My name is Kenney Michael DeMaine. I’m 18 years old, currently living in Cleveland, Ohio, and I’m finally starting to save up for my medical transition.
I’ve been hesitant to set up a Go-Fund-Me, I originally wanted to save up on my own, but then I moved into an apartment and realized that the price of living as an adult is really expensive. On top of that, I am also trying to save up money to get my fiancé moved to Cleveland for personal health and safety reasons, and my top surgery is slowly looking like more and more of an impossibility for me financially any time soon.
What I’m asking, for from you is a little help. I’m currently in art school, paying for my own school supplies (including the MacBook Pro that is required by our school) and working anywhere between 24 and 30 hours a week, and I still don’t have the money in place right now to afford my surgery any time within the near future. I want to be happy, and I want to keep working towards being as comfortable as I can be and this is a huge part of it. I will continue to try and pick up more hours in order to save up on my own, but if you could help me out at all, it would be so greatly appreciated
I welcome all people considering donating to contact me through my tumblr (iamyourlostboy.tumblr.com ) if you have any questions or concerns. I am also open to doing commission work in order to help save, and would be willing to work out a trade if you are interested. Any donation is welcome, and if you could share this link it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time, and have a lovely day my friend.

Things You Can Finally Get to this Summer

1. Apply for Scholarships
You need money. Don’t even try to deny it. We can all use a little help, and help is definitely out there! Some scholarship search websites:
- Fastweb
- College Board
- Your University Site

2. Look for Internships
Experience is the best teacher and perhaps can give you something more than the ones you’ve had all year in classrooms.  Put yourself out there so you can really learn what is and isn’t right for you. Some internship search websites:
- Internships
- Glassdoor
- LinkedIn

3. Brainstorm Research Ideas/Projects
Read up on research being done in your field of interest and see where it takes you.  Does it peak your interest? Affirm your decision to work in this field? Spark a new curiosity? Inspire you to work on a project of your own? Some research archives:
- Sage Journals
- Your University Site

4. Learn a New Skill
Knowledge is good, yeah, but what can you do? Learn how to do something whether it be practical and useful or just plain fun and interesting.  Everything can only add to your charm and character. Some (free!) places to learn: 
- Coursera
- edX

5. Relax
You just worked your ass off for a good full year.  You deserve a break.  Yes, there are lots of things you can do to be productive this summer but your sanity is equally worth your while, so spend some time on yourself! You earned this.


The male was standing on the street corner, looking around for cops. He has hundreds of dollars in his shorts and his ‘job’ gave him all of that money. What all of his friends didn’t know that he was a prostitute on the side because the band wasn’t giving him enough money to live on. He saw the cars slow down and then speed up when they saw that he was a male prostitute instead of a female one… except for one car. One car stopped for him, and he was shocked to see who was inside.

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What are you afraid of? Not like spiders or no shit like that but like, what are you afraid of not doing or not happening before you leave the earth?

I fear I won’t be successful. I fear I’ll lose my passion too early. I fear someone will be better than me at what I do. I fear people will stop liking me. I fear I won’t make enough money to live on my own. I fear I’ll be alone. I fear I’ll die alone. I fear I’ll be a bad husband. I fear I won’t be able to be there for my kids. I fear divorce. I fear break ups. I fear being in a bad relationship. I fear gentrification forcing me to move. I fear people will forget my blackness. I fear people will try to remove my blackness from me if I say the wrong thing. I fear the economy. I fear college debt. I fear chemicals in food I must eat. I fear we are already fucked. I fear that’s it’s nothing we can do about it. I fear this is all just a waste. I fear that nothing really matters but air and memories. I fear that I know that’s basically true.

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I'm part of this Gravity Falls reddit group and some of the commenters on your cake were saying you could get in trouble with Disney for copyright infringement. Is this true?

I read part of that chat! I wish I could join so I’ll just answer this here to assure you guys I’m not going to mouse jail.

Heres’ the thing: A year ago, Disney started cracking down on bakers for Disney cakes for copyright infringement. It didn’t matter that one baker worked from her home, made two mickey mouse face cakes and made $30 on both- they allegedly served her a $3,000 fine and cease & desist notice. (The reason being, Disney makes their own cakes in their parks and does this to discourage customers going anywhere else.)

For this reason, I don’t accept money for Disney cakes. Any disney cake I’ve ever done has been for fun and no money exchanged. That Gravity Falls cake? Just fun and sculpting practice. Plus a fun treat for you tumblr fans!

At that point it’s just fanart.

It’s why you’ll never see a Disney Nerdache Box or any ready-made goods on our site. 

As for the Bakery? A large percentage of our budget is proper licensing, so that we can reproduce copyrighted characters in cake. (As shown in our budget wheel.)

So no mouse jail for Ant just yet, and btw yes It was totes delicious!

If I see one more time ‘5sos doesn’t care about their fans’ i’ll seriously hit someone. People who don’t care don’t go to 5 countries for free. They didn’t want any money. They even gave everyone presents. They had 5 free days and used them to play in 5 different countries, even tho they could relax for some time, they decided to visit 5 countries because they love their fans. Bye.

if u have never worked retail:

  • don’t fucking throw money on the counter at the cashier like a little bitch??? hand it to them?? they dont have cooties it’s gonna be ok
  • don’t call sales reps/cashiers “sweetie” or “darling” regardless of gender or age. they are at their place of employment and they deserve your respect.
  • unless u are literally in the world’s largest walmart and the item you decided you no longer want belongs 3 miles away at the other side of the walmart, fucking find where u found it and put it back
  • exact change is actually v nice and helpful WHEN YOU DONT HAVE TO DIG FOR IT FOR 20 MINUTES.
  • “doesn’t scan? must be free” i hear this sixty times per second please stop
  • “i just printed it this morning” when i’m marking a big bill to see if it’s a counterfeit. i also hear this sixty times per second, please stop
  • “do you have any in the back” the back is the size of a broom closet and all u are doing is forcing me to go to this tiny room and stand there for ten seconds while i pretend to look for something i know we don’t have just to make you happy goddamnit we don’t have any more please just let me live my life

you guys know beans on toast is typically eaten when you don’t have any money right? it’s a cheap meal that’s fairly inexpensive to make which is why it’s popular


Hey! This is Tiki and she’s kind of an old kitty. Recently she got ear mites and we thought it went away but it didn’t. She started scratching at her ears and recently yanked a piece off of one of her ears and it bleeds a lot and we think it might be infected. We also can’t trim her claws and one has started digging into her paw pad and we have no way to get it out. Basically, she needs to see a vet but we really don’t have the money. My mom is unemployed and I clearly can’t get a job. What I’m asking is if you can, please please please commission me. I can really only do things on paper, but we seriously need the money. I’m terrified that something bad might happen to her if we don’t get it treated as soon as we can. My PayPal is skyddoodles@aol.com. We don’t know how much money we’re going to need but we know its gonna be up in the hundreds. Please come ask about pricing for drawings and donations are always welcome.

  • me:why is this bill in my deceased grandmother's name
  • my mom:it's fine as long as we don't get caught
  • me:- pauses for 15 seconds. - my grandmother -- your mother-- is not alive, and has provided for us the best she could for our entire lives after my grandfather -- your father -- passed away. why -is- this bill, in her name.
  • my mom:like i said, it's fine if we don't get caught
  • me:okay, i'm changing this bill to be in my name. if you don't have money for it in 3 days, i'm having them take off the cameras and your cable box. i'm tired.
  • my mom:yells and throws some shit
  • me:
Ferox (Helicopter River Landing)
  • Ferox (Helicopter River Landing)
  • Swimmingpool The Band
  • Ferox

Here’s the next song in my little collection of cinematic music for an unmade movie. “Ferox (Helicopter River Landing)is the title track from my synth heavy soundtrack album of the same name. It’s a song that builds to a large and exciting sort of climax of electronic arpeggios. This one, much more than the others, is way more influenced by the works of John Carpenter than it is the Italian composers that I mentioned in the previous posts. 

It’s meant to be set to a scene of heavily armed overly jacked b-team special ops soldiers landing at some remote jungle or compound to confront whatever faceless and unearthly horrors have been plaguing the protagonists of said unmade movie. How well they fare in this endeavor is completely up to the imagination of the listener. I imagine the same helicopter shot being used over and over to save film footage (and maybe because there wasn’t enough money to rent two). Jacked men with comically large arms and guns with their faces painted with black and camouflage glistening in the heat. 

Belts of amo strapped snugly around huge pecks. Ect. That’s just to set the mood. Again, like with everything else on Ferox, it’s not a heavy or serious kind of album. It’s me trying to explore the cinematic music that I’ve always found the most appealing. You can set whatever you want to to it. 

I hope you enjoy. 

Also, you can download the entire album (I think for free, I’m still trying to figure out bandcamp) here:

If for any reason it’s charging you to download the songs, I’ll upload it to mediafire. 

I hope you enjoy.

Quick Commissions to Help a Friend

Hello~ Sorry this is sudden but a friend of mine, imoutoaesthetic is currently in need of some quick cash so, since I don’t have any money I can spare, I thought I would open up some small and quick commissions to do and give all of the money to him.

My artwork is like this:

The furthest I’ll go is base colors since I want to get these done quickly. Please don’t hesitate to message me! I really want to help my friend out. <3

Commissions would be about $5 normally for the sketch and $7 for the lineart, and $12 for base colors. Please please please message me if you’re interested.