I don’t know about you guys, but I’m very excited about Redbubble’s new sublimation t-shirts (or “Graphic-Printed” as they’re calling them)!!  I’d like to upload some more designs specifically for these shirts, but for now I’ve made some already-existent designs available on them!

PLUS (at the bottom) a “new” addition to the Redbubble shop; the poster design I used as a reward for my original Kickstarter to fund W2H.  Now available as a graphic-printed shirt!  

These are “mens” cuts, but they’re supposed to be getting more fitted ones in pretty soon too!

Check them out!

Design 1 - Hierarchy
Design 2 - Lotsa Socks
Design 3 - This is Sock.
Design 4 - Lovely Demon
Design 5 - Lil & Jojo
Design 6 - Welcome to Hell!