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I’ve been wanting to draw, but haven’t been able to draw any of the other R!kids (or robots lel), so i decided to do this R!human Mondatta??? Insofar as there’d be a reverse!Mondatta at all haha

He and Zenyatta have a weirdly strong family resemblance (despite not being biological brothers). He’s very down to earth while retaining the same natural charisma as Zenyatta, but if Zenyatta’s charm is like refined sugar then Mondatta’s is like just-cut sugar cane.

Then pair are almost never in each other’s vicinity, but when they are, Zenyatta starts to feel distinctly forged beside his brother’s authenticity (though they used to be more complementary when they were younger). Mondatta still cares a lot about his little bro and is a perennial worry wart when it comes to him. Tends to flip between this and incessant teasing whenever they come in contact (or the doubly irritating tease-worry combo).


❝ I think we’re just looking for the type of l o v e that doesn’t d e s t r o y us in the end. ❞

                                                               - R.H. Sin

❤ B L O G R A T E S ❤

hey, friends! just thought i’d do these for fun before i start classes at university! i’ll try to get to as many as i can!


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Girl Meets Goodbye

- Still not over the fact they snuck in a ‘daddy’ joke last episode

- “What? But you’re too far away right now!” R I L E Y

- Smackle trying to distract Cory with questions

- Maya and Farkle’s little moment was so cute omg

- Poor Carrie Ableson what a champ


- “How is the wife taking this?” “It’s AVA, it could go either way!”

- “My mom said she doesn’t care if I move to England with you!” “Really-” “Don’t answer. I’m afraid of her answer.” 😂😂

- I had heart palpitations when everyone was on screen together you don’ t even know

- E r i c  a n d  F e e n y

- Why was Eric forcing himself not to talk to Feeny how is there possibly beef between those two why is this series ending without giving me the answers

- They cut Minkus and Harley’s lines rip 😂😂

- The two Morgan’s thing was a bit weird and unnecessary but the fact that only Eric and Auggie called it out made me crack up lmao

- “You know, I always regretted I never adopted Shawn!” Turner babe you had the adoption papers for like 3 months and didn’t contemplate signing them until Chet showed back up like I’m sorry but I’m still salty @ you

- M A Y A  H U N T E R

- Turner was so excited Shawn and Katy got married then where the fukc was he at the wedding I’m MAD

- I love how Amy’s only argument against England was “You are not taking my grandbabies away from me you monsters” lmao

- Feeny’s voice sounded a little weird did Bill have a cold or something??? I spend at least 10 percent of my day worrying about him tbh

- But I loved the much-missed Feeny advice



- “Are you gonna surprise us with genius advice out of your idiot mouth or what?” “Yes, actually, thank you-”

- “Find your quiet place. Mine is under the ocean.”

- Listen like I adore all forms of Topanga with all my heart, but when Eric yelled “don’t take my spot!”, the joking look she gave him was the first time in three seasons that I really, truly, felt like I was looking at the Topanga from Boy Meets World that I grew up with okay. It was a wonderful feeling don’t take her away from me


- “I’ll love you wherever you are” “Thanks Farkle, but maybe you shouldn’t say that in front of your girlfriend?”

- Smackle: *gives a whole mini speech about how feelings and science are two different things*. Smackle: *thinks Riley is not a romantic threat bc she doesn’t know nuclear theory* okay hun I love you to death buuuuuut

- Maya thinks the universe sent Josh to replace Riley…is that a Disney way of having Maya confirm she has romantic feelings for Riley or

- The Riley/Lucas breakup was very sweet and well handled I’m glad.

- Like??? Lucas actually showed emotion towards it. That’s more than we’ve seen toward his entire relationship with the girl omfg

- Also okay not to start shit but the orange roses in direct view during the entire breakup 👀 👀 👀

- Did I tear up at Auggie and Ava’s Bay Window scene??? Absofuckinglutely

- “I’ll always be Mrs. Auggie Doggie Matthews, wherever you are!” “And I’ll always be Mr. ~Avvvva MoooorganSTERN~” my h e a r t

- Don’t even talk to me about Riley and Maya crying in the Bay Window just don’t even bring it up

- Why did Topanga have to drag out telling them whether or not she took the job like I get it!! Suspense for the writing!!! But her kids are literally sitting there sobbing have a heart woman omfg

- “This is my special place. And I don’t want to leave it!” We’ve only actually seen you in the bakery like a handful of times but okay I’ll take what I can get

- Deadass for a second thought Riley and Maya were gonna kiss when Topy said they were staying lmao


- The flashback to the BMW finale with Cory and Baby Josh kill me


- Thunder and Lightning my heart </3


- Someone save this stupid show so these losers can keep messing with my feelings PLEASE

-U G H

I hate how the inauguration of an incompetent president is ruining one of my favorite days in school. Trump’s name has managed to infiltrate the chatter in my classroom during 100th day of school games and activities.

These sweet babies have so many questions and I struggle to tell them the truth or try to protect them. How awful is it that 2nd graders worry about their safety? It shouldn’t be necessary that I have to constantly assure these kiddos that they are safe, loved and protected from a man who’d name simply scares them.

It’s not even noon here in Phoenix and they’ve asked the hardest questions.

“Will he build the wall tomorrow?”

“My mom and dad will be okay, won’t they?”

“What happens to me if my family goes away?”

“Are you scared, Ms. R?”

All before breakfast was over they asked these questions. Not prompted by a word I said or mention of anything political. What’s worse is that I believe Trump’s not the worst, it’s it band of blithering idiots in cabinet that really scare me. Worst of all it’s Betsy De Vos, an ignorant woman who believes public school teachers are over paid, and our funding is best spent on vouchers for charter and private schools. I’m angry that I work two jobs and gladly spend my extra money on supplies, books and activities for my 30 students. My job matters, public schools matter and it matters a whole lot that she is going to lead others to believe otherwise.

I’m tired and sad for them, and it’s only day 1 of the next 4 years. It makes me angry that honestly these 2nd graders will be in 6th grade before they can “stop worrying”.

If anything this lights an angry fire in me. And I hope it lights a similar fire in others. I’m going to write letters, I’m going to march, I’m going to voice my opinion loudly. Not for myself, for my students.

Friday the 13th: ohmlirious
  • Notification:
  • Ohm picks up Walkie talkie.
  • Notification:
  • Delirious picks up Walkie talkie.
  • Delirious: ohm? someone’s following me
  • Delirious: i can hear the fucker
  • Ohm: where r u?
  • Delirious: walking through the woods.
  • Ohm: alone at night??
  • Delirious: it was a shortcut to the lodge!
  • Ohm: but why'd you-
  • Delirious: shit, I heard it again!!
  • Delirious: it’s fuckin' creepy!
  • Ohm: what does it sound like?
  • Delirious: um... It's like leaves crunching beneath heavy feet.
  • Ohm: it's probably just a cat.
  • Delirious: cat’s don’t have heavy feet ohm!
  • Ohm: delirious, relax..your outside. it’s windy. there are noises.
  • Delirious: yeah i guess..
  • Ohm: so..why’d u leave so early? thought you were staying the night?
  • Delirious: i changed my mind
  • Ohm: well..u left you cabin keys here.
  • Delirious: shit.
  • Delirious: alright, I'm coming back for them. What camp you at again? higgins haven?
  • Delirious: i’ll be there in 10 minutes.
  • Ohm: are you sure u don’t wanna stay this time?
  • Delirious: yes. i’m sure.
  • Ohm: is there something wrong? I feel like I'm missing something?
  • Delirious: ...i saw his pic on ur phone.
  • Ohm: whose pic?
  • Delirious: that Angel looking son of a bitch from saltwater camp...i saw him sitting in your fucking lap too.
  • Ohm: wait you mean Bryce?
  • Delirious: i always knew you had a blonde hair fetish.
  • Ohm: we’re just friends..
  • Delirious: HE WAS IN YOUR LAP.
  • Ohm: shh delirious.
  • Delirious: sitting there with your fucking arm's around him.
  • Delirious: are you serious ohm?
  • Ohm: delirious please
  • Delirious: i know. i’m not supposed to care.
  • Ohm: that’s not what i was going to say
  • Ohm: u were the one who didn’t want anything serious.
  • Delirious: look ohm, we need to
  • Delirious: FUCK
  • Delirious: the crunching sounds closer now.
  • Delirious: the footsteps are…
  • Delirious: oh shit, he's walking faster.
  • Delirious: why won't this bitch quit stalking me!!
  • Ohm: are you near a car?
  • Delirious: No! I'm on the other side of the fucking map!
  • Delirious: shitshitshitshit
  • Delirious: i heard a cough ohm!
  • Delirious: there's someone near me.
  • Ohm: hide behind a tree?
  • Delirious: no! I need to get to a house ohm, God.
  • Ohm: just hurry up!
  • Delirious: theirs definitely footsteps. following me.
  • Ohm: do you see anyone behind you?
  • Delirious: I can't see far. It's too dark.
  • Ohm: just use your flash light!!
  • Delirious: oh right hang on.
  • Delirious: Fuckfuckfuck OHM!
  • Delirious: HE'S WEARING A MASK!
  • Ohm: delirious, just stay calm.
  • Ohm: maybe it's just a prank?
  • Delirious: he's got an axe!
  • Ohm: ..walk faster
  • Delirious: i’m running!
  • Ohm: are you losing him?!
  • Delirious: NO!
  • Delirious: he's running his ass off too!!
  • Ohm: that's it i'm calling police.
  • Ohm: where are you exactly?
  • Ohm: delirious?
  • Ohm: HELLO????
  • Ohm: fuck, this is all my fault
  • Ohm: i should have never let you leave the cabin.
  • Ohm: i should have told you that...
  • Delirious: ohm?
  • Ohm: oh thank god!
  • Ohm: I called the cops and they said there on there way.
  • Ohm: where are you?
  • Delirious: i’m at camp evergreen.
  • Delirious: I tripped while running.
  • Delirious: I think I fell down a slope and hit my head.
  • Ohm: did you lose the guy?
  • Delirious: no, that mother fucker's still here somewhere.
  • Delirious: i can hear him breathing. That son of a bitch.
  • Delirious: I can't.
  • Ohm: WHY?
  • Delirious: I think i broke my leg.
  • Delirious: he's looking for me ohm.
  • Ohm: don't worry i'm coming over to get you.
  • Ohm: tell me exactly where you are.
  • Delirious: um.. I dunno? near some big tree? I can see the tents from here if that helps.
  • Ohm: stay put. i'll be there soon
  • Delirious: i feel really faint.
  • Ohm: hang in there delirious. Just keep talking to me.
  • Delirious: ohm. he's getting closer.
  • Delirious: i hear him.
  • Delirious: his voice…
  • Delirious: he's talking to me.
  • Ohm: I can't hear him? what's he saying?
  • Delirious: he's calling my name.
  • Delirious: saying that i've got this all wrong.
  • Delirious: he just keeps repeating it. over and over.
  • Delirious: ohm what does he mean?
  • Delirious: his voice sounds weird...
  • Delirious: like a tractor.
  • Ohm: are you feeling alright delirious?
  • Delirious: no. my head feels funny.
  • Delirious: I'm feeling sleepy
  • Ohm: just keep talking to me. Well make it through this I promise!
  • Ohm: what kind of tree do you see?
  • Delirious: what?
  • Ohm: that tree you said was near you.
  • Ohm: what does it look like?
  • Delirious: ah...it's a big red tree.
  • Delirious: ohm. i'm scared.
  • Delirious: he's here.
  • Ohm: i'm almost there delirious!
  • Ohm: I've found the tents.
  • Delirious: i can see his feet
  • Ohm: hold on, i'm running to you!!!
  • Delirious: this is it ohm.
  • Delirious: he's found me.
  • Delirious: it's over.
  • Ohm: no wait! Delirious! i see the tree!
  • Ohm: i'm here!!!
  • Ohm: your jackets on the ground.
  • Ohm: oh god there's blood.
  • Ohm: where are you???
  • Ohm: fuck!!
  • Ohm: what have i done?
  • Ohm: i didn't mean it delirious.
  • Ohm: that morning with Bryce.
  • Ohm: it wasn't real.
  • Ohm: i asked him to come over so you'd get jealous.
  • Ohm: the lap thing was his idea.
  • Ohm: i wanted you to care.
  • Ohm: i wanted you to want something more serious.
  • Ohm: delirious are you there??
  • Ohm: why is there so much blood everywhere?
  • Ohm: DELIRIOUS???
  • *Delirious*: never knew you felt that way...
  • Ohm: your alive!!
  • Ohm: you sound odd..
  • Ohm: are you okay?
  • Ohm: where are you?
  • *Delirious*: back at higgins haven...
  • Ohm: what happened?
  • *Delirious*: come over, and i’ll tell you...
  • Ohm: alright I'm walking over now
  • *Delirious*: hurry...
  • Ohm: okay, i’m at the front door!
  • Ohm: but all the lights are off.
  • Ohm: the door is locked..
  • Ohm: can you let me in?
  • *Delirious*: i’m coming...
  • Ohm: great! I'm so excited to hold you in my arms.
  • Ohm: wait
  • Ohm: i still have your keys
  • Ohm: but then how did you
  • Ohm: shit!
  • Walkie offline
  • Police Report: Two bodies were found at camp crystal lake.
  • Two males, Both deceased.
  • Light skinned male, black hair, age 29.
  • Tanned skinned male, brown hair, age 33.
  • Suspected cause of death: strangled.
  • Suspected killer: A young blonde male.

anonymous asked:

oh okay for that YOI character thing i feel like you might be phichit??? like originally i was thinking christophe but then i changed my mind bc ur honestly so cute and sweet and soft but also one of those people who will YELL IN CAPS WHEN U R EXCITED. for me, i would think maybe minami or yuuri bc i have traits from both of them and i get get very excitable but also shy and quiet it just depends (p.s. i want to befriend u but i dnt know how ?? D:)

things that i love abt this

  1. that u first thought i was christophe im gonna cry am i that much of a sinner
  2. that i was described “cute and sweet and soft” aaaaaAAAAAAA

but aaaAAAA who can be as pure as phichit i yell dshkfjhdfa thank u!! i only wish i had his selfie skills smh @ myself


We got almost a whole week of personal stories, almost kissing, Whatever Wednesday which by the way was FUN AS HECK and I couldn’t stop laughing, and R&L playing with fire like little kids while also giggling like little kids… so I’d take one ep in the week that’s totally gross if it’s gonna get a crap ton of views. You have every right to dislike the ep, I personally don’t burn with desire to rewatch it either, but I just hope we can focus on the great amount of good stuff we got this week and be thankful for it. 

Also, I know it’s inauguration day, so y’all feel free to message me and vent as much as you want. Alright, stay strong guys <3 

anonymous asked:

Melina headcanons?

• Melina was that friend who roasts you and says that she’s just keeping you modest

• Really likes animals

• Melina around people: okay um…
Melina around animals: I am just so blessed!!Wow life is so grand!!!

• Acts like she doesn’t care but is actually super protective

• Anyone who ever hurt her friends had better run bc she’d be so intent on d e s t r o y i n g them

• Likes coffee but isn’t obsessed about it (of course she has no idea about Starbucks, if she did she’d be a regular)

please feel free to add on if you think of anything!

anonymous asked:

I'll tell ya something about my cat. Y'know how they're supposed to be majestic and smart creatures? Well mine AINT. He wants to jump up on my bed, jumps too early and almost misses, digging his claws into the matress and hanging down like a sack of potatos. HANG IN THERE.. he's cross eyed but the vet said it doesn't affect anything, ahh idk bout that. I hope you enjoyed that, I got many more stories! :'D


sneasel sprite ratings

requested by anon

a jumping boy! the first and only depiction of the rare Brown Sneasel who would not be seen again. this is a very special boy.

RATING: 11/10 very Rare (Pokemon G/S)

some very subtle differences! those sly eyes are much more defined and the colours belong to the sneasel we know! what a pal.

RATING: 10/10 very dynamic! (Pokemon Crystal)

…that FORM! that GRACE! oh my GOODNESS! they are so good at what they do! i really admire a pokemon who can look elegant while fighting!

RATING: 10/10 i’m slowly falling for sneasel holy shit (Pokemon R/S/E/FR/LG)

!!! where is she going! i hope she isn’t late for her lunch date!

RATING: 8/10 nyoom (Pokemon D/P)

oh man she is ready to throw DOWN. look at that stance. she knows what she is doing and she is not to be trifled with.

RATING: 9/10 hoooah (Pokemon Platinum)

i love this one! i love how he’s beckoning and pointing. like “yeah, come at me! let’s go!” what a confident lil fighter.

RATING: 10/10 sneaky boy (Pokemon HG/SS/B/W)

they wanna get down to business. no fancy poses. no talkin. they are ready for you to make your move and they will wait patiently until the battle commences. i admire their willingness to get to the heart of matters!

RATING: 7/10 not bad (Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS/S/M)

What’s kickin’ y’all

I got tagged by the wonderfuls @interstellar-tadashi and @screamslikeaman so lets gooo 

5 things you’d find in my bag

- My phone, backup battery and charger ( I cant live without my phone)

- Headphones or earbuds

- A lipstick or chapstick

- My bus card

- Money                                                                

5 things you’d find in my bedroom

- A mess

- Anime posters ( mainly Free!! oops)

- Lots of food packages that I didnt clean oops (2x)

- A messy desk with random stuff

- Clothes al over the place

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in life

- T-R-A-V-E-L  T-H-E  W-O-R-L-D. I want to go to Japan .                               (MM I WONDER WHY?)

- Learn tf how to draw and write

- Do my homework for ones in my life

- Be less lazy

- Kick my siblings ass

5 things that make me happy

- My Tumblr Dashboard  

- Pizza (Food in general)

- Fangirling 

- No school

- When I am home alone

5 things on my to do list

-Tadashi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- Learn how to draw

- Sleep

-Clean my room

-day dream less

5 things you might not know about me

- I have 2 stupid older twin siblings ( A boy and a girl)

- I am super lazy

- I hate school with my whole hart.

- I love collecting Manga and reading them over and over again

- I love dress up games

WELL WHO TO TAG: @tegans-bf and @tegannot and ofc anybody who wants to do it bc i tag @everyone 

anonymous asked:

Hol Horse, have you actually TRIED killing yourself? Cause if you can't I'd see why you're still around but-

{ casually tags @anotherjjbahcblog​ and @nitemaremotionless​ so they can   S U F F E  R }

This was a question he’d never asked himself before. He summoned the Emporer, glancing down at it. It could read his thoughts, of course. It seemed to glow thoughtfully, as if asking if he was really going to do it.

Dunno if I’ve ever really thought of doin’ it.. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try. If I succeed, good for me. If I don’t, good for me..

He raised Emperor to his head, firing it at with a defeaning bang. He paused and waited, glancing down at the gun with a grimace. The bullet was rested into the wall. It had curved around him. 

Did.. Do you not want to die? If I die, you die.. Don’t you. You still want me alive?

He paused, still staring at the bullet in the wall. It cared enough to not let him die. Of all the things that actually gave a shit about him, it was the thing he could have used to end himself. As long as he had the Emperor, it seemed he had someone around who cared about him.

etheruin  asked:

🔥 + whatever you want to talk about B') go wild.

                                          BRING THE FLAMES !!

let’s talk about censorship.

clears throat. before we get into this, let’s make one thing clear so i don’t see my name/url in a callout for a misunderstanding or something: i’m here to talk about ARTISTIC AND WRITING CENSORSHIP and nothing else. i’m here to talk about mature-themed blogs that gets hate for writing r*pe, gore, abusive relationships, sexism and other triggering subjects for the mere fact of their character being involved in something like that. as long as the mun/writer DOES NOT SUPPORT these actions, i see nothing wrong writing thembUT LUKA THIS IS BAD, THESE STUFF ARE MEAN!! GROSS!! EW!! well yeah. they’re horrible, disgusting and sick in their way. in an ideal and utopic world, those horrible experiences shouldn’t exist and we should never even know what they even are/mean. in an ideal and utopic world, i said. but guess what? they exist. these things are out there and we constantly see it on the news, magazines and books. so if this kind of stuff is so painful, so disgusting and so awful to see/read, why do we talk about it? simple: they’re harmful, they destroyed people’s lives and many families, they change the world and its history, these things have an impact in our humanity. therefore they NEED to be shown, to be represented, to be understood. and you know what ??? talking about personal experience, reading about this kind of thing (in blogs, books and other general medias) helped me understand a whole lot more about it. it helped me understand that sometimes, there’s more than one victim. it helped me understand more about human’s nature.
but y’know, we humans are lazy, even more on the internet. if we can live in a perfect bubble filled with dreams and all that goodie good fantasy, let’s do it. let’s frigging ignore other people’s pain, let’s not let it be expressed in any way. what’s art for, anyhow? representing? talking about things that SHOULDN’T be talked and thus breaking taboos? fighting against monstrosities through smooth or direct messages? making people see more than one reality in specific? opening our eyes to something more complex than our social, cultural and psychic construction maybe ??? pffft. we don’t WANT that, right? we want 100% fluff, all that happy and flawless relationships, no pain, just love.
we aren’t so different from a not-so-silent dictatorship, for what it seems.

anonymous asked:

imagine taking a shower with alien!g with the intention of some ~slippery sexytimes~ but he's so fascinated by your shower stuff that he wastes all the hot water squishing lush shower jelly for like an hour while you fake being annoyed but secretly find it really cute

Oh my god. Like he’d just be mesmerized by the texture of the jelly and just giggling when it jiggles in his hand and Y/N is just off to the side like “I can’t believe I just had sex with him…” while smiling at him