Indian food and talked about this certain Indian restaurant that he always went to once a month or smth, and when he talked abt chicken kurma he’d say it as, “cHICkEn k O R M A “ in that Danny DeVito voice of his and now every time I eat kurma I can only hear Frank Reynolds in the back of my head saying “gott a  love tha t ch IC k E N. e n koooOO r rrrrr m a” in slow mo and my life is practically ruined. 

The end. 

R A I N B O W • B T S

R E D • S E O K J I N

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“In Another Life” | NaruSaku

In which Sakura’s character becomes self aware.

Pairing: Naruto Uzumaki x Sakura Haruno

A/N: I am extremely new to fanfiction (fanfiction based on existing works, that is) so I don’t really know what I’m doing here and I don’t know the fanfic terminologies so I don’t know what to tell you. It’s a bit angst-y, I guess?

Excuse the typos. I rarely proof read.

Also, if you ship ss or nh along with, don’t read this k thx

Words: 2,490

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@potterprideweek​ day one: revolution 

          ❤️ N 💙 Y 💛 M 💛 P 💙 H ❤️ A 💙 D 💛 O 💛 R 💙 A  ❤️

                      P A N S E X U A L    A N D     P R O U D

                               ❤️ T 💙 O 💛 N 💛 K 💙 S ❤️

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you don't understand how much i need a random encounters/ markiplier egos crossover DEAR GODS IM HAVING A S T R O K E

We can but try anon.

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Thank you for existing

i was tagged by my lov @cittaphons 10 years agonmhfkmglf to do the game where i spell out my url with songs so thanks jen ily😘💕💕😘 // i tag @1iwoo @loveuhob @grlfriends @seojohngho @wanna-one @exosjaan @endorsingkpop @rowoons @sichoeng and @2heejun

the rule is to spell out ur url w kpop songs !!

c - cherry bomb by nct 127

o - oh boy by red velvet

s - secret by wjsn

m - meow meow by clc

o - one more day by sistar

g - galaxy by ladies code

o - oi by monsta x

d - don’t recall by k.a.r.d

s - signal by twice