t.'s shitty art

YOU DON’T KNOW HOW HAPPY I AM RIGHT NOW! I WORKED SO DAMN HARD ON THIS AND I ACTUALLY DON’T HATE IT! I LOVE IT! (even though it’s shitty kylo art.. please do not steal my artwork or I will catch you outside- how bow dat?)

Literally the best representation of my me and my blog!

💋💋💋 ,

Gossip Ren

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(Vent) sorry I just am having an anxiety attack, idk what to do. There's a post going around with someone's art and people pointed out it wasn't diverse enough which I agree but they decided to deal with it by recoloring the original art,and protest is dismissed because it "should've been more diverse" and as an artist seeing art altered being defended because it "didn't have enough _"is so upsetting, we lose our rights to it because it's not enough for others it wasn't offensive just a mistake

(Same art anon sorry) I just..I can agree and support making a group more diverse but drawing your own art or something is the respectful way to do it, altering someone’s art without permission is disrespectful

Unless the post was whitewashing already-POC characters or something, that’s honestly so shitty to do??? Don’t edit someone’s art without their permission, even in the face of what you deem a lack of diversity. Someone worked hard on that. It’s their own art, their own interpretation, their own characters, whatever.

Again, unless they whitewashed a canonically POC character or something, leave people’s art the fuck alone. They can learn to diversify their characters without you being an asswipe.

–Mod Mercy

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ideas for drawing: mothman. but not like actual cryptid mothman. a moth-themed superhero kinda like batman except with moths.

Wow look at him, such majesty. (it’s really shitty I know. I haven’t done digital art in forever and also I’ve just drank a lot of coke I’m jittery)

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Another one of my kind, I see~... (ask-lustful-bendy) //Don't mind the Admin's shitty art on the blog :3 //

That’s a lil’ odd… You sure I’m one a’ your kind? I mean, last I checked I was a sentient toon affected by some messed up magical mojo my classic counterpart’s been caught up with.

{{Don’t worry, your art ain’t that bad at all!}}

so i’ve been going through my scanned sketches to find some nice ones for a profile on another site and i…

my god there’s so MANY good sketches i never colored, and i know i don’t color 90% of my art cuz i think it’s shitty but these are not shitty AT ALL and most of them i just FORGOT and i’m just


and you know what? once i have more time, like during september-october, i’m gonna hold a guessing color-me request session. i have like 100 pages of sketches that were never realized and i’m just gonna… ask y’all for a page number and i’ll color whatever shitty or not shitty thing on that page is. at least that still leaves me a coice between some 5 drawings since i draw small but it will motivate me to get my butt in gear and color these old things

okay do we have a deal? deal. feel free to remind me in a few months if i forget about this, you’ll have my eternal thanks for not letting me put this off again :)

Edit: actually the number of pages is closer to 200 (or 300 if you count the really old ones but i think i’ll exclude those) OTL