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Whichever shirt you like, whichever colour & whatever country you’re from - sizes are XS - XXL & available in different colours. Click the link below to find out all the relevant shirt details :) 

I’ll be running this for a few days and will then pick a winner at random :) You can check out my tee’s and everything else I make here. Just navigate to one of my t-shirts to find out about size/colour and everything else you need to know :)


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The Chemical Brother’s T-shirts

“Dig Your Own Hole” t-shirt

This is a promotional tee for The Chemical Brother’s album titled by the same name and released 1997.

Dylan can be seen wearing this shirt:

• At Devon’s 16th birthday party

• Dylan’s ‘98 Junior class photo

• Filming the Pulp Fiction” video shoot w/ Dustin Gorton

• Sitting behind Blackjack’s talking

• Walking down steps on building unknown

It is presumed that this shirt was sold at TCB’s Dig Your Own Hole Tour ‘97 (and that Dylan attended - probably with his best friend, Zack, and purchased both the ‘Dig Your Own Hole’ and “Setting Sun” prom t-shirts at the April 29 1997 concert held at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, CO.) 

On 7 April 1997 The Chemical Brothers released their second album,
‘Dig Your Own Hole’ which is classified as genre style: Big beat,  electronica and psychedelia

Listen to the Full Album on youtube:

Index of ALL of Dylan’s (publicly known)  t-shirts

Okay but the Winter Soldier needs more representation in terms of merchandise. Like all I want is a t-shirt or a mug or something but I always have to look for that on the internet. I want to be able to walk into a store and see Winter Soldier stuff next to the Captain America or Punisher things. Bucky just needs some love, man. Am I the only one who thinks this?