t. l. carlton

And then she humped him and he tossed Alli out into the snow because YOU’RE THE REASON YOU CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS

He’s not doing it for you, Alli, you have fur, he chills easily.

That’s particularly true, but Alls, you got yourself a living furnace. He just likes cuddling and wouldn’t admit ksdl;jas

Ask Fyura.

Ask Kree.


Keep quiet about it, darlin’, you’ll be warming up with hot chocolate every other night.

Walter:You won’t tell anyone then…? What I’m tellin’ you right now? -gives him a somewhat meaningful look-

Carlton:I’m a person, first. Spy second. This ain’t business, so it ain’t of any use to anyone else.

I know you’re half deaf, but are ya listenin’? Won’t tell a soul.


Carlton, keeper of secrets, holder of liquors

Brudda Carlton ain’t got no rhythm, so Sistah Kree gotta teach him how to dance.

…While like, ‘Do you love me (now that I can dance)’ plays ironically in the background because you know I’d do something lame like that

Oh, Kree’s leading. Or, atleast I hope that’s the correct pose… Fuck, I don’t know.

The second someone sees them doing this he’s cloaking and ollies outtie to the sun


this was part of a little comic doodle story i thought up in class on day where walt was getting all philosophical on carlton and he just kanye shrugs it

i think he was like

‘But, Carlton, what if this is like, the only life we get? No do overs like respawn or any afterlife or anything?’

'Good question. I don’t know the answer, but I’d suggest just live it up, and stop brooding.’

'Some help you are, I’d like to know whether or not doing any good will get me in better places elsewhere.’

…That should be reversed if this is these two, but whatever