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Percabeth Smut? Love your stories x

here is a story from @greenconverses that i found from her ao3 account.

WARNING SMUT!! I am copying and pasting in from her ao3 account! i do not own this. if you want to see the story in the ao3 site, click here and for ch 2, click here.

so bad but he does it so well CHAPTER 1 fantasy

The blonde in the second row is wearing a blue dress today.

Annabeth’s her name, if he remembers right. Annabeth Chase with gold curls, the ever changing, meticulous wardrobe, and the thick framed glasses she slips on when she’s taking notes during the lecture. Annabeth, always with her hand in the air and with an answer for the professor, and shooting him what she thinks are sly, appraising looks when she thinks he isn’t paying attention. Annabeth, who he’s talked to maybe five times and can’t possibly stop thinking about.

Stylish bookworms are not usually Percy’s type; have never been his type, actually, not until Annabeth had breezed into the lecture hall that first day of class, all but impeccable in white sun dress covered in cherries and bold red heels. That day, Percy couldn’t stop staring at her — at the elegant line of her neck, the curve of her waist, those long, long legs under her skirt — and he hadn’t been able to look away ever since.

Percy has learned relatively little in his history class in the last month, aside from the many different ways he wants to undress Annabeth Chase.

He wants her pinned against the wall of his apartment, high waisted shorts crumpled around her knees as she keens for him, his hand busy sliding up between her thighs.

He wants to hear her sighs when he undoes each of the white buttons on the back of her retro purple dress, trailing kisses down each new inch of skin he unveils. Wants to feel her tremble as he rolls those pattern thigh highs down her legs, to know what her best set of lace panties feels like under a swipe of his tongue.

He wants to brush aside her golden curls and pull down a strap of one of her many sundresses and kiss her shoulder, wants to make her scream with his mouth on her clit, her skirts bunched up around her hips and legs over his shoulders, heels still on her feet. Wants her under him, over him, curled next to him with nothing but a satisfied smile lighting up her face.

Each day of class brings a new outfit and a new fantasy — she’s yet to repeat an outfit, and Percy’s imagination is ever so willing to keep up her seemingly endless wardrobe, especially whenever her gray eyes turn his way.

Sometimes, it’s just to sneer at the state of his ripped jeans and ironic T-shirt collection, but other days… he’s sure she’s doing some mental undressing of her own, pushing his leather jacket off his shoulders, ripping his shirt over his head, or getting her hand down the front of his best pair of skinny jeans.

God, wouldn’t that be something. But if Annabeth Chase isn’t his usual type, then punkass Percy Jackson definitely isn’t hers. She and her blue dress and blonde curls are nothing more than a wishful fantasy, his Tuesday and Thursday diversion, and he would be better served by focusing his thoughts on the lecture and not on how that dress would look on the floor next to his bed.

(Though, for the record, her dress would look excellent there.)

CHAPTER 2 reality

If he tears her dress, she’s going to kill him.

It’s not the most generous thought to have when a boy’s hands are smoothing up her curves and hoisting her up on to counter in his dingy dressing room, but Annabeth has her priorities and protecting her vintage sheath dress from Percy Jackson’s undoubtedly destructive hands is one of them.

He has the look of dress ripper about him – and it’s not just the holes in his jeans and the ratty sleeves of his T-shirt that give him away. He’s spent all night looking at her from the stage like he’s imagined a hundred different ways to get her dress off; she’s positive just undoing the zipper and letting it slip down did not feature prominently in any of those scenarios. His touches are impatient, never lingering, as if he can’t get enough of any one part of her, and turning rougher as the heat between them grows which each kiss, each lustful sigh and needy groan.

Make no mistake, Annabeth wants her dress off too – god, does she ever want to feel his calloused palms on her skin and, oh, that mouth of his, yes, please – but it absolutely needs to come off in one piece. Hopefully it’ll also get hung on the back of the chair, not on the floor, which apparently hasn’t been cleaned since the bar was built, but she highly doubts it.

“How’d you even get this thing on?” Percy growls, nipping at the shell of her ear as his fingers fumble with the zipper. He slides it down just enough to loosen the top of her dress, so he can pull down the sweetheart neckline and her lacy bra all in one go. Annabeth gasps as her breasts are exposed, nipples tightening the tepid air. “Magic?”

“M-my roommate had to zip me up,” she admits, voice trembling as Percy palms one of her breasts, rolling a thumb over her nipple. “But it’s clearly done it’s jo – oooh!”

Her nails dig into his shoulder and the nape of his neck as Percy dips his head to take her other nipple in his mouth. He is not gentle. He is demanding, pinching her with his fingers, pulling at her with his mouth, grazing her with his teeth, and Annabeth’s body arches into him, rubbing against the thick press of his thigh between her legs until she’s whimpering and trembling, on the edge of something great and wonderful.

She’s spent more time fantasizing about Percy Jackson than she’s willing to admit, her mind often wandering to him during the history class they share together. She’s beyond thrilled that he’s living up to those fantasies in all the best ways.

“Take it off,” she demands, gulping for air. “Please.”

He ignores her plea, intently focused on her breasts and making sure she feels every second of his mouth on her. Annabeth appreciates this, she does, but her skin is crawling with heat and she has to get this dress off before she combusts. Unsteadily, she reaches back to finish unzipping her dress, but Percy’s hand darts out to stop her.

“No way, princess,” he says huskily, kissing his way up her chest to the curve of her neck. She can’t even be mad at him for the ridiculous nickname, his mouth feels so good. “The dress is staying on.”


It’s not her most eloquent moment, with her breasts out, cheeks and chest flushed with arousal, and legs wrapped around an irredeemable punk of a man. It draws a chuckle out of him, and he cups her face in his hands before kissing her quite thoroughly.

“You have no idea,” Percy murmurs into her mouth, “just how many times I’ve wanted my head under all those skirts of yours, between your thighs, getting you off with my lips and tongue. Not missing my one chance tonight.”

Fuck,” Annabeth moans, closing her eyes, overwhelmed by the sharp pulse of want that blazes through her at the image he presents. He would be a talk dirty. She presses her curves into him and kisses him frantically, feeling his awful smirk spread across her lips.

“You ever have someone do that to you, Annabeth?” he replies when they break apart, his hands already sliding under the hem of her dress, pushing it up the length of her thighs. The ache between her legs pulses mightily each time a new inch of flesh is exposed. “Eat you out with one of your gorgeous dresses bunched up around your hips? Pull that skirt back down and leave you dripping down your thighs for the rest of the day?”

His thumbs dig into the edges of her panties and Annabeth lifts her hips so he can drag them down her legs. She doesn’t think his eyes can get any darker, his expression any more needier, until she shakes her head and says, “No. You’d be the first.”

She barely gets the words out before he’s on his knees in front of her, shoving her back on the counter and spreading her wide. His hands dig into her clothed hips and, distantly, Annabeth thinks she should warn him about his grip on the material and -


Oh, holy god.


and those are the smuts!!! well, the first two chapters of the 6 chappies of this story. go to the links earlier to read the rest bye!

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138 :)

sorry this is so late 

“is this your closet, or our closet?”

you sighed, setting down the last of the boxes of clothes onto the floor of the closet. you just bought a house with your fiance (sorry i cant get an accent on the e) and the two of you were in the midst of unpacking. 

the closet was a beautiful walk in with many sections that would fit both yours and shawn’s clothes.

especially since he’s travelling so often and he usually packs most of his clothes, you didn’t think space would be much of a problem.

 despite the fact that he wears almost the same thing everyday, the boy owns more clothes than you would expect. but so do you. 

looking around at the already unpacked clothes hanging around, you notice there isn’t very much room left for shawn’s clothes to hang. 

sighing, you start rearranging and going through all your clothes in order to fit all of shawn’s. 

“woah, is this your closet or our closet?” your fiance chuckles, walking into the messy room. 

“sorry, i didn’t notice how much space all my shit takes up.” you said, throwing one of your old t-shirts into the give away pile. 

“you’re going to have to give away a lot of clothes if we’re going to fit both of our shit in here.” shawn said as he ripped into one of his boxes of clothes. 

“oh look,  more of your clothes.” 

the both of you sighed, knowing this was going to be a while.

Different Ideas (Mikey Way)

(There were too many photos I wanted to use to pick one and this ended up really long but I have like three Mikey requests so I guess it’s fair.)

*Smut Warning*

Mikey was absorbed in a book again. Something that usually wasn’t a problem, you enjoyed reading with him or just watching him read, but today you had other plans in mind. 

“Are you almost done?” You asked not receiving a reply until he turned the page.

“One more chapter.” He insisted returning to his reading leaving you frustrated.

“Is that book really that interesting?” All you received was a curt nod and silence. 
Slowly your impatience began to grow but so did an idea.

Slowly you began to unbutton your shirt one button at a time. 
Through the whole thing his stone like posture hadn’t changed but to flip the page only adding to your frustrations. 

You slipped your shirt off, smirking at you noticed his jaw clench. 

“Mikey.. It can’t be that good of a book.” You teased standing up and slipping off your pants as he shifted his position slightly, hoping you wouldn’t notice but you did.

You chose not to say anything instead choosing to prolong his suffering. 
You got back on the bed his whole body tensing up as you slipped behind him placing gentle kisses on his neck before your hands started to make their way into his t-shirt his muscles tensing giving away the fact that he couldn’t really be focused on his book.

“Finished yet?” You asked innocently with a smile working his shirt up his body.
“I guess I can take a break for you.” He grinned letting you slip off his shirt before he turned and forced you down so he was over you. 

“Only because you distracted me being beautiful.” He noted before pressing his lips to yours gently before his tongue demanded entrance exploring before he pulled away moving to kiss your neck, leaving marks as ‘punishment’ for distracting him. He then moved to your collarbone, he took the opportunity to remove your bra before finding the spot below your ear he knew drove you crazy.

“You’re way more interesting than that book any day.” He assured making you smile.

“I’d hope so or we’d have a problem.” You teased pecking his lips getting a smile from him and a blush as you’d made a joke from his serious comment.

“Now, you look really uncomfortable and I think it’s my fault.” You motioned to his tight pants he’d just about tried to squirm out of earlier.

You only gently palmed him but still received a groan.

“Just get them off.” He whined as you started undoing his pants Mikey getting up to speed the process along.

“Well now who’s the impatient one?” You chided a grin on both your faces.

Mikey pulled you to him taking his sweet time pulling your panties off.

“It’s still you.” He smirked finally answering your question, but not ending your waiting. Instead he leaned up to kiss you placing his hands on your hips. Without much other warning he thrusted into you ending the impatience with a mutual moan.

“Shit Mikey..” You half mumbled, half moaned out pleasantly alarmed with his forwardness earning a grin from him as he pecked your lips gently.

He took his time developing a steady rhythm and doctoring your neck with kisses the whole time, only occasionally meeting your lips.

“Mikey, I’m close..” You warned, he simply nodded signaling he was too.

You felt the familiar sensation of pressure snapping, sending pleasant waves moving through your body as your grip tightened on Mikey he got sloppier before he too came, riding out both your highs before giving you a kiss and rolling off you.

“Much better than any book.” He announced a little out of breath.

You smiled and pecked his lips.

“Agreed. Though I do like it when my man comes and saves me from certain death on a white horse.” You joked Mikey laughing and pulling you up to him.

“Too bad my princess is a bad ass who can save herself.” He retorted kissing your temple.

“Not to mention you’d look ridiculous on a horse.” He only laughed at this.

“Geez, love you too.” You kissed him again and then smiled.

“You know I love you, white horse or not.”

SaveWOY - a month on..

First be warned, this is a long, text heavy post.

So after seeing @oocwoy‘s post about SaveWOY.. 

Wow, has it really only been a month since the cancellation announcement? Seems like only a few days ago I was spewing out loads of SaveWOY posts while hugging my Peepers plushie and sobbing after reading the announcement at 1 in the morning, haha. Good times. I just practically poured my heart out when writing the petition and those savewoy posts trying to rally people. I’m surprised I didn’t need to go back and edit them. I can’t believe it’s only really been a month.

We’ve all been fighting so hard this last month and wow, what a fight it’s been. We’ve achieved so much in such a short amount of time. It’s been an absolutely incredible month for Wander Over Yonder. In fact here’s a list of what we’ve accomplished! Now hold on, it’s a long one!

We’ve received the support of the WOY crew and Craig’s thanks.

We’ve gotten 12,070 signatures on one petition alone. 

Animators from Boulder Media (who animated season 2) have been signing the petition.

The fandom has grown so much in a month.

SaveWOY has gathered a following on Tumblr, Twitter, Deviantart and Facebook.

The SaveWOY Tumblr has accumulated 968 followers.

We’ve got multiple groups all dedicated to getting WOY a third season.

Cartoon Brew took notice of our petition after it hit 10,000 signatures.

We unleashed a SaveWOY Thunderclap on the Internet.

We held a T-shirt Give-away which raised a lot of awareness.

We’ve gotten the support of Save Disney Shows.

Who knows how many letters Disney have actually received. They are probably drowning in them.

Disney have received at least 12,070 emails, one for each signature on the petition. That’s without all the emails everyone has been sending on top. Just try to imagine the final number.

Fandoms such as Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Undertale and more have lent us their support.

The fans have shown their undying loyalty to WOY and that they’re not going to give up without a fight. 

and it’s not over yet!

We have Project Fanboom on the go.

Operation 200 Reasons To SaveWOY is kicking off on the 9th April.

ChannelFrederator will be making a 107 facts about WOY video.

A volunteer will (hopefully) be picked to make a SDS website for SaveWOY and lead the campaign.

The SaveWOY world map is still in progress.

The number of signatures on the petition continues to rise.

We still have a few more WOY episodes to go and then the finale which will hopefully lure in more fans.

There’s probably more that I’ve just missed!

These are just the plans that have been announced. I can’t speak for anyone else but I can say that I have 4 more project ideas in my head and more just keep popping up that I need to make a note of. Peepsqueak will be taking you all on a feels roller coaster over the next couple of months. You’re gonna need tissues.

Things are slowing down a bit sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. The SaveWOY fight is still going strong. Look at just how much we’ve accomplished! We are not going anywhere any time soon, the SaveWOY fight will continue on, even after the finale has aired. It will continue for as long as it is needed.

So continue to stay positive, just keep fighting, keep pushing and never give up. Hard work pays off and good things come to those who wait and we will wait for however long we have to for Season 3. and finally please remember, It Never Hurts To Help.

So from the bottom of my heart, to Craig, the WOY crew, every single person who has signed the petitions, every person who has reblogged a SaveWOY post, everyone who has shared SaveWOY on other websites, to everyone who has sent Disney a letter, or an email, to those who have been making fan art, fanfiction, videos and more to spread the word, to the SaveWOY mods, to the other fandoms who have supported us and to every single fan out there.

Thank you so very, very much. 

I hope you will all continue to support #SaveWOY and I couldn’t be any prouder of you all. 

Now let’s continue to fight for WOY Season 3!

johnny cage with a “it took 50 years to look this good” t-shirt. johnny giving these away to the other guys and the ninjas in their respective flavors

kenshi loves it, jax pretends he doesn’t, kuai liang doesn’t wear it but hides it in the deepest reaches of his wardrobe because he agrees 100% and hanzo just burns both right in front of johnny who was prepared to lose one shirt and had a spare

I Have News! (: ~PLEASE READ~

Hi! So I have some news to announce! Several things actually. I’ll keep this as flashy and to the point as possible so you can return to your regularly scheduled blogging!

1) I am taking my first step into my writing career, and it involves you! 

I recently received a very unique graduation present. A relative of mine knows I want to be a writer, heard about this blog, was impressed, and decided to give me a literal opportunity to start my career by giving me a self-publishing course and membership in an exclusive writing community. The program is designed to walk you through the step by step process of publishing your own work.

Not long after, my parents gave me the ultimatum of either going back to my old job (which would mean sacrificing most of the little time I have to spend writing and losing my chance to blog regularly) or finally getting serious about publishing and taking this opportunity. 

SO long story short, I am going to be publishing original work on amazon/kindle. For some of you this may not matter to you at all (if you only read Supernatural fanfiction) but I’m hoping there are some that really do enjoy reading my writing and want more of it. If you’ve followed me closely or for a reasonable amount of time, you know 

this is my DREAM.

There will be a lot of details to come on this, but I wanted to give you a heads up. It’s very exciting and new, and a HUGE step in my life. If I can make this work, I will be able to spend a lot more time doing what I love, which is writing for people <3 And those of you who want longer writings by me will finally have some longer stuff!

Now what I publish on kindle, while that is exciting and everything, that is what I will consider my “job” (God willing it actually works out). 

SO LET ME GET THIS VERY STRAIGHT. YOU READING THIS are not my “job” and I will never consider you that, because I write for this blog because I love it. I enjoy writing for you. I get excited to read inboxes and smile at all the things you add when you reblog things. I blush like an idiot when you really fall head over heels for a fanfic, and I’m just as eager to make one you like even more…I love you and all the ways we’ve grown TOGETHER. That being said, of course I’m still going to be on this blog!! Don’t think you’ll lose my that easily (; 

2) This summer I am flying away to volunteer again for a short period of time!

For those that don’t know, I go to Japan to teach English, volunteer with homeless communities, help churches, etc. etc. It is part of my life’s work and I am very very excited that I am able to help this year as well! I need to practice my Japanese since it is probably very rusty! Haha. This means I will be gone for 2-3 weeks but I’ll make imagines ahead of time to be posted in my absence. 

3) We are overdue for some celebratory events on this blog!

We have made some huge milestones recently and I am currently working on planning some events, competitions, raffles, whatever you want to call them! I don’t know exactly what to do yet but we will do something! As you know we did a t-shirt give away in the past! Inbox me if you have ideas! 

Is that a no on the ice cream and strippers?… no?… okay fine.

Okay, that is all for now! Fanfic ( The End - Part 5) is up for the night and imagines are incoming. Love you lots and if you got this far, THANK YOU FOR READING! <3


So I’m doing this multi-fandom giveaway because I’ve sold 100 of my Certified Fangirl T-shirts on Redbubble.

I’m giving away one of the above three shirts:

  • Certified Fangirl (There is a version that says “Fanboy” and the winner can specify that they want that one)
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You are having it your way:

  • Any color
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  • Unisex or Female T-shirt

I will pay for shipping and will ship to anywhere.


  • You must be following this dork
  • I will have the drawing on May 10th at 9 PST cause that’s my Tumblr Birthday and I’m sentimental like that
  • Only reblogs count, but you can reblog as many times as you like
  • This has to get at least 500 notes or its not happening
  • I will pick one winner and message them about giving me their preferences and shipping address

Now I highly doubt this will ever get that many notes, but if it does this is what I will add:

  • 2,500: I will make you a necklace based on your blog
  • 10,000: Pick another shirt from my store. Whatever the hell you want. Just has to be a T-Shirt
  • 20,000: I will write you shitty fan fiction of whatever the hell you want. Any pairing, you name it. I can just promise you it will probably suck.

I may add more stuff. I don’t know. Just spread the word

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Different anon, but I always feel like you're respectful and fair with your opinions, so forgive me for harping on the topic. I think my issue with the "good" is that the shirt is completely unnecessary. The song can be released on its own, why tie the two together? I completely understand Darren needing to be compensated in some way, and I realize that it wasn't just Darren who put in work to produce the song, but it just seems excessive and "milking it" for all it's worth....

Okay. So if one refrains from immediately and incorrectly (people, really - do you think anyone makes any money off of selling a thousand or so $22 t-shirts and effectively GIVING AWAY a song) assuming that Darren Criss (remember, the guy who priced his VIP Listen Up tix at the lowest possible price to increase access to fans, who spends hours and hours of his personal time meeting and greeting and signing at no benefit to him at all)  is trying to “milk” anything at all from fans by selling $22 T-SHIRTS…There is actually an honest question buried in this…

The question is: Why did Darren decide to sell t-shirts and give away the song with the shirt,  instead of just releasing his song on itunes and selling it there? This question, without the incorrect assumptions, is actually an interesting question.

Keep reading

So, everyone. The person that won my first prize said that the t-shirt I wanted to give away isn’t their size. If there’s anyone that wants it, like & reblog this and I’ll pull a winner tomorrow, 7/14, at 10 pm EST.

From the giveaway post: “an XL (sorry, it’s already made) shirt that my mom made when I celebrated 1,000 followers (she got a little ahead of herself, don’t you think?). It’s got purple words “Cryptid-Wendigo - Beware the dark woods” and a teal claw mark on the front and on the back is my URL. Please note this shirt has been in a home with cats and dogs and was not shipped to me in plastic so it may have gotten some fur on it. I will wash it before I ship it out - it has not been worn, it was an extra from when mom ordered them!”

Earth Nation t-shirt give away!

The last of our screen printed Avatar t-shirts we created. We got out of screen printed so this is the last of its kind. Medium size men’s cut. Brand new and never worn. Will mail it to the winner for free.

Like or reblog for a chance to win. You do not have to watch us.

Winner will be drawn Wednesday September 2nd.

We will soon have a Chicken Cube (cock block) plushie give away on our youtube channel. As seen in our Chicken Apocalypse video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPs0Pcfr3gI