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You say that people were not genetically designed to eat meat, however our body's are not able to fully break down cellulose, the main plant based chemical because our digestive system isn't long enough. Humans were meant to be omnivores honey💗

Cellulose isn’t broken down bc it is a fiber!! Which we need to stay in tact to keep things running smoothly in our digestive system… IE poop smoothly lolol. Fiber is ESSENTIAL to a healthy bowel movement & cellulose is the top fiber we need!! This Q has me so confused. Bc on the other hand, why can’t humans eat raw meat without getting sick? To me this indicates that we are not supposed to be eating it! All other carnivores & omnivores actually have a MUCH shorter digestive tract so raw, dead flesh can pass through quickly. Here is a quick slideshow comparing & contrasting herbivores vs carnivores & u can see that humans fit every notch in the herbivore category! Gary Yourovsky covers it in his speech, its also covered in Dr. Mcdougall & china study & more references I can’t think of.. if anyone has a source that explains this better send it to me