t. silva

So glad to share my birthday with these geniuses! At least 3 of them will always be some kind of wonders of the world for me. Unique, with an incredibly strong personality & completely unexplainable. David Silva doesn’t match the company much, but he’s alright & I needed a 4th 😂 No, I’ll stop kidding, he’s one of my favorite players tbh.
However Happy Birthday to all of them, wherever they are now. 🤧 these are people worse admiring, they’ll always stay number ones in music&science history! Got the best birthday ever! Just saying❤️🎉♑️

I bet he gets an instant schwing any time he’s near Silva. ALL THAT POWER… WANNA FIGHT?!?!

I want to see that REALLY HARD
Though he hasn’t met SIlva in manga yet. OR NOT?
Maybe Illumi already introduced his boyfriend to his father. WE NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH. TOGASHI SENSEI. PLEASE.



Silq - The Way It Was

Travis Scott - Uptown

Franco Micalizzi - Crescendo

Actress - Don’t

Kendrick Lamar - Wesley’s Theory

Florian Kupfer - I Feel You

Lil Silva - Don’t You Love

LPLX - Throw Dem Bands (Unreleased)

Wiley - On A Level

Ratking - Flurry

Earl Sweatshirt - Grief

JJ Doom - Guv’nor

Kelela - A Message

Spooky Black - Dj Khaled Is My Father

Portishead - Deep Water

Troupe Members + Phones They Would Have

Phinks: Gold iPhone 6s Plus 

Feitan: Motorola flip phone

Shalnark: Google Nexus

Franklin: Boost mobile

Nobunaga: Metro PCS

Shizuku: Blackberry

Uvo: Cricket

Pakunoda: Samsung Galaxy S7

Machi: Pink iPhone 5c 

Bonolenov: one of those shitty old landline phones from the 90′s

Kortopi: a phone that can only contact chrollo 

Kalluto: the newest iPhone that isn’t even out yet. Silva has connections.

Chrollo: iPhone 4 with a cracked screen


Hisoka: Rose Gold iPhone 6 purely for the emojis

i feel so blessed whenever i witness daviago arguing like they’re the oldest married couple out there lmao @ thiago cursing the hell outta david today in portuguese in the tunnel and david not even trying to argue back like he just greeted the ref and followed thiago to the pitch like it was a normal thing between them LOL and 5 minutes later there they are glued to each other like nothing ever happened AND BY THE END OF THE MATCH DAVID CALLED THIAGO FOR A HUG I CABT BELIEBE which reminds me of what they said about each other where david said thiago was grumpy but with a sweet heart and thiago said they cursed each other all the time but by the end of the match they’re hugging FUCKGFJK THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH i love my otp good fukcign by e