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This isn't exactly a cryptid but I have a very clear memory from when I was around 3 or 4 where I tried pistachio pudding for the first time, told my parents I liked it, and then they told me the pistachio pudding wasn't done and nobody had eaten anything, When it was actually done I ate it but it tasted exactly the same as the first time I'd had it. I'm convinced I either have a fucked up memory or I encountered a rift in time. At the time I thought it was jesus playing a prank

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OOOOH THAT ONE ABOUT THE S/O GETTING HURT BY BAKUS QUIRK IS SO GOOD!! could you maybe write a part two? where the s/o is in the hospital or something and by the time she wakes up he had found out that she was never really unfaithful. Thank you and keep up the amazing work!!

Anonymous said: Omg! For the sequel, imagine if mc thinks that she isnt good enough for katsucky,,,, and she’s just crying and apologising when he realises she really wasn’t cheating?? can someone say a n g s t ?? Sorry if this is weird I’m just not confident in myself and it helps to see my favs comforting me ahaha;;

[ I hope I did good! Let me know. Kisses! ]

You had woken up barely a minute ago, and you were already feeling crummy inside and out. The sterile room of the hospital was empty, so it was just you in the bed. Your arms were sore, and wrapped in white bandages, and on the table beside you there were a few get well notes of concern classmates. Your bleary eyes wouldn’t focus on the festive cards, though. All you could think about was how the fight with Bakugou had gone. There were two parts warring against each other inside the pits of your mind.

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Hello Hiroshima! (02/13)

Thanks to Sophia (@aseria) for editing 。・゚・(ノ∀`)・゚・。

Visual Board Tour Event:

Sendai | Sapporo | Hiroshima

Mitsuki: Let’s begin todays IDOLISH7’s web program…

All: Kimi to ‘Ai'dolish Nai to~!

Sougo: This web program is presented by the seven members of IDOLISH7. It takes place the same time as our tour to seven different cities, “Visual Board Tour.”

Yamato: People of Sapporo, did you have fun~? This might be sudden but, make a promise to Onii-san. Please be sure to choose how spicy you would like your curry soup to be. (Don’t order it like Sou bc it’s inedible.)

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Hi. May I have some headcanons for Reaper, Widowmaker, and Sombra with a really sweet s/o who has a giant floofy bunny named Pudding that they absolutely adore? Who would get along best with the bun?

The bunny really likes Reaper for some reason. Why, no one knows, but Reaper sure doesn’t like it. Probably because it doesn’t fit his Edgy personality. When he’s alone with Pudding, though, he loves petting them. He doesn’t tell you, of course.

Widowmaker… Well, she doesn’t really care about Pudding, you know? Either because she’s kind of jealous about how much you adore the little bunny, or she really doesn’t care. I do think Pudding would know, though so they’d stay away from the sniper.

I don’t know about you but I think Sombra would adore the bunny too, maybe love it more than you do. She’d treat Pudding as if they were her baby. You want to feed Pudding, she already did it. Honestly, she pretty much takes Pudding with her whenever she can (Yes, she once managed to sneak him with her on a mission. Don’t worry, Pudding stayed in the dropship)

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Yes, chickadee 'o chickadees, don't think about that Katakuri fic. Don't think about all the little steps that need to be taken before mochi boy is willing to mutiny. Don't think about Katakuri chanting "I love my family" in his head, grinding his teeth behind his scarf, as Cracker and Snack sail off for some asinine bullshit "Adventure" and leave him in charge of defending Totto-land for that year instead of sticking to the rotation schedule like they were supposed to. Cont: 1

Cont:1. Don’t think about Pudding getting so excited to finally meet her second biggest brother ‘cuz he’s got the big bro Perospero seal of approval so he can’t be a meanie! Don’t think about Kata-chan getting handmade chocolate jellybean truffles from a smiling three-eyed tot. Don’t think about mochi boy humoring her at first, then methodically scarfing the entire plate while she wiggles with pride. Don’t think about her riding on his shoulders whenever they have the time. Cont:2

He almost misses it. Almost.

Had Cracker stuck to the rotation schedule as they had agreed weeks ago, then Katakuri wouldn’t have been there for it. He wouldn’t have heard it and the world could have carried on spinning, could have carried as it always does.

But Cracker decided he absolutely had to take a detour.

It’d been a split second decision, made outside of Katakuri’s Haki range; he’d spent an hour waiting at the docks before concluding Cracker was not coming back. Not on time anyway.

As such, he had gone off to report to Mother, Mother who would most certainly want to know about her child’s rash decision.

Walking down the corridor, he hadn’t been expecting a flash of a vision, in which one of his many younger sisters collides with his legs.

He doesn’t move out of the way when she comes though, doesn’t dodge or step around her.

He allows the contact, catches her elbow with one hand and tilts her chin upwards with the other.

Tears are streaming down from her three eyes and Katakuri’s gut clenches in fury.

Who dares to make one of his precious little sisters cry?

Wasn’t it Pudding Lane… where the great fire of London started in 1666?

There seems to be a Pudding Lane in every city.  This one… not in London, but in Norwich, Norfolk, UK.  

So… please tell me about your Pudding Lanes… if you have one where you live.

Shinji x Eiji Headcanons

I love these boys too much to not do this. Although are they really headcanons cuz they’re both mine…hmmm…anyway enjoy and please do fangirl with me!!

  • Shinji is almost a year older than Eiji but they’re in the same class
  • Shinji will grow to be taller than Eiji but he’s on the lankier side
  • Eiji is positively average when it comes to academics. He’s great at soccer though and makes the team as a first year in high school.
  • Every year Shinji gets Eiji a book for his birthday, which he then reads to him. It’s become tradition.
  • Shinji is a bit of a genius but gives off the gloomy nerd vibe
  • Despite the vibe he gives off he’s actually super joyous and always laughing
  • The cause of his laughter is usually Eiji (and his stupidity)
  • Eiji has his first rut in middle school
  • Shinji doesn’t get his first heat until the summer after 2nd year of high school
  • Neither one of them can hold their alcohol
  • Shinji doesn’t like pudding
  • Eiji doesn’t like when Shinji takes his glasses off in front of others
  • Eiji tried to kiss Shinji when he was 5. Shinji stopped him and said that was something only adults do.
  • Eiji is a surprisingly good cook
  • Shinji’s mom made him do piano and calligraphy for a long time but he kinda hates them both
  • They finally start dating their first summer of high school
  • Shinji got into a better ranked high school because of his academics, but chose a lower one to stay with Eiji. He never told Eiji this.
  • Eiji only ever got in a fight once and it was because someone stole Shinji’s glasses in the second grade