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just want to say thanks Sebastian Stan for your many different roles in various films and shows I’ve seen you in.

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In honor of Jurassic World coming out today, I’d like to post these Jurassic Park dinosaur gang illustrations I did a while back!

This movie is bringing out the dinosaur-crazy kid in me, and if you’re looking for a great gift for the dinosaur-crazy kid / adult in your life, you can grab a signed 5x7″ print set of these guys HERE on my etsy shop!


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For thebestpersonherelovesbucky (happy birthday!), ithewhimsyviper-seven, myhandsarenotmyown, and everyone else who thinks T.J Hammond deserved better.

- There will be a few different pairings.
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Okay but get this...what if there was a crossover and TJ from political animals met Cap since he's ya know Captain America and of course the president wants to meet this hero and TJ develops a crush cause he's the rebellious gay son of the president so of course he's going to sleep with Steve

There are quite a few Steve/TJ fics, and we’ve been dying for an excuse to rec them. We love this ship!(If you don’t know who TJ Hammond is, allow us to enlighten you.)

Complete fics:

A Solid Foundation (series) by melonbutterfly (explicit/teen, 84K)

When Steve meets TJ Hammond, the Vice President’s son, TJ isn’t in a good place. Perhaps it’s that which draws Steve to him - subconsciously he recognizes something of himself in TJ, and maybe the same is true for TJ. It’s an unlikely friendship they strike up, but it deepens and eventually expands into something else.

We Should Just Kiss by L1av (explicit, 194K series WIP)

TJ Hammond didn’t expect to fall in love with Steve Rogers. He didn’t expect to want a long-standing relationship with the superhero. He didn’t expect to ever be told he was the carbon copy of Steve’s dead past lover, Bucky Barnes. He also didn’t expect the utter heartbreak he felt when Steve said Bucky Barnes was alive…and that he needed to find him.

With Bucky in the picture, how is TJ supposed to compete against Steve’s real lover, when all TJ had was just Barnes’ face to begin with?

If you can’t beat them…join them?

Turritopsis by LaLaCat1 (NR, 87K)

HYDRA goes too far and injures the Winter Soldier beyond repair. They turn to a dangerous new procedure to reverse the ageing process and, hopefully, the harm they have done to their greatest weapon. Fast forward thirty years to TJ Hammond, a late night kidnapping, and a blond man who feels like home coming to his rescue.

Without An Agenda by kirasha, Titti (explicit, 71K)

With Hydra still trying to kill the dangerous people on their list, Steve ends up protecting the Hammond family. But with some help from Bucky and the rest of the Avengers, plus a lot of confrontations with a very opinionated family, he also finds that right partner.

Second Time Around (series) by Brenda (explicit, 72K) 

Steve Rogers is a warrior without a war, a soldier without a mission, and a man without a plan. Bucky doesn’t need his help, the other Avengers are busy with their own lives, and not even a move back to Brooklyn has given Steve a purpose or any idea on what to do with his life.

But when he meets TJ Hammond at a charity event, he thinks maybe he’s at least found a new friend. That he’s found someone who understands a little of what it’s like to rebuild one’s life from the ground up. Someone who could help him rediscover just who exactly Steve Rogers is.

And maybe - just maybe - they discover a deeper connection along the way.

(see her 2015 index for more ficlets in the Second Time Around universe)

Let the Melody Shine (let it cleanse your mind) by Jisa (teen, 31K)

Three weeks after his ‘defrosting,’ Steve Rogers is lost and depressed, wandering the street of New York, haunted by his memories. Things only get more painful for him when he sees Bucky walking up the street. Except. It’s not Bucky.

Instead he meets TJ Hammond, son of a former President and the current Secretary of State, a man troubled by past mistakes, current addictions, and his family’s political ambitions.

Together they tackle their own demons and try to make their lives a little better, all the while forming a friendship that will heal them both. And maybe become a little something more.

The One Who Knows by Dira Sudis (dsudis) (a skinny!Steve/TJ fic!) (explicit, 26K)

“You probably don’t remember me,” the guy said with an apologetic smile, “but my name is–”

“Stevie,” TJ said as it dawned on him. It literally felt like the sun coming up, like waking up out of a long sleep, and TJ surged to his feet without thinking. “Oh my God, Stevie, I missed you so much.”

When The Future Starts So Slow by Schizzar (explicit, 10K)

TJ has been with Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes for quite some time, but things might change when it’s put to the ultimate test; Elaine Barrish’s campaign trail.

Or the one where Bucky learns to bond with people, Steve hates the right wing, and TJ is just happy to cuddle his boys.

Hell of A Good Universe Next Door (Let’s Go) by Bond_Girl (explicit, 8K)

Or how T. J. Hammond went looking for himself - and kept running into Steve Rogers’ broad chest along the way.

If this is a love story, it was inadvertent. Also, ridiculously unsuccessful supervillains, dear old dead friends, Secret Service, TJ’s grandmother being inappropriate, and a lone match-making deer.

Three’s a Crowd by Danceintheflames (mature, 7K)

Steve and Bucky have decided to come out publicly. Tony hooks them up with someone he considers an expert in that area - trouble maker and all around lost soul, TJ Hammond.

What could go wrong?


Political Intrigue by lillianwrites (mature, 20K)

HYDRA gets a hold on important American security information and now they’re using information about cabinet members’ families to get what they want. Special forces from SHEILD are called into help. The Hammonds, America’s favorite family, are forced to wait it out in the White House under supervision of security and SHEILD agents.

TJ Hammond, America’s bad boy, is under supervision of the one and only Steve Rogers and things go better than planned.


@stephrc79​‘s ficlets: one, two, three

@brendaonao3’s Bucky/Steve/TJ meet-cute ficlets (not part of Second Time Around)