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Snooping on Your Playlist

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Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist. Set your entire music library to shuffle and report the first ten tracks that pop up! Then choose ten additional friends.

  1. “I’m Not in Love” 10cc (Awesome Mix Volume 1)
  2. “Bravi!” (Repo! The Genetic Opera)
  3. “Be Our Guest” (Live Action Beauty and the beast)
  4. “If I didn’t Have You” Don Rickles/Eric Idle (Quest for Camelot)
  5. “It Takes Two” Emily Blunt (Into the Woods Movie)
  6. “Belle” Alan Menken (Original Beauty and The Beast)
  7. “The House of Tasteful Men” Vincent Black Shadow (Fears in the Water)
  8. “I want to Hold Your Hand” T.V. Carpio (Across the Universe Movie)
  9. “Legal Assassin” (Repo! The Genetic Opera)
  10. “Boom Clap” Charli XCX 

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List the top ten songs you are listening to nowadays and tag (10) mutuals.

  1. I Want to Hold Your Hand from “Across the Universe” - T.V. Carpio
  2. Bittersweet Tragedy - Melanie Martinez
  3. Nature Boy from “Moulin Rouge” - David Bowie (*points finger at iara* this is your fault!)
  4. Ritual - Ghost
  5. Lay All Your Love on Me from “Mamma Mia” - Dominic Cooper
  6. Rainmaker - Iron Maiden
  7. Estoy Contigo - Oreja de Van Gogh
  8. Chiquitita - ABBA
  9. You’re My Best Friend - Queen
  10. Beautiful Thorn - Sopor Aeternus

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