did he just give away all his shirts that weren’t hawaiian? or did he not bring any with him from la to the u.k.? what is this look??? a fucking blue tiger cardigan with a fucking nother shade blue hawaiian shirt and then its left open!!!! with a shit shirt underneath?!!!!!!???? what

Apparently, Volume 11 in Japan is selling like hot cakes!

Some places are giving away T-shirts with Miia on it and the edition is packed up with more goodies, like autographed pieces from Okayado itself and stuff!



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Carmilla is taking over NYC!

Elise and Natasha will be in NYC this Saturday May 14 for an exclusive autograph session! It’s all taking place at @ubykotex’s awesome pop-up shop in Manhattan called The Period Shop! We’ll also be giving away limited addition Carmilla t-shirts by @valentinemichaelsmith FOR FREE to the first 450 people who show up!

The Deets

The Period Shop
138 5th Avenue, NY, NY

- Natasha & Elise will be from 9AM to 11AM on Saturday May 14.
- The Period Shop is open from Friday May 13th to Sunday, May 15th.


It’s GIVEAWAY time again!

As promised and, because I love all of you awesome people, I’m giving one lucky person this Cartinelli/Agent Carter swag!

One 5x7 picture of the delicious Hayley Atwell from Esquire magazine, a nifty Miss Union Jack button, 5 unique Agent Carter stickers with a dose of Cartinelli AND THE VARIANT COVER for issue 1 of Operation Sin starring Peggy Carter.

Now this is just the beginning of the giveaway cycle. In the months leading up to the Season 2 premier of Agent Carter (YAY!), I’ll be giving away more stuff, including T-shirts, Agent Carter Funko Pop dolls, an Agent Carter Declassified book and other cool stuff, so stay tuned!

“Wow! Emery, this stuff is awesome! How can I get in on this?”

I’m so glad you asked! All you have to do to win the loot pictured above is to
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4) Yes, I will ship internationally – so everyone around the world feel free to enter – but know that I will ship it at the cheapest rate, so please don’t expect priority overnight swag!

All right! Enter already! I want to give you Agent Carter stuff!

johnny cage with a “it took 50 years to look this good” t-shirt. johnny giving these away to the other guys and the ninjas in their respective flavors

kenshi loves it, jax pretends he doesn’t, kuai liang doesn’t wear it but hides it in the deepest reaches of his wardrobe because he agrees 100% and hanzo just burns both right in front of johnny who was prepared to lose one shirt and had a spare


A team of UC Berkeley researchers has discovered that the 85% of the average tech worker’s clothes are free tech t-shirts, hoodies, and other assorted clothing.

The study of this prevalent free clothing, known by tech workers as “swag,” has come at the same time as a massive tech boom that has swept the Bay Area. On a normal weekday in San Francisco, you’re liable to see dozens of young hipsters walking down the street wearing t-shirts, jackets, hats, and even socks emblazoned with the names and logos of companies ranging from tech titans to ten-person startups. Tech companies hand out free logo-festooned paraphernalia at career fairs, company events, and almost any opportunity available.

Jacques Larue, the Berkeley sociology professor who led the research team, explains why giving away free t-shirts and other clothing has become so popular. “Trendy tech companies offer free snacks, free drinks, free meals, free personal trainers, free laundry, and free egg-freezing, so why not also give out some free swag?” Larue also found that this trend had unexpected effects. “We noticed that in the period between 2009 and today, Bay Area clothing retailers have experienced a massive drop in sales of casualwear.”

It’s not hard to see why. A tech worker that we stopped on the street (easily recognisable by her branded Airbnb hoodie) said that she hasn’t needed to buy any clothes for 2 years. “I have just bundles of free shirts from work and from conferences, and there’s too many of them to wear! But they’re really nice: like, they’re the American Apparel 50/50s that are really soft, so I gave them to my parents and my corgi to wear. And one of the middle schoolers that my dad teaches was like, ‘Hey, my mom works for the company on your shirt!’”

We asked her why she didn’t just stop taking the free clothing if she already had too many. 

“But… but it’s free!”

We also asked a man about the hat he was wearing, emblazoned with “Keta Labs” in bright green type. He shrugged and responded that he “[doesn’t] know what the company does. I just took the hat because it’s soft and I thought it looked cool.”

Charities have also received a massive influx of unwanted tech company paraphernalia, and as a result, many of the homeless people around Golden Gate Park have been seen wearing MongoDB shirts.

Larue’s team followed a group of tech company workers for a year and found that the prevalence of free clothing in the Silicon Valley ecosystem has in fact created a “hierarchy of swag” in tech companies. In more traditional companies, employees show up to work in suits (or, in the case of venture capitalists, in tastefully unbuttoned suits and blazers). In Silicon Valley, the almost uniform work attire is the t-shirt, hoodies, and jeans: the Mark Zuckerberg look. As a result, Larue discovered that casual clothing has taken on a new social significance in the swanky offices of Silicon Valley.

“For example, Dropbox t-shirts are very common. They’re given to basically everyone, they’re fairly cheap. So although Dropbox is a very respected company, wearing a Dropbox t-shirt doesn’t mean that you work there and doesn’t signify anything special. However, if you’ve got a Dropbox backpack, it’s almost certain that you used to work there and deserve the respect accorded a Dropbox employee. Certain types of swag can also be specific to an event or period of time or achievement: for example, Google sends hoodies to candidates who receive Google offers, so if you get one of these hoodies and you see someone else with an identical one, you know that both of you got Google offers.”

Larue’s study also revealed that the choice of clothing can also signify one’s status within a company. While employees at an investment bank may show up to work with pretty much the same business suits, a techie’s choice of a t-shirt signifies one’s status in the workplace.

Most normal people wear old t-shirts because they can’t afford new ones. But in Silicon Valley, a person wearing old company swag, possibly with an outdated logo, signifies that a person is an early employee who newer hires should defer to. By showing up to a formal event with flip-flops, tech CEOs show that they have the power to ignore social and clothing-based norms that less privileged employees feel obligated to follow. Larue calls this the “hierarchy of swag.”

Meanwhile, reaction to the study has been mixed. Protesters have already begun gathering at GoogleBus stops “to stop massive techie clothing corporations from driving local mom-and-pop t-shirt-printing stores out of business.” On the other hand, startup ShirtMe has announced plans to give people free t-shirts with company-sponsored ads on them. A spokesperson detailed their long-term vision of putting LCD screens on t-shirts, literally turning people into walking billboards. Other startups have begun to compensate employees with clothing instead of equity because “the clothing is actually worth something.”

So, everyone. The person that won my first prize said that the t-shirt I wanted to give away isn’t their size. If there’s anyone that wants it, like & reblog this and I’ll pull a winner tomorrow, 7/14, at 10 pm EST.

From the giveaway post: “an XL (sorry, it’s already made) shirt that my mom made when I celebrated 1,000 followers (she got a little ahead of herself, don’t you think?). It’s got purple words “Cryptid-Wendigo - Beware the dark woods” and a teal claw mark on the front and on the back is my URL. Please note this shirt has been in a home with cats and dogs and was not shipped to me in plastic so it may have gotten some fur on it. I will wash it before I ship it out - it has not been worn, it was an extra from when mom ordered them!”

We’ve had many requests for Fuzzballs T-Shirts and necklaces so we’re launching a kickstarter! With your support we will be able to make a huge range of Fuzzballs Kawaii T-Shirts, Necklaces and Keyrings.

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Good Luck Everyone!!


Cambrige is a small team and they were told that if they wanted to change shirts with the Man United players after the game they had to pay for it since they can’t afford to give the shirts away. I really hope Mata actually said that, sounds like something he would say isn’t it :p

A Chinese fan was asking why Yixing’s book is so cheap (and a few international fans had the same comment, too) because they estimated that his book’s cost will only be paid for the printing of the book. And look at the quality of the book:

It’s so pretty! And he’ll probably have no profit from it. He has to pay a lot of expenses, not only for the printing and advertising and distribution of the books, but there’s his birthday fanmeet (in which he invited international fans, too!) where he’ll give away free t-shirts and he’ll have to pay for the venue and stuff. He’s practically spoiling us fans. Haters can bash him all they want but it’s ridiculous to deny his A++++ fan service. 

Do you see why I love this boy so much. (T⌓T)