t. gautier


The modern au continues… The original post is right here! 

I’ve refined the characters a bit. Lewis is a college student with a major in English language and literature, and minors in history, drama, and photography. Gautier is interested in song and dance, but Lewis has tried to keep him away from musicals ever since he showed him Les Miserables. All he heard for the next few months was about the French Revolution… I refined the story a bit too. After Lilliput was destroyed, Lewis was stranded on the island and lived in a conveniently located cave with the Lilliputians until he was able to throw together a makeshift boat, and he took them with him. When he got home he reported it to the police with some of the pictures he took during and after the attack and got them arrested. (And got his stolen stuff back.) A lot of Lilliputians were killed or sold before they were caught though…

What do you think? Should I write something for it, or do you have more ideas for them?