i told myself when i bought this moto in feb that i was going to ride it to New York, i start my journey in t minus 1.5days

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an impromptu treat myself night because
a) finished a fulfilling 60 min bike and core workout after a week of uninspired cross training (I think I’m in that initial phase of an injury where I’m feeling defeated after denying I was hurt)
b) parents brought home a falafel
c) t minus 1.5 days when until school begins and all heck breaks loose!! aka I won’t have time to watch tv which is fine because I’ve weaned myself off netflix since last semester and now only watch for special occasions

  • Genji:(As Mercy repairs him) Settings. General settings. Security settings.
  • Mercy:Honesty, new setting; 95 percent.
  • Genji:Confirmed. Additional settings.
  • Mercy:Humor, 75 percent.
  • Genji:Confirmed. Self-destruct sequence in T-minus 10, 9, 8-
  • Mercy:Let’s make that 60 percent.
  • Genji:Confirmed. Knock knock.
  • Mercy:You want 55?
  • Submitted by Kate-Bishop-Unofficial

Progress update: 

  • the cast recording session for Episode 15/16 is scheduled to happen in t-minus… Monday night (the 29th of August) 
  • we’ve already started brainstorming Episode 17/18
  • the M’lil album is currently in the works 
    • we were up until 3AM EST this morning writing lyrics
      • the songs are about as horrifying as I’m sure you’re imagining
  • we’d apologize

  • …. but..

  • y ’ a l l   a s k e d   f o r   t h i s

pl3as3-tak3-m3-t0-w0nd3rland replied to your post “Can you please make more red and Liz edits?!????!?!??!??!!”

You do realize that I’m totally gonna be dragging you in on some of these edits, @al0velymess?

Better be dragging me to hell within the next 48 hours before we’re in different time zones for 4 months. I’ll basically be MIA to the fandom ):