Speaking from experience, I can tell you that Jack Zimmermann, who grew up chubby and awkward and strange-looking, will now sometimes catch a glimpse of his reflection and not recognize himself. And in those little jarring moments he’ll see his dad, not how he is now, but how he looked when Jack was still growing up.


so free up the cheaper seats
here comes a greek tragedy


Hey guys! So you know I’m fairly new to the community, and I really want to make something special for Mark’s birthday.

Mark, in your interpretation, as a hero.

Because we know he is one, in different ways. To many people, he is a hero. He had made people laugh. He had made people smile again. He made days better. He helped people make friends. He helped in so many things.

And for his birthday, I want him to know how much of a hero he really is.

Today is June 17. As of this moment, he has 17 million subscribers, 17 million people he calls as his heroes. If you see that shirt sleeve with hearts? He calls you as a hero. He’s a hero too. He’s the leader of this wonderful community, and

I want to see all of your interpretations of him as a hero too.

Draw him in your own interpretation of his suit/costume. Write about the superhero Mark, or that Mark who saved you from his daily videos. Crop him or photoshop him as your favorite hero, Marvel or DC, or even other comics. Make gifs or animations. Quotes that he has said, pictures of him, so much can be done! Just show him as your hero.

And I want to see all of them, so tag it in #MarkIsAHero! It’d be awesome to show him for his birthday!

(If anyone is on-board with me, we could also do a “T minus 10 days” series of whatever-you-want for the birthday guy, where we countdown to his birthday ‘Blast off to space’ kind of style.)

FightClubChat—- 17:33

Magnus: T-Minus 3 days, boys

and then it’s cabin time. 

Mahdi: How long are we staying again? A week? fuck i haven’t even packed yet

Even: neither have we.

Jonas: you mean neither have you… packed for both of you ;)

Isak: excuse me?

what’s the supposed to mean?

Even: :)

Jonas: it means you are spoiled and blessed to have Even put up with you


Mahdi: should i bring swim trunks? And a bong? And weed?

Isak: SPOILED???

Magnus: and i can’t bring vilde?


Jonas: yes to all of Mahdi, no to all of Magnus.

Isak you are the most spoiled. but its okay we love you anyway

Even: ^^^

Isak: Even??!??!?!

Even: I went down on you for two hours last night. and then you made me go out and buy McDonald’s



Magnus: ayee

Isak: huh.