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Hey-hey, remember that one ask about Chihiro being Fuyuhiko;s secret admirer? What if when Chihiro started to get more confident and wanted to start moving back to presenting as male he started with suits, like what his idol wears all the time? Also, as a side note, can we take a moment to imagine a Talent Swapped Idol Fuyuhiko, and subsequently a Yakuza Heir Sayaka?

KAMAKURA KAMAKURA YASSS QUEEN!!! Honestly I love any and all headcanons/fics of Chihiro transitioning to presenting as a male again just because of the confidence it would give my boi.

Before I like tear into this let’s please have a moment of silence for Chihiro in a suit… He would slay all of us.

But like when Fuyuhiko realises that Chihiro is actually a guy he immediately switches to male pronouns and says ‘bastard’ instead of ‘bitch’. Chihiro sees Fuyuhiko as like this manly, confident, cool guy who is secure in his masculinity ASWELL as being short and baby faced with a somewhat feminine figure and it gives Chihiro so much confidence that he doesn’t need to be a muscley jock to be seen as a man. So he starts to wear suits and of course Fuyuhiko notices. And instead of thinking it’s weird that he’s copying his style or whatever he understands that Chihiro is figuring himself out and fully supports him by giving him names of good tailors/suit shops. Just like… Tiny boyfriends dressed in perfectly fitted suits being badass and hecka adorable at the same time.

As for the talentswap, I am already in love with idol!Fuyuhiko as he would be wearing an idol dress and would rock it. I refuse to accept the au without Fuyuhiko in a dress on stage, who also has a body pillow released aswell as that swimsuit magazine that Sayaka had. And Yakuza!Sayaka (or Sayakuza as I like to call her) makes me realise how gay I am. Like Sayaka smoking a cigar with her hat casting a shadow over her eyes, sitting classy as fuck behind her expensive desk with two bodyguards either side, smirking because she knows exactly how and when six people will die that day. Hoooo boy.

~Mod Yoyo

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these all mean so much to me and they all make me smile???
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I know I bring it up a lot, but the first day we hung out together was so beautiful and so special it holds the dearest memory in my heart. I thank you for it,
It’s the first time it was careless and sweet, calm.
The first time I felt a genuine happiness running through my veins.
Every time I reminisce about it, I cry, I smile.
It brings me at ease.

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YOU FITE ME. YOU FITE ME RIGHT NOW. Because you CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO GET AWAY WITH THIS. Not with THIS kindness!! You complete and utter spanner, do you know how much better you and your SLADEWING ways make my day? We sneak messages to each other while at work, and BOY seeing that teeny little notification bubble on my IMs just makes me GRIN. AND DO NOT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON WHEN WE DISCORD. MY BRUH OF BRUHS, you are so wonderful, so down to earth, so absolutely TRUE NORTH that I thANK MY LUCKIEST OF STARS for being friends with you. YOU GET ME, AND THAT ISN’T COMMON. How many times have we been thinking the exact same thing, how many times have we typed out the exact same thing within half a second of one another? You my bro, bro and you will ALWAYS be my bro. You are a gift to everyone who knows you, I certainly count you are a gift to me. I WOULD NOT TRADE OUR CAPSLOCK CONVERSATIONS FOR THE WORLD. TO YOU, I LEAVE YOU THE BELOW IN HONOR OF ONE OF MY MANY SPELLING ERRORS AND SOMETHING THAT RINGS TRUE TO THIS DAY. 

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