t. micks


“… Anyway. It´s been a bit of a crazy date I know, but… I still want to get to know you, so… Maybe we could go out again sometime? You never know what kind of trouble we´ll get into next time, I mean… If you had to kill somebody this time,who knows what you´re gonna do next time! So… Let´s give it a try, huh? Maybe? I´m worth it.”

from ADWM - Vanilla ending

Guys I rewatched ADWM cause this is happening and?? I saw that some people pointed out the video could be a sequel to ADWM and this set off the sirens like nobody´s business

What do you think about this?

I feel so happy and confident about myself lately??  🌼(he/him)


Front and back covers of a Japanese issued T. Rex compilation from 1986. The graphics tell a story of Marc coming back from the dead to join Mickey in the studio and bringing his main man in the spirit world, Oscar Wilde with him. There is also a wraith of Mick Ronson and Sid Vicious (I think, in the last box). I’m told this album is a super rare find.

 It wasn’t too long after Mick’s ribbon cutting that he called me to say, I’ve got to tell you this now: Tony Blair is insisting that I accept a knighthood. You can turn down anything you like, pal, was my reply. I left it at that. It was incomprehensible for Mick to do it; he’d blown his credibility. I rang Charlie. What’s all this shit about a knighthood? He said, you know he’s always wanted one. I said, no, I didn’t know. It never occurred to me. Had I misread my friend? The Mick that I grew up with, here’s a guy who’d say shove all your little honors up your arse. Thank you very much, but no thanks. It’s a demeaning thing to do. It’s called the honors list, but we’ve been honored enough. The public has honored us. You’re going to accept an honor from a system that tried to put you in jail for nothing? I mean, if you can forgive them for that… Mick’s class consciousness had become more and more evident as we went along, but I never knew he’d fallen for this shit. It may have been another attack of LVS. Instead of the queen, there was a muddle about the dates and Mick got Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, to tap him on the shoulders, which I think makes him a cur instead of a sir.

- Keith Richards, “Life”


Ray: “Oh c’mon Mick! Ask (Y/N), I believe she still loves me. I hope so atleast.”
Mick: “I know, she really does like you. That’s why I like to make sure that you won’t hurt her. My sister is all I have, so you better not make her upset.”
Ray: (groans) “I won’t hurt her! And I won’t upset her. Mick, I love her!”

stop giving len’s pinky ring to random characters who aren’t mick or himself