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Would you wanna write some fluffy 'rainy day' Rowaelin? Your headcannons are some of my favorites! 😊

I love this prompt! Thank you! :)

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- Rowan and Aelin stay in bed on rainy afternoons.

- They bring together every pillow and blanket they own, and light a few candles on the nightstand. The T.V. stays off, and Aelin grabs a book. Rowan loves it when she reads to him.

- Aelin will lounge around in one of Rowan’s t-shirts, and a pair of lacy boyshorts that she knows drives her boyfriend wild. Rowan will wear nothing but his old sweatpants that are slightly too big, so they hang low on his hips. 

- As they’re lying in bed, Rowan will see how many cheesy jokes and pick up lines he can come up with. He keeps tallies of how many make her laugh.

- They use this time to talk about their future in extensive detail: what colors they want to paint their walls when they buy their first house in the countryside, what they’ll name their future kids, etc.

- When dinner time rolls around, Rowan will be the cook. He’ll make something easy, like soup, and will bring it to her in the bed they share in their small, studio-apartment.

- As the sun begins to set, they’ll turn on some music, soft enough that they can still hear the rain pouring outside, and will dance together as they sip on wine.

- They’ll fall asleep, after bruising their lips from endless minutes of passion, holding onto one another as if they couldn’t bare to have the day end. 

  • Anti, threatening Henrik: *stabs table* Listen he-( ͜here͡ ͢), doc, you bett͟er͘ stop trying to SAVE Jack or something b-(̨bad)́is gonna happen to you.
  • Henrik: No, I don't think I v'ill, but z'hanks for z'he heads up.
  • Anti: ....
  • *Awkward Silence*
  • Henrik: Are you... done?
  • Anti: ................
  • Henrik: ... Your knife is stuck in z'he table, isn't it?
  • Anti: *grits his teeth* .................... Ṋ͘o̵̪̯

How to make a T R A V E L A L T A R

it’s often difficult to keep practicing your craft when away from home, and when you can’t lug all your items with you.

The perfect solution for this is creating a TRAVEL ALTAR.

Find a small tin, (tin is great, as you can use the lid as a tray to burn your sage in)

And fill it with the following:

✨ small tea candles, colored tea candles are great as well
✨a small pinkie sized bundle of wrapped and dried sage for Cleansing
✨small jars or phial’s of salt and herbs, rosemary or basil are good choices
✨crystals you like working with
✨enchanted jewelry

Wherever you go, you can do a little bit of bath magick, Cleansing or enchanting with the items in your tin. And it’s small enough to keep in a backpack or handbag.


When you still haven’t reached V’s good ending and decide to check Tumblr… shouldn’t have gotten any hearts from Ray dammit 

Trying to avoid spoilers like:  

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Also… this dude… sounds similar to Luciel when he’s speaking. I’m not the only one who thinks this right? I’ve checked other videos of him and to me, he doesn’t sound like him anymore in any of those videos… only in this one. You guys be the judge. 

Sometimes I feel close 2 ppl on this hellsite but how close can U rlly be if nobody even knows ur full name? So I’m gonna share with U guys.

My last name is PETROVA-SHVINSKY. That’s P-E-T-R-O-V-A-S-H-V-I-N-S-K-Y. Pronounced Pet troh vuh Shuh vin skee. What’s everybody else’s?


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I'm Rika from Mystic Messenger and it's just so nice to know that in this life as well I'm still a god awful manipulative bitch who doesn't deserve V's or anyone's love. I've been trying to play the new route as this version of me.. but, god, I just feel awful the whole time. I was so pitiful! So awful!! I'm so fucking sorry to everyone. The RFA, MC, Ray, and especially V. I'm sorry that I let myself become obsessed with my darkness and hurt everyone. I'm sorry that I'm still like this even now

So with the ppv hours away I dreamed that I wasn’t able to watch it. Not on my T.V., not on my laptop, not even on my phone… and I threw the biggest tantrum ever but my mom appeared to whoop my ass because of it and said she was gonna take Canelo to give him away to teach me a lesson, which only caused me to weep my lungs out screaming life was so unfair and, well, talk about stupid nightmares. 😂