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‘Twin Peaks’: Your A to Z Guide


A: Angelo Badalamenti
“Where we’re from, the birds sing a pretty song and there’s always music in the air.”
That music – as indispensable to to the series as Dale Cooper or donuts and coffee – is the work of Lynch’s longtime musical collaborator Angelo Badalamenti, whose suite of lush leitmotifs made the show sound like a world all its own. Twin Peaks without the composer’s sumptuous synths is like Psycho without Bernard Herrman’s screeching strings, or Jaws without John Williams’s menacing “dun-DUN-dun-DUNs.” This clip of the composer explaining how he and Lynch came up with “Laura Palmer’s Theme” shows how much heart and soul he poured into every note.

B: Bob
Lynch was filming a scene for the pilot in which the late Laura Palmer’s mother sits bolt upright and screams. Then he noticed a face in the mirror behind her – the same face he himself saw when its owner, an actor turned set dresser named Frank Silva, crouched behind Laura’s bed to dodge the camera for a different shot. From this sinister coincidence was born Bob, the demonic rapist and murder from the otherworldly Black Lodge who began the series by killing Laura Palmer and ended it by possessing Agent Dale Cooper. Thanks to his malevolent presence, no show has ever been scarier.

I wrote about the many-faceted magic of Twin Peaks, from Angelo Badalamenti to Grace Zabriskie, for Rolling Stone.

All this Silva posting and not once did I see you comment on her stupidly oversized rifle.  I’m disappointed in you.







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tekl me ur kalluto thoughts

Okay so we know that Kalluto was sent to the PT right? What if that was like how Silva sent Killua to Heaven’s Arena when he was ~6? It’s pretty obvious that Kalluto is there for training but it doesn’t make sense how Silva, who is very, very vocal about staying away from the Troupe, sent his youngest to join the spiders after York New. What I thought of today was what if Silva sent Kalluto there with a goal in mind? He left Killua in HA and told him not to come home until he had reached level 200, so what if Silva, after fighting Chrollo and being reminded once again of how strong the Troupe is, told Kalluto to join the spiders and not to come home until Kalluto had killed one?

If we recall Kalluto’s interaction with the Troupe during the Chimera Ant Arc, we see Kalluto being 1. A cocky little shit, and 2. Carefully analyzing the power levels of Feitan and Phinks and Shalnark and all of them. We see Kalluto think “I could take any of them. None of them are that great.” It almost seems like Kalluto is sizing up potential opponents??

Silva obviously has some very intense training methods for his children. Killua is his heir, so it makes sense that while he wants Killua to get stronger he also wouldn’t want to put Killua in severely life-threatening positions until he’s strong enough to handle them. He gave Killua a fight circuit to climb, and Kalluto, who is the youngest and dare I say most expendable as far as his children go, instead got sent to the strongest (human) opponents Silva has probably ever faced and told to kill one of them or not to come home.

Perhaps he thought Kalluto would be safe because Silva knows how the Troupe operates and how they take care of their own. Perhaps he thought it a good opportunity to get his youngest stronger and also take out one of the nen users most able to threaten the Zoldyck family. Maybe he just wanted a mole within the Troupe to better mark their movements and aid in potential assassination jobs later on. Regardless of his thought process, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Kalluto is there to train. My mind is just going wild at the details of that arrangement though, and what Silva might have set at the goal of the whole experience….

Thank you for asking me I always feel weird about making these kinds of posts unless prompted….


Don’t do what Silva does! It may end up bad! #RIPIKMIN

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i feel so blessed whenever i witness daviago arguing like they’re the oldest married couple out there lmao @ thiago cursing the hell outta david today in portuguese in the tunnel and david not even trying to argue back like he just greeted the ref and followed thiago to the pitch like it was a normal thing between them LOL and 5 minutes later there they are glued to each other like nothing ever happened AND BY THE END OF THE MATCH DAVID CALLED THIAGO FOR A HUG I CABT BELIEBE which reminds me of what they said about each other where david said thiago was grumpy but with a sweet heart and thiago said they cursed each other all the time but by the end of the match they’re hugging FUCKGFJK THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH i love my otp good fukcign by e

Fic Aesthetics:


Chapter: 4/4
Paring: David Silva/David Villa
Word count: 6500 words

“When someone really care about someone else, time and distance would mean nothing. If they really care, they would make the person they care about to be their priority.”

Silva curved his lips a little, into small smile. A small, ironic smile. Nevertheless, it was still one of the most beautiful smiles that Villa have ever seen.

Villa said nothing. Not because he had nothing to say. But because he couldn’t put all that he wanted to say into words.

“I guess, instead of being a priority, I am nothing but an option for you.”

Villa shook his head, almost furiously. “No, Silva. No! You’re more than that. You just don’t understand that…”

“What is it that I don’t understand, Villa?” Silva cut Villa sharply. His eyes narrowed, and Villa died a little inside when he saw the pain in those eyes. “Because what I can see all this time, is me being an option for a booty call, an option for a one-night stand, an option for you to run away to when you are bored.”

My Fics Aesthetics

A Matter of Time

“Are these all?” the commander asks then.
   He nods.
   “And which one was the shooter?”
   He just shrugs. He doesn’t know. They didn’t agree on that before. The commander starts to read the names aloud.
   “Iker Casillas Fernández, born in Madrid, police officer.”
   It could have been Iker. He’s probably the best shooter of them all, and he would have taken the responsibility.
   “David Villa Sánchez, born in Tuilla, miner.”
   It could have been Villa as well. He has the guts to do such thing.
   “David Josué Jiménez Silva, born in Arguineguín, journalist.”
   He’s almost sure it wasn’t Silva. He’s an idealist, but even if he wanted to, they wouldn’t entrust him with such task.
   “Sergio Ramos García, born in Camas, waiter.”
   Could it be Sergio? He’s a fool, he would probably not even think of it as of something important. He would just do it and think about the consequences only when they would come.
   “Fernando José Torres Sanz, born in Fuenlabrada, teacher.”
   He remembers Fernando, his freckled face and big brown eyes, the warm smile all the kids in his class fell for the first day of school. Somehow he can’t imagine him shooting anyone.
   “Xavier Hernández i Creus, born in Terrassa, railway employee.”
   He can’t imagine Xavi to be the one to shoot. Unless he could hold the gun together with Andrés. They never do anything without the other one.
   “Andrés Iniesta Luján, born in Fuentealbilla, railway employee.”
   Andrés would probably be the one planning something, but the actual thing, he doubts it.
   “So, where can we find them?” the commander asks.

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'This is perfect b******t': Anderson Silva threatens UFC with retirement

Anderson Silva has given the UFC an ultimatum to either hand him an interim middleweight title fight against Yoel Romero or risk losing him to retirement.

The 42-year-old MMA legend was scheduled to fight Kelvin Gastelum at UFC 212 on 3 June in his home country of Brazil. However, the latter was pulled for potentially testing positive for marijuana metabolites.

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With Silva having no opponent for the event, he recently earmarked Nick Diaz and Romero as potential matchups for Rio de Janeiro but nothing has come to fruition as of yet, leaving the former middleweight champion frustrated.

Romero, the number one middleweight contender, was originally supposed to face champion Michael Bisping for the title. But with the Briton scheduled to face Georges St-Pierre, Romero was also left without an opponent.

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The Cuban then proposed an interim title fight with Silva, but the UFC appeared to have other ideas.

“The guys no give this fight for me for the interim belt, I’m done,” Silva said, as quoted on The MMA Hour. “I’ll go be with my family. I’m done.”

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“I say, 'OK, I go fight Yoel Romero. Because I know I respect Yoel Romero, he’s a great fighter. He’s No. 1 in the ranks. But one thing — why Yoel Romero come to Brazil for fight me for nothing?”

Romero, who called in to The MMA Hour as well, agreed with “The Spider”, stating that they would only fight if an interim title was on the line.

“I fight only with Anderson for the interim belt,” he said. “If not for him, I wait for my time for the belt.”

Silva is also frustrated that all his training can go in vain if he is not given an opponent for UFC 212, meaning he could miss out on fighting in Brazil for the second time.

“I stayed here for a long time for training,” he added. “This is not my fault for Gastelum to go out of the fight. This is not my problem. My problem is training hard for fight in Brazil for my fans. What happens to my fans now? What happens to the people who paid to see my fight in Brazil. This is the second time this happened. I’m tired of this.”

“This is perfect b******t. I’m tired. I’m so tired. I’m respectful long time. Everything, I never talk about bad situations in UFC. I think I’m done. I fight for long time in my life. And I’m tired, bro. I’m so upset.

"I have my legacy, I have my story. It’s very frustrating, because this is the second time I’m not fighting in my country.”

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