t. mills all i wanna do

PLVAA P6- i’ll always be a wolf at your door waiting for dinner

Wow we’re gonna cross-examine four witnesses at once because “it’s quicker” this is probably how i’d run trials too, tbh

Espella has a lantern calling that it was rigged by someone else to set those dudes on fire somehow

Apparently wolves can just steal your stuff in the woods Espella was hanging out in. Nick’s all “remind me never to go in them” yeah u wouldn’t wanna become a Little Blue Riding Nick

Maya says Phoenix has been upgraded from “normal run of the mill baker” to “somewhat articulate run of the mill baker”.Good 4 u Nick. I’d say “forceful and quick thinking” is a better descriptor than “articulate” tho.

ALL NICK HAS TO DO IS SHOUT “OBJECTION” and he feels all is right in the world again.  THE ROOM SPINS AROUND HIM DRAMATICALLY. “I-I…what is this feelings…I felt the urge to shout out…from the bottom of my lungs…whole pointing my finger! I feel like…I’ve said this word so many times…now i remember everything!” 

This is the level Nick loves saying “objection” to. if only regaining his memories in the second game had been this easy.

Phoenix just cannot believe magic exists. PHOENIX MAYA CAN SUMMON THE DEAD, THIS SHOULDN’T REALLY BE MUCH A STRETCH FOR YOU. Now Layton’s comes in to save the day and gives Nick the “grand grimoire”, this huge book of magic.

The inquisitor presents the sceptre and says only witches can use it to cast spells

Maya: Aw, that’s too bad! I wanted to try lighting some stuff on fire!

Nick:…Please don’t look at ME when you say that.

Oh Maya, you’re irrepressible. 

Phoenix’s despair pose got PRETTY DRAMATIC in this game

ugh are Luke and Layton replacing Maya and our assistant counsel NO. GO AWAY, BOTH OF YOU.  Well, she does still chime in sometimes at least. But we’re getting LESS Maya time still, and I’m unhappy about this.

Layton is immediately super amazing and even better than Phoenix at being a lawyer, in addition to being a perfect puzzlemaster, whereas Phoenix wasn’t unrealistically great at puzzles right off the bat or anything. Yeah, Layton really is Overly Perfect Phoenix, and it’s kinda annoying. I’M TEAM PHOENIX. I PREFER MY FAVES TO HAVE FLAWS AND STRUGGLE REALISTICALLY. 

Looks like the trial is about the end, but then SOME GUY (this is literally his textbox label. “SOME GUY”) interrupts and demands to testify. Now he’s joined our witness squad. THIS TRIAL IS FAR FROM OVER!

anonymous asked:

Any good wolfstar fanfiction you recommend? (Lots of fluff preferably) ^-^

Man, looking for these fics has made me realized how many really angst and sad fics I read. But here you go anon! I hope you enjoy these fics as much as I did.

Within White Space by mustntgetmy (PG, 9k)

Non-magic AU. Remus spends his all his lunch breaks the same way: he sits at the university cafe, orders the cheapest thing on the menu, and stares at Sirius. Getting a good long, look at Sirius (and fantasizing about said look) is all Remus expects from Sirius. But Sirius has never been one for fulfilling expectations.

da mi basia mille by scioscribe (T, 2k)

“There’s a Roman bloke, Catullus, who wrote about snogging a lesbian, or something like that, and anyway, he said da mi basia mille, give me a thousand kisses, and I spelled it. Ensorceled it. Made it into a thingy.” He pushed the envelope up towards Remus’s mouth. “Say the Latin part and kiss it.” (it’s angsty, but really sweet)

if you’re gonna be the death of me that’s how i wanna go by accioromulus (E, 1k)

Seventeen year-old boys do not fall in-love, especially with one another.

Entwined Fingers and a Kiss by notsoinnocentfangirl (T, 2k)

Becaue ever relationship has to progress sometime, going from shyly entwined fingers to the very first press of lips against lips. Here’s Sirius’ and Remus’ first kiss.

ocean sound by lupinely (M, 3k)

A cottage by the sea, and the turning of a year.

Night: Shadows from Five Billion Trees by Amuly (E, 4k)

Every childhood is filled with magic – school of witchcraft and wizardry or no. 

Vigil Strange I Kept by whitmans_kiss (M, 11k)

Remus’ lycanthropy has caused his body to seriously deteriorate over the years due to the constant stress of the transformations, and by his fifty-sixth birthday, it’s certain that he won’t live to finish out the year. However, a cure has recently been discovered - but what if the cure is just as bad as the disease? (this one’s angsty too)

Lost And Found by rosie_writes (T, 14k)

Imagine a universe in which Remus never went to Hogwarts. The Marauders never became Animagi, and so Peter had nowhere to run when Sirius cornered him after the Potters’ deaths. Peter was the one who ended up in Azkaban, whilst Sirius was granted custody of Harry.

And A Star To Steer Her By by  ceredwensirius (E, 21k)

In which James and Sirius are pirates, Lily runs a brothel, Peter is a sailor, and Remus is a lot of things.

A Second Chance by moonypads (T, 62k)

After dying some wizards are given the option to be reincarnated.  They get to live out their lives without their memories until their 12th birthday, at which time all of the memories of their past life and who they are return.  The problem is that when you are offered the choice you say “yes” or you say “no” and you don’t get find out what any of your friends have answered…

The doc is the courtesy of remussiriusetc because the original posting is no longer available (or just doesn’t work for me?)

When the Wolf Comes Home by QueenyMidas (T, 4k)

Remus Lupin has just died on the battlefield, survived by a son that isn’t even biologically his. When he reaches the afterlife, it becomes apparent that even though his time on earth his done his story is certainly not over. Compliant with all Deathly Hallows canon.


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