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It wasn't MIL first time at a con, she knows how boring it is to just hang around so I think it was pants who put her up to it, to monitor him and minimize talk about E and 0l!city. She's so desperate to be noticed lately, she's probably proud of her performance (😷) at np because she was the centre of attention for a minute. Notice how she posts about the wine now and all the lengths she goes to to travel with S. It's too little too late to change people's opinion tho!

Yeah like that would work. If a fan asks about Olicity or Em he would so talk about her even if his MIL was right there next to him. These people paid to get a chance to meet and talk to him and ask him whatever they want, he can’t deny them that just because his wife put her mom there to watch him. 

And as for the party, she was the center of attention because she made a fool of her self, I’m sure people were either laughing or cringing. 

Hey wonderful followers

Wanna make quick gil for houses/glam/spoiling your friends but don’t have crafting or gathering leveled up?

Do maps.

Not able to fly in all SB zones? Do dragonskin.

Done with SB and able to fly everywhere? Do dragonskin and gazelleskin both.

Obviously it will depend on your server’s economy but I don’t recommend dropping more than 20k on a map if you don’t already have a mil or two, although it isn’t too bad to pay a bit more since you will make it back. If they’re really cheap buy as many as you can hold on retainers and such of the type you like, but don’t decipher one unless you for sure want to run that type next (got myself into a bind when I joined a dragonskin party and had an expensive gazelleskin deciphered already).

Check the party finder for map parties and join, or make your own. The standard is requesting 1, 2, or 2+ maps each and outside (map) owner/inside ffa (free for all/everyone can roll need) for loot rules. A template for each pf listing that you can adjust:

For dragonskin party (less common so I clarify again in the description box):

DRAGONSKIN - bring 2+ maps, outside owner/inside ffa

For gazelleskin party:

1+ maps each, out owner, in ffa

If everyone is overgeared and you have a tank or two and a healer you can do dragonskin with just four people quick and easy. For gazelleskin you can do it with less than a full party no prob but things may slow down a bit and I have a theory that canal/aquapolis door rng is affected by room clear times.

If an Arges/goblin/namazu/elephant dude appear in a room my personal opinion is that you drop everything and take them out first. I didn’t pay attention well in Aquapolis but in canals you get 10k from each namazu (goblin equivalent) you kill pre-floor 7, and 35k then 100k if you kill two on the seventh floor. Kill them, trust me.

Clearing the 7th floor on canals gives you 100k, and 7th floor of Aquapolis gives 35k. So you’ll be getting that nice lump on top of the 3-10k chunks you’ll be getting left and right from clearing rooms and opening chests. Expect 100-400k in a 2+ maps per person gazelleskin party, and probably an easy 200k from dragonskin (I’ve done fewer so less examples for estimation). One day I did two parties of bring 2 gazelle, got to the 7th floor twice with each, and got the double namazu on floor 7 on one. I made about a million gil before selling all of my drops which got me another 200k maybe.

So yeah, do maps get gil. ♡

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PT can't be worth 8 mil. That's AT LEAST how much she spent at her college bookstore buying coursebooks for her PR degree.

And her extra class in Travel Logistics, don’t forget…..

Was trying to talk to my MIL about T’s first birthday and I was telling her we were thinking about having her party at my mom’s because it’s the biggest inside and has the most parking. She tells me “we can’t have it at a house that will never fit all the people! You have to rent a place!” And I’m like.. how many people do you think are coming? It’s our baby’s first birthday, we want to enjoy the day with her. She tells me at least 100 people MINIMUM will have to be there/be invited? And that’s only the basic family members. “So obviously you’ll have to rent a place.” I don’t have the money to rent a hall out for my daughter’s birthday party just so I can invite 100 people I don’t care to invite. Honestly I don’t care if anyone besides S, each of our parents, and our siblings are there.

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(iamyourshame) Kainda, I'm gonna be really honest with you. You suck. All these gizmos and gadgets are cool and all, but you're so deep in the hole I can't believe you're still walking around. Surely the sharks would have been after you. Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is that you can't be mindful about the single most important thing in all the worlds everywhere? People look at you and think "Oh, yeah, steer clear of that one." Nobody likes the "friend" they always have to pay for.

<Honestly, I have no idea at what you’re getting at. Four mil isn’t that big a deal, it hurts the bank, but it isn’t bankruptcy level bad. Plus I wasn’t expecting to accrue that much in damages, fines, and medical expenses.>

Plus I have about $14M spread about several accounts in various regions, unfortunately I need a someone with experience laundering money since the money is basically all dirty money.



Turboshaft Jet Engine Overview

Part of a series of jet engine overviews

Turboshaft engines are a specific, yet widely employed form of the turbojet engine. This type of engine is most commonly used on helicopters and low airspeed airplanes, but it also sees use on some armored vehicles, ships.


Turboshaft engines are not actually jet engines, as they do not a use a jet of fluid to produce thrust, however they are worth mentioning because of their similarity to turbojet engines and their widespread use. Turboshaft engines are extremely similar to turbojet and turbofan engines. In a turboshaft engine, air is drawn into an intake and compressed by a series of axial flow compressors.

After it is compressed it is injected with fuel and passes into a combustion chamber where it is ignited. After ignition, the hot high energy gas moves rearward past a series of turbines. In a turbojet engine, the turbines would extract a small amount of energy from the gaseous stream, just enough to power the compressors at the fore of the engine. The turboshaft engine instead, extracts most, if not all of the energy from the passing air via the turbines. Whatever energy is not used to power the axial compressors is then used to rotate a shaft which provides mechanical energy.



Turboshaft engines are used in a variety of aerial application. When used on airplanes to drive props, they are known as turboprop engines.

Turboprop engines are used to achieve high fuel efficiency at low airspeeds. They are used in many commercial aircraft, and large low-airspeed military transports such as the C-130. Other notable applications include the Tupolev Tu-95 Bear, the Super Tucano and the infamous Republic XF-84H, a turboprop plane whose supersonic propellers produced shock waves powerful enough to knock a man over and noise loud enough to cause nausea and fainting among ground crews.

Additionally, turboshaft engines are commonly used to power helicopters. Helicopters commonly use multiple turboshaft engine both for increased power and for redundancy. Most large military and civilian helicopters use turboshaft engines in lieu of piston engines, due to their increased efficiency and reliability. Some notable turboshaft helicopters include the Sikorsky Black Hawk, the Bell Boeing Osprey, and the Mil V-12, the worlds largest helicopter.


The turboshaft engine has seen use on a variety of land vehicles from cars to tanks. Examples of civilian ground application include the Fiat Turbina concept car, the Y2K Turbine Superbike motorcycle and the Howmet TX racecar, the only turbine powered racecar to ever win a race. Military ground application of turbine engines began in 1944 when the Nazis attempted to install a turbine engine in a Panther Tank. In 1954, the British installed a turbine in a Conqueror tank. The Swedish Stridsvagen 103, developed in the 1950s, employed a turboshaft engine as an Auxiliary Power Unit or APU. The American M1 and the Russian T-80 both mount turboshaft engines as their main source of propulsion. Turbine engines allow for more power and for greater fuel flexibility (the M1, for example, can burn gasoline, diesel, jet fuel or kerosene.) However, they are extremely inefficient and vulnerable to sand and dirt.


Maritime use of turboshaft engines is widespread. Turboshaft engines are commonly used on frigates, destroyers, corvettes and cutters. Among the countries that deploy turboshaft powered ships are the US, Denmark, Sweden, Britain and Finland. Naval turboshaft engines experience high levels of wear due to salt in the air and fuel, and lower grades of fuel.

As always, I appreciate hearing from yall. Let me know if you have any suggestions for future topics. Finals are coming up so I might be posting with slightly less frequency, but I will hopefully be able to put out pulse jets and rockets by the beginning of next year. I definitely want to do a post on torpedoes in the near future as well.